I don't really have any good content.  We had an awesome Christmas with our families and I hate that we can't spend this much time with them year round!  Here is some photo proof of the babe having a blast.  May 2012 bring posts with actual content in addition to pictures of my cute ass kid.

 Loving the new dress up clothes from "Aunt" Robin
 Sugar cookie decorating with cousins
Her new 50's housewife dress...I LOVE!

Rocking the new jacket Aunt Wiss gave her
Playing in the box of FAO Schwartz puppets...

Ya'll this child recieved so much for Christmas we actually had to take things away and hide them for a later time.  A little taste:  A play kitchen, a smart trike, baby alive, plasma car, puppets, stuffed animals, color wonder, and all kinds of goodies.  My house is busting at the seams, so am I.  I ate too much.  Pretty sure I gained 4 lbs Christmas day.  Oh well thats what resolutions are for...oh wait I don't do those.  Hmmph gotta go back to work.  Happy new year & eat your greens :)


Potato Soup

Last week I made the best potato soup on earth.  Here is the recipe.  It is life changing.
The Best Potato Soup On Earth:
4 large Idaho potatoes
1 large white onion
Heavy cream
4 hot italian sausage links (we use turkey)
1 bag fresh baby spinach
butter (about 1 stick)
salt & pepper

Peel and cut potatoes into 1inch cubes and put in a pot of cold water.  Chop onions and add in with potatoes.  Bring to a boil and boil until fork tender.  In the meantime cut the casings off of the italian sausage and brown in a skillet.  After the potatoes are done drain and return to pan.  Add butter, salt & pepper and mash with a potato masher leaving a little chunky.   Add cream and mash some more.  Add some milk until a little thinner than you want your soup.  (I like to use mostly cream and a little milk).  Edited to tell any idiots to add the sausage in, you didn't just cook it for a side dish.  Now start tasting and add more salt, pepper, garlic, whatever you want.  Allow to simmer until you are ready to eat.  Add in the spinach and just stir long enough to wilt.  Get a giant bowl and eat your face off.  We like ours with grilled cheese cause we are fat like that :)



Had to spread the word about this MAGIC my sis blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it sounded weird but seeing as how we want to eat it everday, for the rest of our lives, I was wrong.  Magic Roast is what I will call it.  Go try it, your life depends on it.  I am so ready/excited for Christmas.  I think I am done with all of my shopping.  *think being the keyword here.  Excited to be with all of our family!  We always have soooo much fun.

So any parents of girls, have you gotten to "the point" yet?  The point where that little girl that you labored for, that you wrecked your body for, that you could smell and cuddle all night has given up her Momma?  Everyone told us it would happen, everyone said just wait.  She will wake up one day and only see her Daddy.  Boy is it true.  She has gone from my sweet girl to wanting nothing but her Daddy.  Always, from the time I get her out of her crib in the morning to her night waking to fuss, whine, grab her lovey and yell Daddy.  From the time we get in the car to head to school and the second she sees me walk through her classroom door in the afternoon she wants Daddy, she needs him.  It hurt my feeling for the first week.  No diapers for me, she fuh-reaks out if she sees me eye the diaper pile.  Dinner with mom?  Hell no, she needs daddy to sit by her and be sure every piece of corn gets in her mouth.  Christmas tree time?  Not with this mom.  Just her and her dad sitting in the floor talking and touching the ornaments, saying their names.  Then I realized, holy shit I don't have to change her diapers!  She poops, gets a diaper and runs to John then lays down no questions asked.  Oh and brushing teeth!  Ha!  For me it feels more like holding a rabid cat down in the tub and trying to not get bit, for John she sits directly in front of him, lets him brush first for a full 5 minutes before her "turn" where she gets to dip her toothbrush in the cup of water.  During all this time I realized that I can put away laundry, pee in private, drink wine alone and cook without feeling guilty!  Why?  Cause that daddy is eatin it up ya'll.  He can't say no.  I do get a little worried about this creating a problem but when I see those two I realize that before we know it she is not going to want anything to do with snuggling us him so I let it go, and wish it was me for a little bit longer.  For the record here is the fit that ensued when I tried to get a picture of her in her Christmas dress  and this was the latter part of it, she had an all out floor tantrum...


From one mom to another

Got a question out there for you moms.  Have you EVER since you had your babies had time away from them and your signifigant other?  I haven't.  We have had a many of baby free nights and weekends, thanks to our parents.  I have had many of Hub free trips (with the baby = not a vacay) while he worked or what not, Hubs has had multiple baby & wife free trips, so what am I getting at?  I want a turn.  Don't take this the wrong way, and if you do you obviously must be wrapped in the beard of God and massaged by tiny unicorns day after day with your husband and kid.  I on the other hand, am not wrapped in any magical, unicorn, massaging beard.  I live real life.  Life where cooking, cleaning, and momma-ing is never put on the back burner.  Life where I literally do not sit down on the couch until my baby is fed, bathed, and jammied up.  Where dinner does not cook itself and I have 4 episodes of Gossip Girl, 3 RHOBH, 4 RHOA, and 134 Horders episodes in my DVR.  All I want to do is get up on that couch in my raggedy ass sweat pants and my ripped grateful dead shirt and watch all the t.v. I want.  I want to eat junk food and drink wine and know I don't have to wake up at 8 on a Saturday just so I don't feel guilty for leaving hubs with the babe all morning.  Well my wish is Hubs command cause he is taking Little Macon for the weekend.  THE WHOLE WEEKEND.  And now I feel sort of guilty.  What the hell is wrong with moms?  Why can't I feel relieved, excited, and over the moon about sushi with girlfriends and gossip?  Guess it comes with the territory.  I can't believe I am nervous for them to leave me.  Funny the way that works.  So while they are traipsing through the woods at the hunting camp eating junk food and playing with nature I suppose I'll probably end up drunk and sad that my family left to cross off a bucket list item without me.  This mom shit is crazy. 
Be good sweet girl.
I know these two will have a blast, they always do!
Happy almost weekend guys, wish me luck!



OMG last night was a mess, literally.  We took the little one to the Homewood Christmas parade.  She had so much fun!  Watching the lights, seeing ballerina's, eating 2 Dum Dums and seeing a marching band.  We arrived home about 45 minutes past bed time, no biggie.  Little was quickly off to bed and snoozing with in minutes.  Where did the mess come in you ask?  Well about 2:30 this morning she started whining, it woke us both up but she rolls and talks and whines about sometimes so I thought nothing of it.  This went off and on for about an hour.  Finally I went in to cuddle and be sure she didn't have a fever or had gotten sick.  She was cool as a cucumber, went right back to sleep in my arms.  I layed her down and she didn't make a peep so I got back in bed.  No more than five minutes later it started again, after a while I said, "maybe I should go change her, maybe her pee is bothering her (ya'll this child pee's gallons, no lie) so I'll change her and then you snuggle her, ok babe" he agreed.  We creep into the pitch black room (hallelujah black-out curtains) and I scoop up my love.  I lay her on the bed, unzip her as she cries and open her diaper and start wiping.  Holy god what the hell is all over my thumb?  I said OH SHIT, turn on the light.  Literally Oh shit.  Everywhere, in her pajamas, on me, stuck to her back.  I used 9 wipes.  9.  I have NEVER in 19 months had to use 9 wipes.  After I cleaned up the crime scene Scarlet wanted to play, I said negative and John got to rockin.  little one finally went back to sleep and never made another sound, until I dropped my phone outside her door at 6:15... :/  Poor kid.  Oh and I think I left out that I let her have full cup of prune juice at 6:30 last night cause I thought she was constipated, glad she cleared that up for me.  Have a fab weekend, I'm off to finish off my Christmas shopping, hang with my fam, and sleep.


Once again

Hey guys
I am going to talk about Christmas cards again.  Cause I love em.  Love getting them, love sending them, love going through them with our little and talking about who each one features.  She doesn't understand when she sees Emma as a baby that it is Emma, she thinks its just a baby!  So cute.  SO we finally got a cute pic and these are the ones I am thinking about, what do ya think?

So guys what I'm saying is, what kind of cards do you send? Do you love getting em'?  And if you are tired of these posts, hate it for ya.