Midweek Randoms

Joining Meagan in a little link-up this week just to share the random-ness!
  • John comes home tomorrow! Need I say more?! We have been husband/daddy-less for a whole month and we finally get him back! Yay!
  • Scarlet looked at me yesterday and said, "Mommy, you wowwy about ya own self mommy and I'll wowwy about Scahlet, ok?"  Wonder where she heard that?
  • We went to the beach again last weekend and had so much fun!  We got to spend a lot of time with our dear friends, Becky and Cameron, that live there and are currently daddy/husband-less as well.  Scarlet actually wanted to swim with no floaties so I obliged and man did she surprise me! She cannot swim by any means but she sure can jump off the side and kick hard enough to get up for a breath! I was shocked!  All that kicking also made for a happy, sleepy girl! She went to bed and naps without so much as a talk, didn't even want to read books!  She also found a new fave food when a man at a restaurant gave her a grilled shrimp.  Random right?  It wasn't weird to me because in OB it is like everyone is just nicer, possibly because they are all drinking...  Anyway, she bypassed her grilled cheese that night and ate a dozen grilled shrimp.  Pray for our wallets.
 Swimming at the island is always a favorite!
 Heading to dinner with her beach pal!
Ya'll, why are my pictures all squished?  Help.

  • Does anyone watch those reality shows on ABC like Extreme Home Makeover and Undercover Boss?  They have got to quit making them! I literally bawled my eyes out last night, alone, watching Extreme Weight Loss.  While eating mini reese cups.  
  • Scarlet has her first soccer practice today.  I got her a couple pairs of little gym shorts to wear and she thought she was the coolest! She told me "my shoes are my supa fast socca shoes that help me kick da ball real fast."

  • Why when I type her voice do I feel like she sounds like Billy Madison?
  • Who else LOVES a short week?!
  • I'm so excited for my Sister and her clan to get here next week!  We always have a blast and we get to celebrate my nephews 2nd birthday! 
  • Also even more excited for my friend LG to have her baby girl! She is 36 weeks pregnant and she makes the prettiest pregnant lady there is! Swear, go look.  I'd have another too if I looked that good!
That's all I got, epic I know.  If you're feeling frisky hop on over to Meagan's Blog and link up!  Happy Thursday!



So I'm not one to toot my own (food) horn but y'all. I made a deconstructed Greek salad tonight that was blog worthy. Seri, make this now.

This was just the beginning. Chopped seedless cucumber, green pepper, Kalamata olives, halved cherry tomatoes, & thin sliced red onion. Squeezed a half lemon over the top and let sit until I was ready to eat.  (pinsperation).

Next I grilled some chicken tenders that had cavenders seasoning on them. Right before I ate I put a slice of feta, a drizzle of olive oil, & a shake of oregano on the salad. BOMB DOT COM. Period. End of story. Make it now.
Next up. The little got to make her own dinner tonight! One thing that has kept us busy while John has been gone has been lots of "doing it mine self!" It's a great thing to let her demolish a bag of cheese and make her own pizza while I do the other "chores."

She got to choose her sides, they were raw broccoli and olives. I'll take what I can get.

Are you guys tired of hearing about the beach yet? Well sorry. I didn't wanna wash my hair tonight but I had to because once again we are going to the beach and no one bathes there...right? Oh just me? Hmmm... I loathe washing and drying my hair.  First world problems, I know.

I found this pic of my girl the other day and it made me miss her hair. Also, how do kids get so smart?? Mine started pulling the "I love you mom, you're my favorite," right before doing something dick headish...is this normal for 3?!

My mom emailed me this. Hilarious!

Watch me!

Have you guys ever looked at the humor section of Pinterest? I don't repin that shit bc I get soooo tired of a feed full of memes but damn. It is hilarious. Here are some of my faves And they are all from Pinterest. I am not siting them because I am lazy and on my iPad...is that legal? (I promise you can find them all on the Humor section of Pinterest).

I would pay several american dollars to take a photo like this.  If I could quit laughing long enough.  Who thinks "hey what a great idea for a picture, it would be even better if I was in my underwear..."

Ok I'll stop for now. Hope you all have a fab Memorial Day weekend!


Spring School Pictures

I sure do have a cute baby.  I can't wait for the years filled with awkward buck teeth and bad bangs but for now, 
I'll relish in the cute. 


Flowers or Fruit

Today marks the day that I married my one true love 4 years ago.  Four years doesn't sound like very long but when you do the math and add in a 3 year old it means that we weren't married very long before finding out I was pregnant.  You do the math...

Apparently the 4 year mark calls for flowers or fruit.  Seeing as how John is enjoying all of the food Austin has to offer, I knew fruit would sit in the hotel and go bad when ponied up with a good pizza or burger so I opted for flowers.  For a guy.  Delivered to his work. :)

See they are quite manly!

He sent me a vase of all of my faves!
(tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, and roses)!

A few days before our wedding we received a very special letter.  All of this great knowledge coming from this great man has helped make the past 4 years a breeze.  Other than typical "environmental" stress, our relationship is clean.  It is as fun and fresh as it was the day we met.

With permission of the author, here is some of the letter!

(sorry for the shitty quality, scanning stuff in seeing as I'm at work and all....)

Feels good to re-read that every now and then.  

Happy Anniversary Bird.  I love you. 


A series of events

Long time no see.  John went out of town for a month to train for a new job.  Single parenting is not for the faint of heart.  At all.  We have been trying to stay busy and between work and a 3 year old, that's not hard. In no particular order, here are some jewels from the past 2 weeks.

  • John left last Sunday.  I was sick from Monday to Saturday... Typical.  But I lost 5 pounds.  So there's that.
  • We went to the beach with some friends for a few days.  The weather mostly sucked, but a good time was had!  
  • I didn't gain weight at the beach.  First time ever.
  • Scarlet asked my friend *Fred why she had fur on her bottom.  She also asked if she was going to have fur when she grew up, and big boobies.  It wasn't awkward at all... Yes *Fred is a girl.
  • After working all day, then coming home and feeding, bathing, and mothering, there is no time to eat.  Or bathe.  Or do anything else I would like to do.  Instead I just wash some clothes and dishes and go to bed myself.  I now see why lots of single parents are skinny, and why they do drugs.
  • My 4th anniversary is tomorrow and I won't get to spend it with my hubs.  Boo.  
  • It has been determined that we are gonna have to get little bit in swim lessons.  She has no fear when it comes to the pool, bay, or beach.  Much like I was when I was little.  She loved when I would take her floaties off and let her jump in with out help...and sink.  Yay for a water baby! 
  • This place has some of the cutest suits I have seen this year (for me). I am gonna have to order myself up a birthday present (or 2) before my next trip!
  • I got another stitch fix and only kept one shirt.  I don't have pics because it was dark when I was trying on and my phone camera was not doing the job.  Lets just say a tight, horizontally striped, floor length maxi will NEVER be on my list of things to buy...
Picture overload for those that don't follow me on Twitter or FB :). (Don't know why they are all squished up, oh well, enjoy).

Have a great rest of the week!

Exfoliating my legs

 Playing at the island with Captain Rut!
 Yes we are the people that do smocked clothes and a giant bow to leave the house, even when mom is in a t-shirt.. 
 Scuba Steve

 Nice face...
 Another cutie outfit that was a birthday gift from Nonnie! :)

 New camo hoodie from the neighbor... 

*(Fred's name was changed for privacy purposes. Duh)