Not only does a ghost live in my basement but I just entered a badass giveaway from Jess over at In the Sky with Diamonds!!  She is a graphic designer and makes some cool stuff.  Go check it out!


GREAT find

Have you guys ever heard of CSN stores?  I know you have because EVERYONE talks about how cool they are!  No joke y'all, they have everything from console tables to baby goodies, furniture, kitchen stuff, and even clothes.  Dang, with over 200 stores they have it all!  I had to tell ya because I literally have been perusing their many sights ALL morning.  I know, thank god I don't work or I could not online shop all day!  
With all that good talk I should probably tell you that they have asked little ole me to do a product review for them.  Are you on the edge of your seat?  I got to pick something from there many sites and test it out.  Bet you can't guess what I picked!  You will see soon enough!  Hope you are having a great week now that fall has arrived in the south :)


For the LOVE-y

SO look, my mom is magically talented though she disagrees but I am tellin' ya, she is.  She loves to smock, knit, and make all kinds of hand-made goodies.  Well when Sister had her sweet baby Emma, Mom got to work on a soft little Lovey for her to snuggle with.  Shortly thereafter I found I was preg with sweet baby Macon and she got to work again.  She made us both several Lovey's for our baby girls to cuddle.  Mine are pink and white, Emma's are pink and blue, but both of them are so soft, sweet and Love-ly!  With that being said, Mom has offered up one of these sweet things for one of my readers!!  The winner gets to pick the colors and will get this sweet treat!  It will take 2 weeks to make (not really but she is making 100 scarves for church so we are time budgeting) and will then be promptly shipped.  Just to prove how much babies LOVe these loves here is some photo evidence.

To Enter :
1 Entry : Publicly follow my blog & leave a comment telling me you follow
1 Entry : Leave a comment telling me what colors you would pick if you won
3 Entries : Blog about the giveaway and leave a comment with a link to the blog post

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!  The winner will be picked sometime next week :)  I'll let ya know!
One more thing!!~  My little had her first unsupported (by me) sitting time yesterday and she did great!!


So excited!!

For real you guys!! Go check out The Undomestic Momma cause not only is she awesome, she is having an awesome giveaway!! Don't enter though cause I really NEED to win :)  OK I guess you can enter but Taylor, pick me!  Have a great week guys!


Bacon Wrapped pork

This is all I have to say
This is what we will call our very first fatty...yeah thats right you guys, pork wrapped in a bacon weave.  Gross yet you want to taste it all at once.  Of course I did not take pics of the finished product cause I wat too busy EATING IT!!

Baby girl playing with her friend MacKenzie.

My pretty girl making mom expressions already...Uh oh I am in for it!


Milky way

Hey guys,
so I already blogged today but seriously this has touched my heart in a big way.  Please go check out MckMama and do what you can to help.  She had 2 posts today and please either donate some milk or some money!  I was not asked to post this, I just feel so sad like, what if this was my sister, my friend, your brothers wife, your sister...would you help?  Hell yeah you would so do something now.. Thanks and love you all


If you click on her blog header it will take you to the most recent blog where you can donate money or milk!  Thanks :)


So today I had a lot to accomplish.  I had to get baby a new carrier (the Bjorn hugs ALL the wrong places and gives major hang-over to those of us who have not been on the lose weight train) by hang-over I mean kinda like muffin top on your sides and back.  Anyway we also needed a bath tub seat cause baby girl is OVER laying down in the tub but can't quite sit up.  On top of all of this, we had fondue for dinner last night.  That's right y'all we popped our fondue cherry and man I am glad we did.  (you don't have to be married to do this :)  So before I dig into my new half eaten container of Neapolitan ice cream, I will give you some proof!

Alright,  some may think I am silly for buying a new baby carrier at 4 months but listen.  I am so so so disappointed in the Bjorn.  I read a lot about it before and it sounded ok but after the fact I realized that many people dislike it for many different reasons.  Now the "crotch dangling" thing does not bother me, nor the babe, but what does bother me is the fact that no matter how thin you may be, the straps dig in your every groove showing what you have left to work on.  You know what people, the point of the Bjorn is so that moms of little ones (i.e. babies that can't be slung on the hip yet) can carry our babes while we accomplish other things.  Well if I am walkin' around lookin lumpy I don't want it!  On that note I am in a size 10 comfortably :)  So I broke down and got the Ergo baby today.  It is MAGICAL!!!  For real!  She loves it, I love it, and it looks cute on!!  I would totally recommend it and if you get it at Buy Buy Baby with a 20% coupon it is like $80.  A deal I tell ya!
Moving right along...
Baby S is so totally over laying down in the tub.  Now that she has figured out that she has a neck and stomach muscles, she lays there and attempts to sit, so we got this.  She LOVED it!  Because she cannot sit unsupported I put the big frog sponge from her previous tub underneath her.  She stopped sliding around immediately!  I am so glad she can see and play now, not to mention I don't get totally soaked while bathing her!  Last but not least, the best idea I ever had (other than having my baby)

We made some badass fondue per my request.  I found the recipes, I went to the store, and I prepped it all!  Although it is a lot of work it was so worth it.  Cheese fondue was swiss, gruyere, white wine, nutmeg, dry mustard, garlic, lemon juice, brandy, and corn starch.  It was so good.  The dippers were cauliflower, bread, and green apples.  For the meat I could not find a recipe on line that was not plain oil so I used oil, red wine, balsamic vinegar, portebellas, spices, and onions.  For dippers we had sirloin, chicken, broccoli, squash, & zucchini.  If you have extra time, no kid, and like a fun, entertaining meal, make this!!  We did not do dessert fondue because I like ice cream too much.  Hope everyone had a grand week and stay tuned cause tomorrow we are going to Tuscaloosa to see the "out-laws", pick out granite, and show off babes at The University Club dinner!  Good Night.



of internet makes it real hard to blog.  Yeah thats right, after 4 days without internet Charter finally sent someone out to fix our modem.  After a "no I am not paying for internet this month" and a few choice words, we are good!  Anyway I really don't have anything cool going on to blog about except for my friend Christina and I hosted my L.P.'s wedding shower.  Now once Christina and I planned this sweet, cute shower, we both got a phone call from L.P. saying she wanted a pajama party.  Wait, really?  A pajama party?  She was serious.  So after some further discussing with my parter in hosting we went all out.  Redneck style.  I'm talkin' girls & gays only, pajamas strictly enforced, presents required and bring your own jager.  I got to the house around 4 and made a veggie tray, Christina made some awesome pound cake sammies with nutella and sliced strawberries and mini muffelettas!  I am telling you now, we will be having these for dinner soon and I will post the simple recipe!  We had a bunch of beer and wine in a cooler, and a table full of snacks.  The guests arrived around 6 and the party kicked off.  Everyone had snacks then we ordered 4 pizzas and pigged out!  Ya'll this was HILARIOUS!  Picture this, 15 girls age 20-40 in p.j.'s, 10 gay guys in tight p.j.'s and a WASTED 19 year old girl that will remain unnamed.  But I was totally gonna show her to you in the video cause I'm mean like that but I recorded it sideways and can't rotate it...  I had to leave shortly after the "booty" dancing began because you know, I have a kid and all but all in all it was a great party/shower!  It was exactly what she wanted so that is whats important.
These are a few pics, the Nutella pound cake sandwich I ate before the party, our cute table before food came out, and my baby girl making a pretty good attempt at the sippy!  I know I said I had nothing to blog about but John just made the BOMB.com dinner!! Korean spicy steak with kimchi fried rice!  It was amazing!
Have a good week!


4 month well baby

Man it feels good to be able to say that.  We had our 4 month check up today.  Scarlet a.k.a fat self is up to 15lbs 10oz.  She has grown 2.5 inches in a month!  Dang!  She is in 75th for weight, 90th for height, and 50th for dome size.  We got the go ahead on baby food and are starting that tomorrow due to our stupid effing day today.  (Think, dad is in hospital, baby up at 6:30am, a flat tire, a car that fell off a jack, an hour trip to SAMS for a tire and a doc appt.  Shoot me now)  All of that being said, my family and I are alive so I am thankful.  Here are some snippets from stupid day that were made fun with fat self!
She had her first time ever cart seat ride!  She loved it.  John found an awesome chair.

I know, its awful.  She got sooooo red.  Anyway, movers come Thursday and I can attepmt to have a normal, functioning home...Yeah right, in a year maybe.  



Well we have officially moved in.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't unpacked a thing other than necessities and we still have several mover trucks worth of crap at old house but we have been sleeping here since Friday.  It is so awesome!! The babe loves it, we love it, and it seems that our friends do too!  We have had company since we got here(and loved it!)  We had a great Saturday night, family was in town, we move the EGG and grilled 6 slabs of heaven/ribs. We all ate too much, drank too much and stayed up too late but we had fun!  All in all I am POOPED.  To tired to blog, play, move and pretty much do anything.  Ya'll have a good week and 4 month stats coming at ya tomorrow!!
Weagle Weagle
War Damn Eagle

Kick em' in the butt Big Blue!!! HEY!



I had to do this

I love the ass-grabbing, I love the happiness, I love that I married my best friend.

Daddy Love

He loves her so much, and she does the same.  Watching this is indescribable.  To me at least.

Yeah, I told you.  He is so sweet with her, it makes me smile.  We have had a fun, BUSY week!!
We should be sleeping in the new house by Friday night.  On that note, you won't hear from me for a minute cause War Damn Eagle starts this weekend!  Have a great one and pics of the new carpet and paint to come!!