Monday and a giveaway!

Typical Monday around here.  Ya know, getting your period.  Car won't start.  Driving husband to work in 8 a.m. traffic with a toddler.  Toddler losing her SHIT after seeing her father exit the car (that along with dropping her "phone"/broken ipod) screaming the entire 40 minute trek to the other side of town where her school is.  Pushing her into her classroom so she doesn't miss breakfast, me wanting to DEFACE a pack of cigarettes...Yeah all before 9 this morning.  Could be a hell of a lot worse though.  Hope some of you internet friends can lift our friend Amanda up as her mother lost her battle with cancer early this morning.  I can't imagine.  Her dear mom made sweet baby clothes for Scarlet & Emma.  I thought I was having a bad day, I wasn't.  Keep her in you thoughts & prayers.
I want to give you guys a present, cause I feel like we all deserve one.  It is Monday after all.  My friend Laura is a one crafty Momma ya'll.  She came up with this nifty thing, raised some chedda, and is now in full swing of being a WAHM.  How many of you have iPads?  Yeah I am jealous. 

 This can literally hook onto ANYTHING!  Dinner chairs, car headrest, grocery cart, etc.  The  list goes on!
Laura graced me with one of these puppies and since I am not a holder of the pad, I thought I would pass it on to one of yous' guys'.  If you haven't clicked on those links you probably should, and watch that video!  Seriously I have seen it in action and kids can't help but love it (moms too).  It is also great for hanging on kitchen cabinets to view recipes without the fear of grubby hands or food getting near your precious (creepy Lord of the Rings voice).  And this isn't it ya'll!  She has some other awesome "mom-ventions" in the works.  Believe me, when I get my iPad someday I'll be hitting her up to buy one since I gave mine away :)
I will draw a winner on Monday, February 6 using random.org.
 You have several chances to win & must leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry:
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4. Tell me why you need the iLatch (for your kid, yourself, or a gift)!
Open to U.S. residents only and don't try to fool me on entries, Ima check em' all!

  Hope you guys all had a fab Monday and good luck!



Oh what a fabulous weekend I had!  I got to Atlanta around 3:30 on Friday.  Sister and I unpacked me, I gave her the present my mom & I bought her and I changed into running clothes.  Her neighborhood has sidewalks.  OMG I have never run on sidewalks, & I still haven't because I opened her front door to leave and it started pouring.  And it didn't stop.  At all.  Oh well.  We ate so much junk that I ran like I was being chased when I got home yesterday.  Enough of that, what did we get into?  A whole lot of old school nintendo, a whole lot of sisters infamous pink wine, awesome taco bowls, a meatloaf, and IKEA!  Of course lots of baby snuggling too!  Little Harrison is so obsessed with me which I love because Emma has a take auntie or leave her kinda thing going on.  Harry on the other hand, oh that boy giggles every time I look at him.  Maybe he just thinks I look weird.  Whatev.

 Ikea is overwhelming.  I kind of feel like if you don't have a list you shouldn't go.  And someone should have a class on how to shop there.  And there are SO MANY people there, lots of asians.  Its weird.  I mean I don't mind asians but being in a warehouse with 5,000 of them is definitely awk.  I came home to my awesome hub and baby and she walked up to me saying my castle (from Dora-shoot me) and it sounds very much like she is saying "my asshole".  Needless to say, I made her tell me about her castle all night for laughs.  She is like a 2 year.  My in-laws asked me to look for a little table and chair set for her at Ikea, I found a cute one for $25!  I sat her down at it to color and once again reminded her that we ONLY color on our paper.  I got to cooking and turned around and she had morphed (there is no way she got out of that chair without me hearing her) to the kitchen floor and was sitting on a black tile coloring an ENTIRE white tile red.  Mother eff.  Clorox wipe got it up but holy god at the fit she pitched when I took the crayons away.  Like hyper-ventilating, stomping, choking out, throwing things fit.  It was epic.  I went to the back of my house to ignore her.  She followed me so she could throw it in my closet, then wrapped herself in my curtains and forgot about the crayons.  Weird.  I did not want to come back to work today.  I fully believe that I am going to win the $71 mill quick pick ticket I got in Georgia on my way home.  I really hope I do, I have big plans.  Drawing on Tuesday, I'll keep you guys posted.
Sister can WORK a meatloaf.



Yesterday after work John & I decided to get an extra run in for the week.  I am going to Atlanta this weekend for my sister's birthday so I know I will be junk-fooding it up and we had a very special fat people dinner last night!  John's "dad's" only birthday request every year is that we all be together and go to his favorite restaurant, Gian Marco's.   We had our friend Alex come over to baby sit so we could enjoy an adults night.  Ya'll it was amazing.  I am feeling the after shocks of too much wine and entirely too much food today.  We normally all get some sort of pasta but this trip we decided to all go outside of our norm and all try something we wouldn't normally get.  This is what we had around our table... Rack of lamb rubbed with goat cheese with pesto gnocchi & caprese salad, some sort of magical snapper atop a shrimp, crab meat, corn relish, veal picatta with polenta, and a butter poached New York strip with bacon roasted brussel sprouts.  OHHHH Emmm GEEE.  Oh and I forgot the oysters and fried risotto & fontina balls.  Ya'll we ate like absolute fools and loved every minute of it.  It was so nice to have an adults only night out.  Here are the only food pics I got!

 This is my meal!! 

 Johns butter poached strip.  He had the waitress order for him so he would be surprised! 
Blakes snapper!

Hope your mouth is watering and your pants are as tight as mine today!  Have a great weekend!


Meth heads

Having an almost 2 year old is very similar to allowing a meth head to live in your house. Said meth head lives rent free and has every right to refuse to eat what you cook them (they are on meth after all), throw screaming, outrageous fits over misplacing their meth (or purple crayon) then running laps through the house because meth makes them hyper. Dear god tell me this is an age NOT meth problem (at least there is rehab for meth). Our child has become crazy. Fits like I have never seen. One second she is deep throating a hairbrush, don't act like you don't do that, the next she is on the floor writhing in pain because (a.) I took it away, or (b.) she touched her back of throat hangy thing with it and it hurt. I'm guessing because I took it away.  This shit is b.a.n.a.n.a.s.  Anyhow, she is awesome.  I love her more than I could have ever imagined loving, and she pushes my buttons more than I ever knew ANYONE in the world could.  So that's whats going on this week. Still loving running, loving that I am going to Atlanta to see my sister for her birthday this weekend (ALONE), and reading this blog that I found because it is fab.

Because little picked out her clothes and headband...
 A little neighborhood boy brought his "fire truck" by for Scarlet & her friend to try
 And we made Pioneer Woman's Lemon Chicken Pasta tonight...Hold me fat pants, hold me tight.
Happy week guys.

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Inmate Listing

Yesterday morning it was warm here.  I checked the weather and it said the high was 61 so I jumped at the opportunity to put my girl in a cute smocked dress sans tights.

We went our seperate ways when I dropped her off at school.  I had an awesome day at work and by awesome I mean I didn't get a phone call from the school telling me she had an accident, fever or tummy ache (she is 21 months old, she lies, they seriously call me to tell me she said her stomach hurt.  she can't even say stomach.  I told them to ask if her penis hurt...she said yes.) Anyway I made it through the day without a call from school and went to snatch her up so we could go see my mom.  I walked in ready for my cutie (not the one in the pic above) to run and greet me and when I opend the door she was  wearing something very similar to this, minus the squirrel, add a giant CCS in sharpie written across the front and back, and barefoot.

I busted out laughing and asked why she had on a prison jumpsuit.  The teacher looked nervous like I was going to get mad at what she told me.  I got nervous too.  She then described this to me.

Thats right.  They found my kid quietly in the corner playing.  They let her play.  Then they found her still in the corner, still quietly playing, WITH HER OWN SHIT.  Playing and squishing HER OWN SHIT and saying eeeeewwww.  You'd think a kid in a corner would give it away. No?  How about a kid being quiet, ALONE, in a corner saying eeeewww?  Yeah I thought so too.  So I laughed. A lot.  I asked her if she liked it, she lied and said yes.  I asked her if it was squishy.  It was.  Well we made it 21 months with out the literal "shit storm" hitting our house so I guess we're due.  Needless to say, she is wearing zip up footie pajamas at all times now. 


Really Sarah?

I am the laziest person I know.  When I gain weight I would rather starve than peel my ass off the couch and do something about it.  Its sad, it has always been this way.  Last Friday I was feeling fat, I decided to go for a walk.  I put on my fit pants, ya know work-out clothes that you wear to feel "fit" even though you wouldn't dare work out in em'.  No they are for going to the store.  Anyway I put them on, ear buds in, some fast paced Phish blaring and something weird happened.  I started running.  I STARTED RUNNING without being chased.  I counted to sixty while loudly screaming "Bouncing Round the Room" and running.  Then I walked long enough to catch my breath.  Then I ran again, HOLY SHIT I RAN?!  I did this for a mile.  I got home and fell out on the kitchen floor, drank three glasses of water then all of a sudden I was in the best mood I had ever been in ever.  Ever.  (I am told this is called "runners high".  Your body releases all these extra endorphins to hide the pain of running).  This mood lasted until bed, I couldn't stop talking about it.  Then I woke up, and could not walk.  Like I was hobbling.  So what did John and I do?  We went and bought running shoes yesterday.  Thats right, we are on the C25K train... John started yesterday, headache and all.  He made it, we feel good, we both hurt immensly.  I am skinnier already, I just know it.  Johns goal is to actually run a 5k.  Mine is not.  I mean I will I guess but my goal is more just to have a hobby, a HEALTHY hobby.  Plus it will sound so cool to be talking to people and just throw in the "yeah I'm a runner" thing here and there.  Also we are eating like birds now during the week.  No worries though, our weekends will still be filled with over eating, drinking, and whatever else we want to over do.  And for good measure here is Sisters and my little cuties.


Cabbage Magic

 We have been on weight loss 2012 for about 5 days now, feeling pretty good about it.  Yesterday I exercised and didn't die.  I went a mile and would run for about a minute then walk long enough to catch my breath then repeat.  It made me feel so good, and now I am sore.  We are thinking about couch to 5K... any thoughts on that people?  Ok back to the post.  We have been eating healthy and I found a recipe from Skinny Taste that looked amazing.  I got the stuff last night and this recipe DID NOT disappoint.  I made the full recipe because we froze the rest in portions for the 2 of us.  This is enough food for at least 5 meals for 2 people!  Go make it now, you won't be sorry...

 That's what I'm talkin' bout!  And it is low fat!!! Please believe this is now going to be a regular part of our rotation!


5 days in

Happy New Year!  So we are 5 days in to 2012.  I don't remember the last time I blogged, I have gained SIX yeah 6 pounds since the day after Christmas (is that even possible?) obviously it is, Scarlet rang in the new year with a double ear infection, and none of my pants fit.  Happy 2012 huh?  Ha just kidding, it could be worse.  So far I have had grilled chicken and salad 3 days this week, for lunch and dinner.  Mmmmm exciting.  I have been spoiled rotten by the 3 short work weeks and long weekends leading me to believe I should eat and drink way more than any one person shoud do.  Hubs got me a Canon T3 DSLR!!! Its badass!  My sis left town Tuesday and I am having MAJOR withdrawls.  It is so nice to have her here with her kids because they play and we get to gossip, drink, watch bad t.v. and use my new Shark steam mop!  We are addicts.  I miss it.  My snot infested child passed along the cold to BOTH of her kids :(  Sorry sister.  Now that we are all on the mend  I can't wait to share pics from the new cam and get back to regular blogging.  I'm sure it will be a while seeing as how we haven't even unpacked Christmas yet.  Oh and one more thing, SCARLET PEED THE POTTY!!!!!!