To go Box

We have decided to start putting out baby in things.  First she got in a pizza box.  

Yes my child is naked at a restaurant.  It was 95+ degrees after 7 pm and we were all sweaty and gross, so we took her clothes off.  It's a shame the adults couldn't do the same because we were all soaked by the time we left.  Next up for what the baby goes in is a surprise.  Maybe I will call this "Put your baby in something Mondays"  I don't know how to do all of that link crap but if anyone else wants to put their babies, furry or not, in something, comment with your post and let me see!  Have a great week!


Beach, Birthday, Baby & Booze

We headed down to the coast on Friday morning.  We got our 4 hour trip in without so much as a peep from the babe.  We hit up Burris Farmers Market on the way in for some tomatoes, onion, and avocado to make some guacamole.  You would think that people that own a Mexican restaurant would not want Mexican food but you are wrong!  We love it and eat it ALL THE TIME!!  So we made it to the beach, promptly started drinking, put the baby in the condo with the monitor and went to the pool!!  What a blessing we have!! The lovely grandparents, Hunny & Rut, have been taking care of babe A LOT and allowing us to get too much sun and get into too much wine!  Tonight we are going out for my birthday dinner and I am so excited.  We will get some pics for sure because I just realized the camera has not come out of the bag...oops.  I did get a few with my phone though.  This is from last week when we had a baby brigade hang out!!  This is Mackenzie, Hollis, & Scarlet.  Hollis is quite the ladies man!

I just cannot get over how much I love this picture!!  My 2 sweet ones!

Just snuggling with daddy on the condo porch.


Around here we have been ALL smiles!!

We painted our piggy's a most perfect shade of pink for our beach trip!!

And had a play date with Scarlets' boyfriend, Hollis.  He is quite the ladies man and I can assure you, next time we hang out with him, Scarlet will be sporting a mohawk herself.  And no I am not kidding!

Hope everyone else is having a great time!  Happy first day of summer!


Birthday and some fun

So my birthday is coming up...I need HELP your guys!  I don't know what to ask for and John has been quite the bugger in trying to find this out.  He is leaning towards me wanting an iPad so he can hijack the Kindle but I really don't want one.  I am happy with all of the gifts I have, like my lovely little girl and a sweet husband.  I need some ideas ya'll...What do I want?  And don't get me wrong, I LOVE presents!  I love opening them, playing with them, spending them, wearing them, I love everything about a present.  Here lies my problem because I need help picking one!  In the meantime here are some smiley pics of my little bit!!

Chatting with Mom

Chinny Chin Chins!

Mom!! Enough with the pictures!

Alright, I look forward to some good ideas...



Update :

I don't know that anyone cares but I am still alive!  I have had so much going on!! The babe has slept through the night for a week.  You guys, at 5 weeks!!! This is AWESOME!! I know some don't agree but for me, Babywise is a gift from God!  We have been busy, busy now that our little one is happy as a lark.  We have been to the pool...

She got in the water for a bit with mommy but a little one at this age can stand more than about 10 minutes in this Alabama heat.  She got to meet one of her THREE great grandmothers!

She learned how to smile!! Let me tell you, this is heart melting.  A huge toothless grin that of course I cannot capture on camera!  

So for now (and forever) this little one has ALL of my attention and all of my heart.  I will get back when I can!


Big Green Egg-athon

So me and the babe gave John a BGE for an early Father's Day present.  Well without knowing I have given myself a wonderful gift because he has cooked EVERY night since then!!  Seriously, the best food ever!  I told him the first night we were proud parents of a BGE that if I had to rate our previous chicken thighs they were a consistent 8, these were a 10!  I am not kidding, I did not know that this cooker could make that big of a difference but it has.  I wanted to share a few pics of what we have been having...and on that note I smell the ribs now so I must go!!

Chicken thighs...Awesome

They had a mustard based marinade and they were oh so good!! Served with my "famous" potato wedges!

A Mediterranean seasoned pork loin.

We had couscous and grilled veggies with it.  It would have been better had the babe not started screaming, so the pork went in the oven to sit and got a little dry.  It was still very good though!

So far on the menu for next week we have a Carne Asada Pizza and a pork tenderloin stuffed with something I can't remember.  The only bad thing I can see in all of this is that I am going to be at the beach in a month...in a swimsuit...Uh Oh!  


What a month!

Let's see... we have had quite the busy month around these parts.  Hence the reason I have blogged like 3 times.  I guess sister wasn't kidding when she said I would slack off once the babe arrived!  Well today the babe is one month old!! Man time has flown by and 3 weeks ago I did not think that was possible.  Lets see, 3 weeks ago I thought I was on the verge of death from lack of sleep and trying to get the hang of this mommy thing.  Well for now I think I have got it.  Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, baby has overcome her heinous gas issues and is actually able to sleep.  She is having her daily dose of Bio Gaia and has been for about 2 weeks.  This stuff has made a HUGE difference in babes sleeping and belly issues.   It makes her belly happy! : )  She has started having lots more awake time these days and has her awake fussy time nightly from about 5-7.  We had a great weekend home with daddy.  He was off Saturday AND Monday and when you own a restaurant that is a BIG deal!!  We had to go ahead with the fathers day present because the babe me just could not wait or hide it!

Yup his dreams of being a BGE owner finally came true!! I had great plans to hide it and have him find it but once I discovered that one box weighed 163 lbs (and there were 4 boxes) I decided we should give it to him while I had help from the grandparents!  He is in LOVE and I will post on the first use results!!  Alright here are the pics!

Chunky Monkey

Memorial Day Melon

OK this is hilarious...I'm thinkin Don Vito/ I had a little too much milk to drink!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!!  Oh and to the point of this post, my babe is ONE MONTH old on Thursday!! Happy one month sweet girl!~