I don't really have any good content.  We had an awesome Christmas with our families and I hate that we can't spend this much time with them year round!  Here is some photo proof of the babe having a blast.  May 2012 bring posts with actual content in addition to pictures of my cute ass kid.

 Loving the new dress up clothes from "Aunt" Robin
 Sugar cookie decorating with cousins
Her new 50's housewife dress...I LOVE!

Rocking the new jacket Aunt Wiss gave her
Playing in the box of FAO Schwartz puppets...

Ya'll this child recieved so much for Christmas we actually had to take things away and hide them for a later time.  A little taste:  A play kitchen, a smart trike, baby alive, plasma car, puppets, stuffed animals, color wonder, and all kinds of goodies.  My house is busting at the seams, so am I.  I ate too much.  Pretty sure I gained 4 lbs Christmas day.  Oh well thats what resolutions are for...oh wait I don't do those.  Hmmph gotta go back to work.  Happy new year & eat your greens :)


Potato Soup

Last week I made the best potato soup on earth.  Here is the recipe.  It is life changing.
The Best Potato Soup On Earth:
4 large Idaho potatoes
1 large white onion
Heavy cream
4 hot italian sausage links (we use turkey)
1 bag fresh baby spinach
butter (about 1 stick)
salt & pepper

Peel and cut potatoes into 1inch cubes and put in a pot of cold water.  Chop onions and add in with potatoes.  Bring to a boil and boil until fork tender.  In the meantime cut the casings off of the italian sausage and brown in a skillet.  After the potatoes are done drain and return to pan.  Add butter, salt & pepper and mash with a potato masher leaving a little chunky.   Add cream and mash some more.  Add some milk until a little thinner than you want your soup.  (I like to use mostly cream and a little milk).  Edited to tell any idiots to add the sausage in, you didn't just cook it for a side dish.  Now start tasting and add more salt, pepper, garlic, whatever you want.  Allow to simmer until you are ready to eat.  Add in the spinach and just stir long enough to wilt.  Get a giant bowl and eat your face off.  We like ours with grilled cheese cause we are fat like that :)



Had to spread the word about this MAGIC my sis blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it sounded weird but seeing as how we want to eat it everday, for the rest of our lives, I was wrong.  Magic Roast is what I will call it.  Go try it, your life depends on it.  I am so ready/excited for Christmas.  I think I am done with all of my shopping.  *think being the keyword here.  Excited to be with all of our family!  We always have soooo much fun.

So any parents of girls, have you gotten to "the point" yet?  The point where that little girl that you labored for, that you wrecked your body for, that you could smell and cuddle all night has given up her Momma?  Everyone told us it would happen, everyone said just wait.  She will wake up one day and only see her Daddy.  Boy is it true.  She has gone from my sweet girl to wanting nothing but her Daddy.  Always, from the time I get her out of her crib in the morning to her night waking to fuss, whine, grab her lovey and yell Daddy.  From the time we get in the car to head to school and the second she sees me walk through her classroom door in the afternoon she wants Daddy, she needs him.  It hurt my feeling for the first week.  No diapers for me, she fuh-reaks out if she sees me eye the diaper pile.  Dinner with mom?  Hell no, she needs daddy to sit by her and be sure every piece of corn gets in her mouth.  Christmas tree time?  Not with this mom.  Just her and her dad sitting in the floor talking and touching the ornaments, saying their names.  Then I realized, holy shit I don't have to change her diapers!  She poops, gets a diaper and runs to John then lays down no questions asked.  Oh and brushing teeth!  Ha!  For me it feels more like holding a rabid cat down in the tub and trying to not get bit, for John she sits directly in front of him, lets him brush first for a full 5 minutes before her "turn" where she gets to dip her toothbrush in the cup of water.  During all this time I realized that I can put away laundry, pee in private, drink wine alone and cook without feeling guilty!  Why?  Cause that daddy is eatin it up ya'll.  He can't say no.  I do get a little worried about this creating a problem but when I see those two I realize that before we know it she is not going to want anything to do with snuggling us him so I let it go, and wish it was me for a little bit longer.  For the record here is the fit that ensued when I tried to get a picture of her in her Christmas dress  and this was the latter part of it, she had an all out floor tantrum...


From one mom to another

Got a question out there for you moms.  Have you EVER since you had your babies had time away from them and your signifigant other?  I haven't.  We have had a many of baby free nights and weekends, thanks to our parents.  I have had many of Hub free trips (with the baby = not a vacay) while he worked or what not, Hubs has had multiple baby & wife free trips, so what am I getting at?  I want a turn.  Don't take this the wrong way, and if you do you obviously must be wrapped in the beard of God and massaged by tiny unicorns day after day with your husband and kid.  I on the other hand, am not wrapped in any magical, unicorn, massaging beard.  I live real life.  Life where cooking, cleaning, and momma-ing is never put on the back burner.  Life where I literally do not sit down on the couch until my baby is fed, bathed, and jammied up.  Where dinner does not cook itself and I have 4 episodes of Gossip Girl, 3 RHOBH, 4 RHOA, and 134 Horders episodes in my DVR.  All I want to do is get up on that couch in my raggedy ass sweat pants and my ripped grateful dead shirt and watch all the t.v. I want.  I want to eat junk food and drink wine and know I don't have to wake up at 8 on a Saturday just so I don't feel guilty for leaving hubs with the babe all morning.  Well my wish is Hubs command cause he is taking Little Macon for the weekend.  THE WHOLE WEEKEND.  And now I feel sort of guilty.  What the hell is wrong with moms?  Why can't I feel relieved, excited, and over the moon about sushi with girlfriends and gossip?  Guess it comes with the territory.  I can't believe I am nervous for them to leave me.  Funny the way that works.  So while they are traipsing through the woods at the hunting camp eating junk food and playing with nature I suppose I'll probably end up drunk and sad that my family left to cross off a bucket list item without me.  This mom shit is crazy. 
Be good sweet girl.
I know these two will have a blast, they always do!
Happy almost weekend guys, wish me luck!



OMG last night was a mess, literally.  We took the little one to the Homewood Christmas parade.  She had so much fun!  Watching the lights, seeing ballerina's, eating 2 Dum Dums and seeing a marching band.  We arrived home about 45 minutes past bed time, no biggie.  Little was quickly off to bed and snoozing with in minutes.  Where did the mess come in you ask?  Well about 2:30 this morning she started whining, it woke us both up but she rolls and talks and whines about sometimes so I thought nothing of it.  This went off and on for about an hour.  Finally I went in to cuddle and be sure she didn't have a fever or had gotten sick.  She was cool as a cucumber, went right back to sleep in my arms.  I layed her down and she didn't make a peep so I got back in bed.  No more than five minutes later it started again, after a while I said, "maybe I should go change her, maybe her pee is bothering her (ya'll this child pee's gallons, no lie) so I'll change her and then you snuggle her, ok babe" he agreed.  We creep into the pitch black room (hallelujah black-out curtains) and I scoop up my love.  I lay her on the bed, unzip her as she cries and open her diaper and start wiping.  Holy god what the hell is all over my thumb?  I said OH SHIT, turn on the light.  Literally Oh shit.  Everywhere, in her pajamas, on me, stuck to her back.  I used 9 wipes.  9.  I have NEVER in 19 months had to use 9 wipes.  After I cleaned up the crime scene Scarlet wanted to play, I said negative and John got to rockin.  little one finally went back to sleep and never made another sound, until I dropped my phone outside her door at 6:15... :/  Poor kid.  Oh and I think I left out that I let her have full cup of prune juice at 6:30 last night cause I thought she was constipated, glad she cleared that up for me.  Have a fab weekend, I'm off to finish off my Christmas shopping, hang with my fam, and sleep.


Once again

Hey guys
I am going to talk about Christmas cards again.  Cause I love em.  Love getting them, love sending them, love going through them with our little and talking about who each one features.  She doesn't understand when she sees Emma as a baby that it is Emma, she thinks its just a baby!  So cute.  SO we finally got a cute pic and these are the ones I am thinking about, what do ya think?

So guys what I'm saying is, what kind of cards do you send? Do you love getting em'?  And if you are tired of these posts, hate it for ya.


What an idiot

So last week I got so excited to find a spot to score some free Christmas cards, I filled out the info that Tiny Prints required and waited patiently for my code to come via e-mail... Then I re-read the form I had filled out.  I was supposed to blog about it!  Oops.  Here goes!  We are total slackers and not only have we not ordred our Christmas cards, we haven't even gotten the perfect pic of our little.  Last year we used someone else but a friend of ours always sends the cutest birthday invites & Christmas cards and they are always from Tiny Prints!  So I know most people have ordered their cards and I hope I get one but this year you may get ours after the New Year.  If you are slackin' with the Macons & have a blog then head on over to Tiny Prints, fill this out, and get your own FREE cards!  Thats right, free.



Was awesome.  I'm just gonna ramble for a bit.
First off I am so thankful for my job.  Several reasons.  One being that now that I am working, spending time with my family and friends has become much more precious.  I am not saying that I didn't enjoy it before, but now that I don't stay with my babe so much I live for the time that I do get to spend with her.  Before, a vacation was never really a vacation because I still did the same thing I did everyday.  I worried about schedules, eating, timing & basic mom nonsense.  Now that I have a full time job I am able to relax more, if we stay out later than bedtime, who cares.  If she wants to eat goldfish for dinner while traveling, alright by me.  If she only takes a 30 minute nap, hell she will live.  I used to get to see my family more and I love that but now when I see them it is even better because we know we have only a few days to spend giggling, drinking, chatting, eating and watching our babies become friends.  It's awesome.
We went to Nashville for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  We have been doing this as long as any of us can remember and will continue to until Grannie (the master of the fam) refuses to have 17 crazy people in her house anymore.  Ya'll we have so much fun.  All of the kids get hotel rooms at our favorite Hilton (that has a bar) and after daily events at Grannies we return to the hotel for pool, booze, and staying up all night chattering and catching up!  This hotel loves our families.  They seriously give all of us with kids rooms by the bar so our baby monitors work, now that's customer service. 
We came home Friday exhausted but ready for the Iron Bowl!  We had some peeps over and made a huge spread of food.  I found all of it on Pinterest and was pleased with every bite, even the ones we had last night for "left over" dinner!  We had no bake reese cup heaven, bacon wrapped chicken strips with honey mustard glaze, muffin pan tacos, 5 layer hummus (awesome), pimeto cheese, party meatballs, and I'm sure I forgot something!  We were major fats.  War Eagle anyhow.
Other than all of that, I am so excited for Christmas, I love this time of year.  I have been snatching up some pretty cool gifts for folks and having an absolute blast showing our little the Christmas decor.  She loves the Christmas tree and naming all of the ornaments.  Hope you guys are having a fun season, I know we are despite the 70+ temps here!  Thank God it's cooling down!
 Little cousins!  Scarlet snuggling with Daddy and nephew Harrison one morning!
 Harrison having a bath looking like a little pretty boy!
 Our adorable cousin Brett having his first baby experience, I don't think he ever held Emma or Scarlet!
      John helping light the tree for his bossy, anxious wife!

And real quick,
Guys, what is on your Christmas list? I need some ideas. The only thing I know that I want is a camera, a good one. A DSLR. (Canon or Nikon if Santa is reading) I don't really know anyone willing to spend that amount of chedda on me though so what is everyone asking for?  Please help, my parents, out-laws, and peeps want ideas and I just ain't got em! 


SCORE: Me-1 Baby-36452729

Had a mom win last night and thought I'd share.  I know a lot of us deal with grumpy, starving, annoying, whiny, I don't like food kind of kids and after my brilliant idea yesterday, I scored a point.  Thats right, I finally beat her.  I outsmarted the baby. I'm not gloating, o.k. I am because after 452628 times of thinking up a magical baby recipe, or fun plan and having her slap her arms until all of the carefully prepared food has gone from the high chair tray to the floor I did it this time!  So normally my kid eats anything I put in front of her unless it is a vegetable, or a meat other than chicken, or a fruit not in baby food form.  I was planning our Iron Bowl party menu at work yesterday and thought of these delicious meat balls my MIL makes, then I thought meat balls sure are delicious, then I thought why the hell haven't I given my kid meat balls?  I mean think about it, a kid with food shaped like balls that taste good.  This could go one of 2 ways and like I said before I won.  She did not throw them like she does peas, corn, hot dog, and actual balls.  Nope she ate them, pounded them.  I thought about this after making them and next time we will add veggies to the mix (I'm just getting cocky now) and make them a lot smaller, like marble size.  I can imagine how excited she must have been to sit down to a smiley face made of meat and bananas.  I know I would be  So make your kid your favorite meatball recipe in miniature, brown them in a skillet until done.  Drain the grease then add a spoonful of apple or grape jelly to the pan with a couple squirts of ketchup and let that melt good.  Toss your balls in with it and BAM!  Toddler dinner.  Now put them on their plate with blunt toothpicks (or pretzels) stuck in each ball.  Cover you kitchen floor in garbage bags and let them go crazy!  Maybe I can catch a meatball picture tonight cause she is for sure eating those leftovers.  And for the record I know this isn't epic but when you are a mom to a toddler your definitions change.


Ramble on

I just need to blog.  I used to have a lot of funny-ness going on but for some reason that gets lost between work, baby, husband, laundry, chicken nuggets, finding the long lost Ked you have been searching for in the grill, and a whole slew of other things.  Life I guess.  Life has been so funny lately, funny and scary.  We sold the restaurant.  Thats right, a little over a year ago we bought it.  It had to go, now or never.  We found ourselves losing more and more money each month despite being super busy.  Being a business owner is very hard, and I wasn't even there much.  My sweet love suffered through trying not to let me know the hard times we were having but we finally talked about it and found someone dumb awesome enough to buy us out of this quick sand pit of debt.  (Sister do you remember that "quicksand" across the road behind the Kessler's house?)  He is now hanging around helping the owners out (and actually getting to bring a paycheck home!) until he finds his next calling.  On the funny front, our child is hilarious.  She has started talking so much, every day when I get her from school, she has at least 3 new words.  She repeats anything so I have really had to put the lock-down on my sailor mouth.  I'm trying to anyway.  She put two words together last week, its the only two she will say together.  While swinging outside she saw John cutting the grass and started yelling Hey Daddy, Daddy Daddy.  I asked her to say Hey Mommy, no dice.  I mean why would she?  Its not like I take care of her.  No, I'm not bitter.  Yesterday after school she was sitting in her carseat patting her bear to sleep, she said in the littlest whisper "Shhhh Mommy."  I mean not near as sweet as hey Mommy but she did whisper first to me.  Not that I am keeping track or anything.   I caught her doing this to me yesterday, I have no idea where this kid gets it. 

This is what Scarlet & her Daddy do.

So last night I made something magical.  Remember those corn nuggets they served in high shcool?  Like deep fried cream corn?  Maybe its a southern thing and if it is I apoloigize Northerners that you haven't had this but I am going to give you a chance and you don't even have to bust out the Fry Daddy.  Corn Nuggets have been souped up my friends, turned into something so awesome I ate 6...
Yeah, I realize they look more like cookies but I am so o.k. with that because it makes my brain think I am getting corn, cheese, & green onion flavored cookies, and honestly my brain LOVES that thought.  Moving forward, found this recipe in Food Network Magazine.  Very simple but be sure you get all of your ingredients out first because it comes together pretty fast.  It really makes it interesting with a toddler on you leg. 
Magic Corn Nugget Cookies:
1 C. canned cream style corn
1 Tsp. salt
1 3/4 C. Flour
4 Tbsp. butter
3 eggs
1/2 C. shredded pepper jack (more to sprinkle on top)
1 Tbsp. Chopped green onion
So put corn, butter and salt in a pot and bring to simmer over Med. heat, add flour and stir with wooden spoon until smooth and it pulls away from the sides.  Put in a bowl and let cool for a few minutes.  Add you eggs 1 at a time mixing thoroughly, then add cheese and green onions.  Put in the fridge and chill for 15 minutes.  Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper, once cooled scoop 1 Tbsp. balls onto sheets, top with shredded cheese and bake at 400 for 20-25 or until tops are golden brown!  Have fun with this.  Guess I will get back to work, have a great week guys! 


All Hallows Eve

This year was quite different than last years Halloween.  Little bit actually got to go Trick or Treating and although she was a little nervous to walk up to doors she had fun!  Once she got her paws on a bag of M&M's her nerves quickly faded.  Last year she was a duck, a really cute one. 
We didn't do ant treating last year.  We sat on the front porch and handed out candy.  You see, Halloween is a big deal.  I love it!  Our neighborhood goes all out with decorations and fun.  All of the kids and some parents meet at one of the cul de sacs and a Dad hooks up a "hayride" to his truck, all of the neighborhood kids pile in and the dad totes them to each house.  It is awesome because our neighborhood is very hilly.  We decided to save the hayride for next year when Scarlet can stay up a little later and isn't afraid of the other kids costumes!  So in order for us to be home in time to hand out candy we went early so the little one could experience the fun!  We put her and he best little friend in the wagon and let them hold out their candy bags to collect the goods.  After about 30 minutes of this they were both ready to ditch the wagon so we headed back to our house and set up camp in the driveway to let the girls try out some of their loot and run some of the candy high off!  Scarlet got to eat a candy corn pumpkin, M&M's, and a ghost peep.  She was JACKED up! 
The girls before going out.

Busted eating a tootsie pop through the wrapper... 
Checking out the many kids running to the driveway! 
McKenzie LOVED Scarlets' Elmo candy bag and she was not happy about it! 
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Stay tuned, Sissy and her brood are coming today to stay with us so you know a cute picture, crude humor, and funny post is sure to come!



So I am working stalking blogs and came across this and thought it was so cute, and true.  Any of you Momma's out there know that a toddler is like having a goldfish, they forget everything every couple of seconds.  Found this at McMommy Daze, if you don't read her you should. 

"Approximately 3 minutes inside a head of a 2-year old"Each of these “emotions” lasts about 3 seconds.

I wanna play with Daddy’s phone.
I wanna put on Mommy’s shoes.
I wanna open and close the thermostat.
I wanna turn on and off the light on the microwave.
Is there anyone here with a phone I haven’t played with yet?
I wanna pick up the cat by its head.
I wanna throw all the toothbrushes in the sink.
I want out of my chair.
I wanna play with the iPad.
I wanna go outside.
No, I wanna turn the heat on.
I wanna take my pants off.
I don’t like the shirt I’m wearing.
I wanna play with Mommy’s phone.
I’m thirsty.
No, not for that.
Yes, perfect, juicebox.
I’m gonna squeeze this thing all over myself.
Where’s Daddy?
Where’s the cat?
Where’s Mommy?
Oh my God I think Mommy left forever.
Ok, there’s mommy.
I want to play with her phone.
Hungry again.
Never mind I just remembered not liking these pants.
Get them off.
Wow, I’m starving.
I want peas but I don’t know how to tell anyone.
Finally, peas.
I like throwing these.
Oh look, a new person.
I wonder if they have a phone.
I’m tired.
I wanna go for a walk but I don’t wanna go outside.
No, not inside either!
I need to push some buttons right now.
I hate this diaper.
My eyes itch.
WOW! Is this my toe?
I hate these pants.
This shirt itches.
I’m tired.
Stop asking me if I’m tired.
Where’s that toy that goes beep.
I wanna take a bath in my clothes.
Put on my favorite song.
Where’s the cat?
What is UP with my shirt?
Did I just hear a dog bark?
I wanna see a dog.
No, not OUTSIDE!
I wanna see a dog inside.
I peed.
I’m bored.

Scarlet Wants!

Ya'll have got to head on over to My Silly Monkeys and see this giveaway for a Cabbage Patch Kid!  I used to love them (kinda still do) and can't wait for my girl to play with them!


Pumpkin Patch

My great friend/ college roomie was in town this past weekend for some fun!  It was so good to see her, to have her finally meet hub and baby, and to have some major girl time!  Scarlet LOVED every minute of her!  Saturday we gave John the afternoon off and took her to the pumpkin patch.  Ya'll, this kid went buck wild.  We didn't do the bouncy house or petting zoo because I didn't think she would really care about that yet but when that tractor dropped us off at "the patch" you would have thought she died and went to heaven.  In this field that she clearly thought was just lined with giant orange "balls" for her enjoyment she just ran, and threw every single pumpkin her little body could lift off the ground.  We found one that didn't bust after 3 throws so that was our cue to take it home!  We let little run wild for about 30 minutes then just walked around and looked at all of the fun.  I can't wait until next year when we can carve one together and she can have a candy apple!  This weekend also marked Scarlets' first true paint experience.  I had some boards that I spray painted white that I was going to paint for the basement playroom once it is finished.  Instead of me painting them we put them in front of her and squirted little dots of paint for her to play with.  I thought she would finger paint but instead she used a brush the whole time (we are total opposites).   Hope you guys are enjoying your fall so far, we sure are!  I love fall food (soup!) and crock pot dinners!  What are doing this fall?  What screams FALL for your family?!  I'm not gonna apologize for the fact that 30 pictures follow this.  Happy October Peeps!



Lets get some things straight ya'll.  Blogging is fun.  It is an outlet, a diary, a place to lose yourself in YOUR thoughts, a place to release praise, anger, and stories of your life.  Reading blogs is fun too!  You can learn about  others, see what they do daily, see their families, their struggles, their success & their losses.  You can enter giveaway's, review peoples products & see a lot of great ideas.  You can see how others travel, decorate, shop, parent, and live.  It is really tons of fun!  Now what I want to get straight is that if you don't like the way someone does something then WHY ARE YOU READING IT???  Look up there in the right hand corner of your computer (left if ya have a Mac!) see that little red X?  That's all you gotta click if you don't like what you are reading.  Why do so many people find it necessary to leave little snarky bitch comments on the way people choose to live their lives?  You don't like that my kid watches t.v.?  Suck it.  You don't like that I spend money on frivolous things?  Suck it.  You don't like that my kid eats french fries at least once a week?  Suck it.  WHY DO YOU CARE?  I just am over it.  I am writing this not only for my girl iGriza but for myself because I am sick of reading all of these bitchy comments people leave on each others blogs!  Ya'll grow up!  If you are disturbed by the way someone else is living it is by no means your place to say anything.  I can assure you, you aren't perfect either.  No one is.  So ladies, get off of your high horse, unsubscribe, and take your sad life on and read something you agree with, like "Living Life as a Miserable Bitch."

And if you have a chance run on over to Kickstarter and help my girl get to her goal so she can produce this badass invention!


Dump of the photos

Bored today here at the old J.O.B. so I figured I would share some pics.  Been pretty boring around these parts other than Scarlet developing a new love for the riding lawnmower.  That is not all she developed, she also has a lovely little yeast infection, yup you read that right.  A baby, with a yeast infection.  Doc says antibiotics are the # one cause of them, who woulda thunk it. 

Little cheerleader girl :)

What a little cheese!  She needs one of these cars if anyone has a spare!

I let her play in the bathroom sink on game day.  She pitched a holy fit when it was time to get out.

This girl cackles when I say "ooohhhh" so much that she now makes her own "OH" face!

A few days after all the Missoni talk I went to target, this sweet dress for my girl was one of the few things they had left.  I wanted to buy the blanket too but did not want to spend $30 on a oversized lovie.

Having some good quality Dad time :)

Showing off her locks.

And I guess it slipped my mind but about a month ago I filled out an application for John to be on Hell's Kitchen...guess who got called and asked to send more pics?  Guess who got called back and said the casting directors have made a decision?  Yup.  My hubs.  We will hear today whats next.  EEEK!



I love the different seasons so much and today I actually felt them all for some reason. Seasons are one of the few things we can 100% rely on to occur every single year and man are they awesome. I love the fall feeling. I love the changing leaves, the cooling weather, the smell, the football, & having a fire. Today it was cool and I had not looked at the weather. I left in short sleeves and light pants and I am actually chilly. I love it. Fall isn't the only season I like though. I like them all. By the time the next one is near I am ready. I love that towards the end of fall I can't wait for winter. The possibility of snow, the soup almost nightly, a warm fireplace, & running inside from the car to warm up. At the end of winter I am longing to pull out my "cooler" clothes and be outside. I can't wait to see flowers and trees blooming and hear birds. About halfway through spring I am dying for summer. I want the beach, the pool, the grilling & the TAN! And about 3 months later I am ready to do it all over again! I know, totally random post but when I went to get the mail I couldnt help but notice the slight change in the leaves and the rustling of the ones already fallen. What is your favorite season? Or do you love them all?

See there on that tree? About 20 leaves are turning!!! And yes that is a flag pole. In our front yard. With an Auburn flag on it. Happy fall guys and War Damn!

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DON'T do it

I know I have been missing for awhile but things have been crazy.  This post is gonna be a whole mix of whats been going on but since my computer is at the doctor and I am blogging at work it may be cut short. 

First - New job is good.  My first day alone was AWFUL and I was sure I was going to get fired the next day because I didn't know how to do anything they wanted done.  If you know me you know that I have worked in restaurants my entire working life.  From kitchen, to bar, to managing, to owning.  I know them in and out.  One thing I have NOT done is worked in an office, for engineers, with drawings and specs and the worst, scariest computer program on earth. (run on sentence much?)  So after day 1 I came back with a new attitude and sat in front of this computer and learned myself as much as I could and now I know (a little) what I am doing. 

2 - Scarlet started school and is doing great!  She picked up a nasty cold that turned into an ear infection after day 2.  Awesome.  Loads of green snot, coughing, and whining but she is on the mend and the doc gave her some Codeine cough syrup?  A baby.  Codeine.  I have only given it to her before nap and bed because it makes me nervous but then again I am not a doctor for good reason.  Her 1st couple days she was not diggin' the cot but now she is napping from 11:45-2 all by herself!  Big baby.  She has started talking and goofing off more after just a week with other kids! 

3 - This is going way back.  Remember when I went to the beach with my sister and her family last month?  Well some MAJOR shenanigans occured that i have got to tell ya'll about.  I couldn't find my fave swim suit so I talked hubs into letting me buy another when I got down there.  Now all you ladies know that a good looking and good quality suit ain't cheap so I was real excited!  I went to H2O Swimwear in Orange Beach, the swim shop of H.L.Hood and found myself a pretty Juicy Couture swim suit.  I fell in love with it, the cut, the ivory soft fabric, pretty ruffles, wish I could find a pic!  After spending a pretty penny, (a very shiny expensive $200 penny on clearance) I went back to our condo to try this puppy out.  We took the girls swimming and I still loved it until...I got out of the pool to get a beer.  What happened next was pretty terrible, my brother in law started dying laughing and told me to stand still so he could take a picture.  I walk over to see the picture and what is it?  Oh just my ass, my entire, shining, big, white ass.  You can see straight through the suit.  I decide not to freak and just be sure I pull the little ruffly "skirt" down when exiting the pool but then something even worse.  I walk into the pool and my friend Becky turns her head and screams, "Sarah!!! I can see all of you!"  Ya'll I have never been so embarrased in my life.  So I immediately go take it off, call the store and explain the situation.  I told them I knew it was not their fault and I know they don't take returns but could they exchange it and send it back to the manufacturer cause obviously they didn't MEAN to make a swimsuit show your woman hood.  Right?  They said I had to talk to the owner.  So I wait, and wait and TWO days later she calls me back.  This lady was crazy ya'll, I have never and could never fathom treating a guest the way she treated me.  I did not get out of hand as she told me "Sorry but most people know when they buy a cream colored swimsuit that it may be see-through and just like a white t-shit you can see through it when its wet!"  I said WHAT?  Thats why I don't SWIM in white t-shirts... Ya'll I was FUMING!  So I cool off, get home and sit down and e-mail Juicy Couture and guess what?  NOTHING.  I haven't heard a thing from them. 

D - Let's wrap up folks.  The moral of this post is,  I like my job.  My kid is super cool and good at school.  I will never shop at either of Heather Hood's shops (H2O or H.L. Hood) and I hope that you won't either.  I will no longer buy Juicy Couture $300 suits although I have loved my past ones I would rather someone who cares have my money.  I will never buy any of Juicy Couture's brand even though I love their perfume but I just ran out so I will try something new.  Finally how cool is it that I just got to blog, at work.  Glad I kept it "short!"  Have a great week & War Eagle!



Wish I could blog! Several thing, I start my new job tomorrow. I am now the office manager of an Engineering Firm here in town. I am super pumped to have some normalcy in my life. (read: paycheck!) Scarlet starts her first day of school tomorrow, real school, like 8-5 school. I am nervous and excited for her! Our computers charge hole seems funky and won't charge so I am blogging from my phone. Hope I can do a real post soon and ya'll, wish us luck!

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Emma turns 2!

Scarlet and I went to Atlanta this weekend for Emma's 2nd birthday as well as our new little nephew Harrison's baptism.  We went a couple of days early to help sister with a little bit of pre-party set up but mainly just for the extra time to hang out!  The girls were hilarious together!  Every time we leave them Scarlet has several new words in her vocabulary.  Mostly she just says "MINE" a lot more! Emma's birthday party was held at Gymboree and ya'll this place is a toddlers wonderland!  They went buck wild!  Not even kidding.  Emma ran around like a crazy person as did the other "bigger" kids.  Scarlet fell in love with the trampoline and did not love the "in hugs reach" that Gymboree asks that you be at all times.  She wanted me to go away.  All in all we had a blast and Emma made out like a bandit getting lots of new toys.  The next day we had Harrison's baptism and the girls went to the nursery.  HME did great and didn't let out a peep during church.  When the girls came in for communion Scarlet took off down the aisle for the altar : / I let my dad go after her!  We ate some awesome boston butt prepared by my BIL and then had Extreme Home Makeover Garage edition on sisters garage!  (she says she will post on this!)

On another note, I do not know if I can take this house anymore.  Seriously, bugs.  BUGS.  WTF?  We have a professional pest control service that comes quarterly, we have maids that come every other week.  I am almost to the point of thinking this house is just old, un-cleanable, and making me sick!  There is mold growing in the cabinets.  How does that even happen.  A cricket or spider the size of a dime was on my arm tonight while I was washing dishes.  Good thing we got that new sink cause I sure as hell THREW the cast iron skillet into the sink to knock said spider/cricket off my arm.  The hardwoods are sick, everything leaks, I am losing my mind trying to keep up! OK, end rant (for now.)  I have to keep this short because in 3 days we are heading out again!  Beach bound for the 1st (soon to be annual) Macon/Edwards family beach trip!  (Really hoping my hubby can go :(  Have a great week and weekend, I will be sparse but you should expect some fun and funny posts from my phone while basking in the sun!


I can't believe it

My baby is 15 months old.  How did this happen so fast?  Everyday is closer to her being a little girl.  I have a toddler.  Wow did I just say that?  Let's see what's going on at 15 months around here!  Scarlet baby, you are into EVERYTHING!  Anything I touch, you want.  You seem to constantly have "mom-itis!"  Although your "mom-itis" occasionally takes over, you are very well behaved!
You like to eat : Pretty much anything.  Favorites are hot dogs, chicken nuggets, ground beef, pork, potatoes (especially fries) creamed corn, any fruit or veggie pouch, and water.
You talk a lot! mama, dada, daddy, hot, eew, no, mine, horse, mooo, neigh, baa, "nigh nigh", luh you, what.
Sleep : about 7:30-7:30 then nap 10-12 and 3-5.  Although this doesn't go as planned daily, you seem happiest when we stick to it!
You love your baths, your lovey's and "babies!"  Every time I get you from the crib you say, "la-la" and reach for a lovey and your bear.
Little Scarlet you are so much more than we ever could have asked for.  You are our angel.  We love you more than you will ever know!  I'm so glad we have had 15 months with you and can't wait for the many month to come!

 Babe, trying to get a picture of you is like...well I don't know but it is really hard!  You just will not stay still!
 You love your high chair and when you are hungry you run to it and reach up until I put you in and set up your "trough!"
 You and Funny Bunny are best, little friends!



What the what?  Did I forget I had a blog?  Nope, I just remembered I have a 14 month old baby crackhead.  Last weekend me, my mom, and Scarlet went to Atlanta to visit my sister, her hubs, and her 2 babies!  We had an absolute blast.  Too much gossip, drinking, eating, and baby-ing to even describe!  I have photo proof so you don't think that I haven't left my house since last time I blogged!
Although my little came down with an ear infection the day after we got there, she fared quite well for playtime!  We had a visit to Children's Health Atlanta (cause what vacation would be complete without a doctors visit?) where the ear was diagnosed and got some antibiotics for that nonsense.  Besides that Scarlet had a blast with her cousin Emma and we did too!  She was not so interested in her little baby cousin Harrison but did find the time to touch him and call him "beebee!"
We have had a stressful past couple weeks and I'm sure you will hear about it soon, but we had a great "break" this weekend and hope I get back to regular blogging soon!  I have been keeping up with all of ya'll just laying low on the comments and such as I have been reading from my phone.  Peace out & GOOD NIGHT!