So Excited!!

Tonight is our first night out baby free!! Johns parents are sitting on the baby while we have a date and I cannot wait!  One of our fav little spots right in Homewood has the chefs table reserved for 2 Macons at 6:45.  I know I said sitting on the baby but my friends, I don't just mean for our date!  I mean for THE WHOLE NIGHT.  Now they did this one day last week before the little one had learned that we sleep at night...I felt terrible that morning when I was told she was up at 3am until morning :(  But alas, she now sleeps 3 hours at a time at night and it is much, much better!!  So like I said, we are baby free until morning.  Not that we want to be baby free at all but sleep will come oh so easily.  The only sucky thing about this whole situation is that none of my clothes fit so I will be in maternity un-cuteness but I will have fun so I don't mind.  My mom has also offered up her overnight services as soon as school is out!  See in the beginning of this baby thing I wasn't willing to accept help because I felt like I should be able to handle it and MAN was I wrong.  You have to accept it and be so glad you are lucky enough to have people that are willing to help because without them, I would be more crazy than I already am.  My mom has been coming over several times a week in the morning to allow me to sleep.  It is so nice and now that she is actually sleeping at night this makes for a great time for me, mom, and babes to hang out, eat lunch, and watch junk T.V.  Anyway I'm off to get pretty.  Maybe some pics will follow later on!



This is the only thing that has been happening since I last blogged.  I will attempt to get back to regular posting soon. 

Lots and lots of snuggling, diapering, feeding, burping, and NOT sleeping.  She slept last night for 3 hours at a time and it was HEAVENLY!!!

3 weeks old tomorrow...


Finally some awake time pictures!!


Wishful Wednesday

I wish...I hadn't thrown my fat clothes away!

I never thought I would say this but man I wish I hadn't thrown away all of my clothes from when I was slightly resembling a sumo wrestler.  You see, in college I decided that Budweiser and McDonald's was WAY more important than school, (I was wrong) and in turn, I ended up a 228lb sack of fries.  I know right?  Gross... Anyway, I went from being "Large & in Charge" to my ideal weight and I loved it.  Let me say that nothing makes you feel as good as liking the way you look...(in steps pregnancy).  Initially I bought the "how to eat healthy" books and I'll be honest, that lasted one grocery trip and a short week.  I quickly turned into what I said I never would, eating what I wanted, when I wanted and guys, that is not the way to go!  So now that all this is out in the open I wish I had kept those sumo diapers bigger clothes because now that I have had baby and 20 of my 50lbs have been shed, I still have nothing to wear but maternity clothes.  Now I am aware that it doesn't just all go away but man I cannot stress how bad I want to BUTTON a pair of jeans.  I forgot what it was like.  With that being said I love you sister for the prepared meals and I can assure you that I ate a sumo size portion of Poppyseed Chicken for dinner.  I guess I should get on the Weight Watcher Wednesday train!  For old times sake...
Me at 9 weeks and 38 weeks!
In the end I wish I hadn't thrown out the fat clothes because I could now be wearing jeans and shirts that are not maternity and I would really like that.  Then again John has informed me that if I do end up at that end of the scale again I will be there alone, so I guess its better this way.  (He was only kidding you guys!!)


Failed attempt

In an attempt to be less of an emotional wreck, I decided this is what my night will consist of.

It is ridiculous how I have been crying over everything and I can't help it!  Someone calls to come over, I cry. John walks in the door, I cry.  I'm hungry but for what?  I cry.  This shit is bananas.  My sister swears it goes away soon.  She better be right.  
We had our 1 week doc appt today.  Scarlet is in great health.  She has gained 4oz since we left the hospital!! Dang ya'll, most babies lose 10% of their body weight in the first week!  She is a piglet, like mother like daughter.  She had to get a PKU test and it was the saddest thing ever.  She screamed like hell but I got down by her head and talked to her and she calmed down.  She is so sweet. 
I am trying to brighten up.  I know I need sleep in order for me to not want to scratch my eyes out so that is the one thing I am hoping for.  I am gonna go strolling this week to get out and next week we got things to do OUT OF THE HOUSE!! For real, I could not be a SAHM mom for anything! (well except this...)

We look seriously thrown away here.  Well I do.  I mean, eew.  Can I get a tanning bed, a hair style and oh yeah, sleep.  On a positive note, I have lost 20 lbs in a week!  Woohoo, keep it comin!



Other than the whole no sleep thing, life is great.  This little girl is so sweet.  After 2 straight nights of literally NO SLEEP at all we removed the swaddle and lookie there, lil bit just wanted her hands out by her face.  She slept last night for 3.5-4 hours straight ALL night and let me tell you, I never realized how good 4 hours of sleep could make you feel.  Especially when that is all you have had since umm...last Sunday.  It is strange how I am so dang tired I feel like I could die and yet I almost look forward to that little squeak just a couple of hours after falling asleep just so I can see her and talk to her and kiss her sweet lips.  Babies make people total softies, I don't care who you are.

Have a great MOTHERS DAY!!


Going Home

I'm gonna make this short and sweet cause lets be honest, she is 20 inches and the sweetest thing ever... for those of you that ever said child birth was easy and that you forget as soon as you see them, you lied.  But every time I see this face, every time I get to kiss her on the mouth because she is MINE and you can mouth kiss you own babies, I realize I would do it again in a second for her.  She is perfect.  And for the next several posts all you will get from me is pics.  :)

Yeah we made that.  It's pretty amazing.  After all this time of being pregnant I never imagined this is what she would look like.  And I never imagined her being any different.  It's funny how that works. 


The Time Is Near.......

Hello folks, this is Sister here-I normally broadcast over at The Edwards Edition-but today, I am stepping in as a guest for Sissy.

She called me at 7:30 ATL time to ask me if her water was breaking.....after describing what was happening, I told her she should probably call the doctor. Doctor said come on down to the hospital, so off they went.

Brother John called me and said this is it-they are in for the long haul. I am leaving in the morning (she is not dilated yet).  This is still about to kill me though-I want to go NOW! Momma is in Nashville with our grannie-her house was flooded this weekend. That is another devastating story for another time. Momma is coming home in the morning too!

So, I will be back with LOTS of pictures to share the minute little Miss Scarlet Hinton graces us with her presence. (Please, Lord, make it be around lunchtime tomorrow!!!) Can't wait!!!