Wish I could blog! Several thing, I start my new job tomorrow. I am now the office manager of an Engineering Firm here in town. I am super pumped to have some normalcy in my life. (read: paycheck!) Scarlet starts her first day of school tomorrow, real school, like 8-5 school. I am nervous and excited for her! Our computers charge hole seems funky and won't charge so I am blogging from my phone. Hope I can do a real post soon and ya'll, wish us luck!

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Emma turns 2!

Scarlet and I went to Atlanta this weekend for Emma's 2nd birthday as well as our new little nephew Harrison's baptism.  We went a couple of days early to help sister with a little bit of pre-party set up but mainly just for the extra time to hang out!  The girls were hilarious together!  Every time we leave them Scarlet has several new words in her vocabulary.  Mostly she just says "MINE" a lot more! Emma's birthday party was held at Gymboree and ya'll this place is a toddlers wonderland!  They went buck wild!  Not even kidding.  Emma ran around like a crazy person as did the other "bigger" kids.  Scarlet fell in love with the trampoline and did not love the "in hugs reach" that Gymboree asks that you be at all times.  She wanted me to go away.  All in all we had a blast and Emma made out like a bandit getting lots of new toys.  The next day we had Harrison's baptism and the girls went to the nursery.  HME did great and didn't let out a peep during church.  When the girls came in for communion Scarlet took off down the aisle for the altar : / I let my dad go after her!  We ate some awesome boston butt prepared by my BIL and then had Extreme Home Makeover Garage edition on sisters garage!  (she says she will post on this!)

On another note, I do not know if I can take this house anymore.  Seriously, bugs.  BUGS.  WTF?  We have a professional pest control service that comes quarterly, we have maids that come every other week.  I am almost to the point of thinking this house is just old, un-cleanable, and making me sick!  There is mold growing in the cabinets.  How does that even happen.  A cricket or spider the size of a dime was on my arm tonight while I was washing dishes.  Good thing we got that new sink cause I sure as hell THREW the cast iron skillet into the sink to knock said spider/cricket off my arm.  The hardwoods are sick, everything leaks, I am losing my mind trying to keep up! OK, end rant (for now.)  I have to keep this short because in 3 days we are heading out again!  Beach bound for the 1st (soon to be annual) Macon/Edwards family beach trip!  (Really hoping my hubby can go :(  Have a great week and weekend, I will be sparse but you should expect some fun and funny posts from my phone while basking in the sun!


I can't believe it

My baby is 15 months old.  How did this happen so fast?  Everyday is closer to her being a little girl.  I have a toddler.  Wow did I just say that?  Let's see what's going on at 15 months around here!  Scarlet baby, you are into EVERYTHING!  Anything I touch, you want.  You seem to constantly have "mom-itis!"  Although your "mom-itis" occasionally takes over, you are very well behaved!
You like to eat : Pretty much anything.  Favorites are hot dogs, chicken nuggets, ground beef, pork, potatoes (especially fries) creamed corn, any fruit or veggie pouch, and water.
You talk a lot! mama, dada, daddy, hot, eew, no, mine, horse, mooo, neigh, baa, "nigh nigh", luh you, what.
Sleep : about 7:30-7:30 then nap 10-12 and 3-5.  Although this doesn't go as planned daily, you seem happiest when we stick to it!
You love your baths, your lovey's and "babies!"  Every time I get you from the crib you say, "la-la" and reach for a lovey and your bear.
Little Scarlet you are so much more than we ever could have asked for.  You are our angel.  We love you more than you will ever know!  I'm so glad we have had 15 months with you and can't wait for the many month to come!

 Babe, trying to get a picture of you is like...well I don't know but it is really hard!  You just will not stay still!
 You love your high chair and when you are hungry you run to it and reach up until I put you in and set up your "trough!"
 You and Funny Bunny are best, little friends!