Bits & bits & BITS

So busy these days.
So tired these days.
So glad to have the fall season rolling in.
We are enjoying the cold weather, we are enjoying our cold weather staples like sweatshirts, soups, and socks at bedtime!  John is enjoying hunting season, I am enjoying hot bath & book season.  Speaking of books, Gone Girl.  DUB-TEE-EFFFF.  That book.  That was something.  I loved it. Got any good book recs for me?

What is your fall looking like?  Ours seems to have just gotten a whole lot more laid back....

Because this little sweetie - 

Has some BIG news!

That's right.  We had a big ole 

and went and made another kid...

So here is to lots of ...

A growing one of these...

and a lot more messes.  

Baby Macon numero dos should be making his/her appearance around May 24, 2014.  Wish us luck! 



Have you guys heard of Signazon?  

It's a pretty neat company!  I was asked to give my thoughts and here they are!

"Signazon.com was founded with the mission of providing our customers with the very best in printing. It’s one thing to print fast and cheap – it’s another thing to do that and do it well."  

I don't know about you guys but I work for a small company, and we do a good bit of printing things.  Not just paper things either, all kinds of things.  We print a good bit of these yard signs for golf tournaments and everyone knows all business type folks must have a good looking business card!  

As I was nosy-ing around their site I was noticing how their particular services would be great for bloggers!  From business cards (not just any business cards either, custom cards to suit you!), to marketing materials, to stationary.   I don't think you have to be a "business" to use their services!

Signazon also has political yard signs and magnetic signs for cars.  Trust me, I bet I won't be the only one ordering some of these this year... cough, nobama.   

I think this in my yard would be sure to win the neighbors over....


So.  If you guys need some biz cards, stationary, or a big fat "STOP HERE SANTA" sign, I think these are the people for the job.  Go check out the customer reviews!  Those have to be true!

Quick, go now, I found a 10% off coupon on their site :)

I was really excited to work with my FIRST sponsor, Signazon, to share their products with you!



I suck at blogging.

Scarlet is hilarious.  Last night we stopped by a friends house after school for a cocktail.  (My friend, my cocktail, she was just along for the ride.)  After making friends with a big pit bull named Duke, Scarlet decided that she wanted her own "Big Black Duke."  Ya'll, the words came out of her mouth, "I want my very own BIG BLACK DUKE."  I died laughing.

So friends mom happens to be a musician, which is awesome.  She handed Scarlet her mandolin and held the cords for her and let Scarlet strum.  She now wants a mandolin, and to take lessons.  I will so give into that want.  She also asked me how you say mandolin in Spanish, when I responded with Mandolina, she said ok well that is what I want to be called then.  Mandolina Hinton Macon, please mom.

I stayed in a sweet ass bed & breakfast for work in Jackson, MS last week.  Pretty sure it was haunted.  But man was it gawgeous.  Check it out, the Fairview Inn,  I was in the Hayloft Suite.  I can't wait to go back, I want to try all of the rooms, except the Roman, no thanks to a bed on a marble slab.

That's a view of the front, from the side. 

Haven't done Funnies in a while,  Lets see some...

Got to love a good Family car sticker.... If you don't think that's funny, you're a dick.

haha i cant stop laughing

^^^^^^ This kid! HA!

olympic divers photoshopped on to toilets. this is too much... hahahaha.
Ahahaha, ha, ha, oh shit.  OK, I can't breathe.  Who has time to do this?  I need to know so I can thank them.  Now.

Hump day

Hope you guys are having a Great Wednesday! :)


One note

(not one to typically write the kid notes here, like never actually, but she has me thinking these days and I wanted to share.)


You are 3 years old, if I was a "normal" mom blogger I would say 40 or something months but I'm not that great at math, so we will say 3.  This has been the most challenging, yet rewarding, part of being a mom so far.  All of the little words and stories and fun things coming out of your mouth, I feel like i can see the explosions happening in your head when you try to tell me something.  You are the most fun.  You shower me with "colimplents" (compliments) daily, you say you love my beautiful hair, my perfume smells like candy + princesses, my "jungle cat" (leopard) print shoes are your favorite.  And it makes my heart swell.  You are so kind and caring.  You always check on people, make sure they are ok.  You are mischievous right now, curious, learning how to "embellish" certain things.  You told two lies just this week.  You loathe timeout.  You pretty much loathe being alone period unless you're sleeping.  You're quite lazy, which surprises me.  I am always pulling for outside play but like your dad, you'd much rather be on the couch, cuddled up and watching a movie.  You want to quit soccer because you said it makes you tired.  30 minutes of exercise ONCE A WEEK, makes you tired.  This is a tough age too, it must be terribly hard to be three.  You find yourself in trouble at school about once every couple of weeks, and when I come to get you, you burst into tears trying to tell me why you got in trouble.  You don't love taking naps but you will lay there and let me rub your hair until you fall asleep, and baby, I will do that forever if you will let me.

You will eat anything.  Or try it at least.  You take your time eating, unlike me.  Matter of fact, you take your time doing everything.  Down right slow! You aren't one for nicknames, even if I call you princess you correct me, it's "Plain old Scarlet."  You are anything but plain & I love you just the way you are.

Alright, back to my old self, I've reached my emotional exposure limit for the year.  Maybe I can get back to my regular antics and maybe I should consider locking all other posts I have ever written if I plan on Scarlet ever seeing this.... hmmm.

 Happy Friday Eve!


So What Wednesday on a Friday!

Linking up for another So What Wednesday (on a Friday - God I am a SLACKER)!  Shannon is out for the day due to the fact that she had another kid and all, but ya'll come link up and tell us what you are saying So What to this week!

So What Wednesday
  • SO what if I kinda forgot I had a blog the past couple of weeks for no reason other than I'm lazy.
  • So what if I get to go to the beach KID FREE next Friday to have a relaxing Labor day with my inlaws and friends to celebrate a 40th birthday!  (Kerry, tell Toby I outed his age on the blog).
  • So what if we still have 4 roommates family members living with us and my sis and I secretly love it...The guys are going bald though.
  • So what if I just realized I haven't blogged in 21 days... oops.
  • So what if I look forward to Fridays simply for the fact that it is the only day that I eat fast food.  (and by only I mean usually).
  • So what if my google search keywords this month are Only Child Syndrome, Bare Booty, Dirty Linen Pants, & pictures of really cute babies.
  • So what if I really want my sis to get this house they put an offer on, not so she will move out but because I can't wait to hang out in it!
Silly face pics to send to Daddy when he had to work out of town!

Riding the train with Dad

 Scarlet and Harrison (aka Harriet...) driving the gator!

1st time at the dentist and she was a rockstar!

That's it for me this week! Have a swell weekend.


So What!

So What Wednesday
Linking up with Shannon this week to say so what to a few things!
  • So what if my MIL texted me this morning to see if the little could come stay Thursday & Friday night with them and I couldn't respond YES fast enough!  Let's face it, 3 year olds are jerks and this Momma needs a little break!
  • So what if my sister and her family are MOVING into our basement while they search for a house... Re-read that.   Yeah that means 4 adults and 3 children in a 4 bedroom house.  Oh god.  Good thing we are B.F.F.'s.
  • So what is our husbands are probably going to divorce us for being so annoying when we are together and we will get to live the sister wife life we have secretly talked about :).
  • So what if my kid all of a sudden decided sleep is not her strong suit & it is making me BALD.  No hair don't care.
  • So what if I bought 15 Disney movies on VHS from goodwill last weekend and have been playing them on loop for myself Scarlet.
  • So what if so many people I know are pregnant or have just had squishy babies and I want to squeeze them all!
  • So what if I have accepted the fact that I am a pinterest addict.  The only thing I don't like is when shit I want to buy doesn't link back to a site OR I finally find it and it's $2,483,567.69 for a maxi dress.
  • So what if sister and I got ROBBED by an Indian lady at her garage sale this past weekend when she took a gas oven the tried to steal a pair of flip flops.  When I busted her and told her the shit was five dollars, she threw a handful of nickels totaling a DOLLAR and me and hopped in the car and left. People that come to garage sales are so damn cheap ya'll!
That's it for me this week.  What are you saying So What to?  Link up!


No News

Nothing new going on here. In my world quiet equals awesome.

  •  I could not give less of a shit about a royal baby, although I find the whole succession line crazy and interesting!
  •  This is the rainiest summer we have ever had. It makes for a lot of time stuck indoors... which makes me twitch.
  •  Last weekend the outlaws came up to assist in building the playhouse S got for her birthday. Wow, about 24 man hours later we had this!

I went to Hobby Lobby during a nap and scored all of the summer decor for 70% off!  I mean I just think this house is the cutest thing.  And I'm pretty sure either she hates us or she doesn't think her very own house is cool because she's not playing in it.  WTF guys?  She will not play alone and hello, we don't FIT IN IT...
We had to get mulch to go around the playhouse so if a kid falls from the top they don't break their face, we may have gone a little overboard.  Do you guys know what 10 cubic yards of mulch look like?  Google it.  It's a lot of freaking mulch.

After a full days work Saturday we took the night off to go see Widespread Panic, one of my top 2 favorite bands!  We were blessed with an absolutely amazing show and cannot wait to see them again!
  • We had great seats as usual but I failed to take any pictures because I was too busy rockin' my face off.  Dancing that leaves you sore the next day is the good kind of dancing!
  • Sunday was spent in the hurt locker, no I wasn't hung over, I had an awesome sinus infection moving in...just what I needed to start my week off right!
She calls that thing John is on her Jungle Cheetah.  
Oh ya know, just feeding my baby.

Posing with a birthday invite from her friend!

Riding her Jungle cat.

Sweetest things ever, even if he is wearing crocs...

This is a little magic I whipped up last week.  Cauliflower pancakes.  Money right there I tell ya.  Serve them up with a little bit of sour cream on top!

And another goooood one! Spaghetti Squash Mac & Cheese! It was delish.

I will be making both of these again!

So yeah, not a whole lot of excitement here but we like it that way!


So there's that

Oh yeah hey. We are going to the beach this weekend.  There is a 70% chance of heavy rainfall the entire time we are there.  Ya know, except when we leave on Sunday.  Awesome.  I live for driving a 3 yr old 4 hours, which turns into 5.5 hours, to sit in a condo... Nice.

Also, really glad tomorrow is my Friday.  I know, rub it in more right?

I'm pretty sure I had the best birthday ever this year.  Pretty low key, but the best.  We celebrated with my in laws last week and loved it, Scarlet especially!

We took her to her first baseball game (my request) with a couple of friends and she loved it! I did too! The new Regions Field is a great addition to our city!  

I also got a little friendly with a horse cop.  The horse, not the cop, no worries.

Saturday night (my actual 31st anniversary of exiting the womb) we got a baby sitter and went out to dinner then met some friends... The hubby took me to a great restaurant (really like my favorite ever) then we went and had a Moscow Mule from here.  It was special and made me feel all Harry Potter-ish.  Vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. 

John took S earlier that day to choose a toy to take to Nonnie's... She said she wanted to be just like her Parpa (my dad) who LOVES to cut the grass...
(ohhhhhh that smile)

Now onto the serious biz.  Folks Google Reader is NO MAS as of yesterday (that means no more for you non spanish speaking folk).  What this means is that if you want to continue to follow my fantastically exciting life you will have to subscribe by clicking here or follow me via Bloglovin!  Don't miss out!!

Also, remember you can click any of the social media icons up on the top left to keep up with the Macon Shenanigans! 
.And by left, I clearly meant right.

Have a fantastic and SAFE Independence Day!!!


Painting a picture

I want to attempt to paint a picture for you, I fully believe that for as long as I live, I will never be able to describe the awesomeness that was Sunday. You may not get what's to come and why it was so great, but good god, what a day.

So me, my mom, and my sis went to the beach for our annual bday girls trip. No kids, no men, just us. We planned a giant boat trip for our last day. 8 people, one being a dude. ONE. So day starts, I pack a badass cooler, like I wish I had a pic. Beer, water, conecuh, bacon, hummus, veggies, sandwiches, the whole nine.

Before we even get to the boat, we get informed by one dude (E) that it wouldn't crank....

We deal, boat cranks, we go to sand dollar land (Ono Island) because its too early to drink and stay alive.

An hour later.

We try to leave, shocker, boat won't crank. Five attempts later and B having to pump some ball to keep the boat running we make it to the island. We drink, we eat, we drink. We make lots of magic vines. E looks towards the coast and says the perfect storm is brewing. We all laugh it off, totally forgetting about the whole BOAT NOT CRANKING THING.

Drink, drink, eat, drink.

Oh yeah, it really is going to storm. Lots of sideways rain, lots more vines, no working motor.... Sea tow gets called. They will be an hour. Well that's fine, we can just play in the rain.... Except there was lighting. So yeah. 8 people on a boat, in a typhoon, beer supply dwindling.. Klassy with a K.

^^^^^ what we call a whirly gig.

3 guys with a battery box, trying to brave the storm, jumped us off 3 times but we just couldn't keep it running.

Side note here: people in OB are like a different breed, well, locals and owners are. There is the fair share of tourist trash but the locals all just kinda go with it. Shit happens, and they all know that it could happen to them. So everyone help. We dig boats out of the sand, you jump off strangers boats, you share beer, you just take care of you fellow island friends.

So battery box guy gets out of his boat, in a typhoon, and ties our boat to his.  He then proceeds to DRAG us to our dock, get out ohs boat again and swim us into the lift.  I can't make this shit up guys.  I slung all of the cash we had on the boat at him, then unloaded the boat.

What a day.  Just what a day.  It was awesome.
Also, follow us on Vine for adventures like Gouda.... (turn up your volume)

and shrimp...



Another week has come and gone.  Again.
I feel like all week long I wish away the week, then it goes by, then I'm sad that the little keeps getting bigger, I keep getting older, and time keeps passing.  Such is life I guess.
We have family in town for the nephew's 2nd birthday party.  3 kids, under 4, under one roof.  The roof is mine.  I'll let you guess how awesome that is.
My sis went to get her hair done on Wednesday at 5pm, leaving me with all 3 of them.  For 2 hours.
But really, it was great.  They were good and I managed to keep them ALL alive (and feed them dinner!)! Damn.

(also, I still havent gotten and help on the pic squish sitch. so can someone tell me what the eff please).

This little girl is quite happy to have her daddy home.  I think he feels the same :)
She's diggin the swing too! 

And my funnies for the week.  They are all taken from Pinterest Humor.  Go look now.   

 ^^^^No explanation needed here.

^^^^I can just hear it now, "Hey kid, wanna buy some drugs?" I mean, what the fuck.  What would your reaction be if you saw this guy?  

^^^^I can relate to this pink guy...
But not the one below. 
I can't even grasp how this picture happened.  Who's idea was it?  Did this guy go to a photographer and ask to become a pink unicorn or was it suggested?  I don't need an answer.  I love it.

That's it for today folks.  Have a happy weekend!


Midweek Randoms

Joining Meagan in a little link-up this week just to share the random-ness!
  • John comes home tomorrow! Need I say more?! We have been husband/daddy-less for a whole month and we finally get him back! Yay!
  • Scarlet looked at me yesterday and said, "Mommy, you wowwy about ya own self mommy and I'll wowwy about Scahlet, ok?"  Wonder where she heard that?
  • We went to the beach again last weekend and had so much fun!  We got to spend a lot of time with our dear friends, Becky and Cameron, that live there and are currently daddy/husband-less as well.  Scarlet actually wanted to swim with no floaties so I obliged and man did she surprise me! She cannot swim by any means but she sure can jump off the side and kick hard enough to get up for a breath! I was shocked!  All that kicking also made for a happy, sleepy girl! She went to bed and naps without so much as a talk, didn't even want to read books!  She also found a new fave food when a man at a restaurant gave her a grilled shrimp.  Random right?  It wasn't weird to me because in OB it is like everyone is just nicer, possibly because they are all drinking...  Anyway, she bypassed her grilled cheese that night and ate a dozen grilled shrimp.  Pray for our wallets.
 Swimming at the island is always a favorite!
 Heading to dinner with her beach pal!
Ya'll, why are my pictures all squished?  Help.

  • Does anyone watch those reality shows on ABC like Extreme Home Makeover and Undercover Boss?  They have got to quit making them! I literally bawled my eyes out last night, alone, watching Extreme Weight Loss.  While eating mini reese cups.  
  • Scarlet has her first soccer practice today.  I got her a couple pairs of little gym shorts to wear and she thought she was the coolest! She told me "my shoes are my supa fast socca shoes that help me kick da ball real fast."

  • Why when I type her voice do I feel like she sounds like Billy Madison?
  • Who else LOVES a short week?!
  • I'm so excited for my Sister and her clan to get here next week!  We always have a blast and we get to celebrate my nephews 2nd birthday! 
  • Also even more excited for my friend LG to have her baby girl! She is 36 weeks pregnant and she makes the prettiest pregnant lady there is! Swear, go look.  I'd have another too if I looked that good!
That's all I got, epic I know.  If you're feeling frisky hop on over to Meagan's Blog and link up!  Happy Thursday!



So I'm not one to toot my own (food) horn but y'all. I made a deconstructed Greek salad tonight that was blog worthy. Seri, make this now.

This was just the beginning. Chopped seedless cucumber, green pepper, Kalamata olives, halved cherry tomatoes, & thin sliced red onion. Squeezed a half lemon over the top and let sit until I was ready to eat.  (pinsperation).

Next I grilled some chicken tenders that had cavenders seasoning on them. Right before I ate I put a slice of feta, a drizzle of olive oil, & a shake of oregano on the salad. BOMB DOT COM. Period. End of story. Make it now.
Next up. The little got to make her own dinner tonight! One thing that has kept us busy while John has been gone has been lots of "doing it mine self!" It's a great thing to let her demolish a bag of cheese and make her own pizza while I do the other "chores."

She got to choose her sides, they were raw broccoli and olives. I'll take what I can get.

Are you guys tired of hearing about the beach yet? Well sorry. I didn't wanna wash my hair tonight but I had to because once again we are going to the beach and no one bathes there...right? Oh just me? Hmmm... I loathe washing and drying my hair.  First world problems, I know.

I found this pic of my girl the other day and it made me miss her hair. Also, how do kids get so smart?? Mine started pulling the "I love you mom, you're my favorite," right before doing something dick headish...is this normal for 3?!

My mom emailed me this. Hilarious!

Watch me!

Have you guys ever looked at the humor section of Pinterest? I don't repin that shit bc I get soooo tired of a feed full of memes but damn. It is hilarious. Here are some of my faves And they are all from Pinterest. I am not siting them because I am lazy and on my iPad...is that legal? (I promise you can find them all on the Humor section of Pinterest).

I would pay several american dollars to take a photo like this.  If I could quit laughing long enough.  Who thinks "hey what a great idea for a picture, it would be even better if I was in my underwear..."

Ok I'll stop for now. Hope you all have a fab Memorial Day weekend!