Y'all the lady from CSN has not contacted me about the giveaway I am doing so I cannot pot a winner yet.  As soon as I hear from her I will...This just gives more time to enter!! Have a fun weekend and WAR DAMN EAGLE!!


What the

    I have been busy as a bee lately.  Mainly because I cannot stop watching this HILARIOUS video by my fellow blogger over at The Spohrs are Multiplying.  She has a super cute little girl and if you need a laugh or just wanna have a silly song stuck in your head for WEEKS the watch that video!  Moving on, baby & I went to sisters for her husbands surprise 30th b'day bash.  My dad & I (and some guy) put together a BIG ole' Primo grill and we all hid out on the porch with it until he came home from work.
  His face was priceless.  We all had a blast, cooked, ate more than should be legal, and didn't sleep.  Thats right, my sweet, sleeping baby went buck wild on Friday night and decided to give newborn-ness a shot again.  It sucked bad.  She was up at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 3, and then slept until 6.  That was real fun, me and sissy were pulling sister wives at one point.  Both in the bed with her husband and my child.  The 3 of us were crying and brother-in-law was sawing logs.  What is is with dudes and the ability to NOT hear a baby cry?  I'm jealous!  She did sleep Saturday night (thank God) and now that we are home she is doing just fine.  Since my last post, baby has started MDO.  She is going 3 days a week from 9:30-1:30 3 days a week.  In turn, I am back at work, doing the catering's and cleaning since once again, guys have the ability to not look at anything below eye-level resulting in a terribly dirty restaurant.  Baby's teacher said she has been an angel :) at school!  Napping for 2 hours when she gets there then pretty much sitting and watching the other babies crawl and play!
In other news, we have a house guest.  We are so tired of him and he has only been here for like a week.  Want to see him?
Yeah gross right?  See the thing is, if I never saw this guy he wouldn't bother me but oh no, this guy is brave, real brave.  I'm talking comes out during the day kinda brave.  Just today he came out of his hole, DODGED the sticky trap and went under the dishwasher to play.  Broad daylight, he walks out, looks at me, then scurries back under.  So I barricade him in with traps and wait.  That is what I doing now, I have set up camp where I can see if he comes out.  GROSS!  Have you guys seen the movie Mouse Hunt?  It is hilarious, but not when you are living it.  
Let me wrap this up by telling you guys to GO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY for a $40 gift card!!!  Hurry up, it ends on Friday!  


En route

In the car for a 4 hour ride "somewhere"... With my mom, dad, & screaming child. Now the mom and dad part aren't bad, the screaming child is making me sorta want to dive out the half rolled down back window. Because the person we are visiting may read my blog I cant say anymore! Deets to follow...

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THis weekend was filled with this...

holy god,  

No, we didn't have fun at all.  And we didn't let those drunk people hold our kid.  NO WAY!! Not us.  My great friend came to visit with her new beau (we toats approve) all the way from Missouri.  We had an absolute BLAST.  We drank in excess, slept in excess and loved on the little one oh so much!  Not to tire us out we had a VIP wedding on Sunday that was an absolute success in every way!! My L.P. (life partner) got hitched.   More pics of that once the photog shares!!  We held the reception at our restaurant and seriously had a little to much fun!!  This is all I got for now cause no lie, me and the husb have been on the couch ALL DAY LONG (including baby some :) in order to recover.  She is starting MDO this week, yikes please? and I will be helping out at the restaurant some.  Shit, I have to get dressed tomorrow...BYE!



You guys do understand that my giveaway is for a $40 gift card, not the baby chair? You can get whatever you want I was just reviewing the chair but sounds like most think I am just giving away a baby item! Nay nay you baby-less peeps! Spread the word, you can pick anything you want off any of the 200+ CSN stores. Just wanted to clear that up...go enter

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CSN Stores

rocks my face, seriously.  CSNstores.com asked me to do a review for them on an item of my choice!!  Woot Woot!! I picked a super cute baby seat (duh, baby) and although lil bit is too small for it now, she will love it soon!  I know this because cousin Emma wore this thing out this weekend!! I chose the P'kolino Silly Soft Seat! This is a cute little bugger that makes all kinds of fun!! Not only is it a chair, a foot stool and a chair/ table/ foot stool, the covers are machine washable and it is made of magical tempur-pedic like material!  I'm telling you now, if my terrorist of a niece cannot "F" this up, no baby can.

Well the point of this here review is that CSNstores is giving one of my lucky readers a $40 gift card to any of their many 200 online stores!! Awesome huh?  Wanna enter?
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Thats right folks!! 4 entries available for a fat daddy prize!! Good luck and the winner will be chosen via random.org on Thursday, October 28th!!!! 


Blog press

This rocks!!! I am Posting from my phone! I am quite sad the weekend has come to a end! Sister, Jason, & Emma departed around 3:30 and we miss them already! We had greatness cooked by the husband, and a lot of fun! I will add some more pics from my camera later!!

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What a big day!! Scarlet learned to roll over!!! What what!!  I was videoing for like  a minute and a half before it happened and when it did I was ready!!  So I put down the camera right after she rolled over and she did it again!  This is a big deal peeps, my baby is growing up!  On another note, this is the day for milestones.  My friend Jamie's babe got a tooth between her house and mine, like it came through the skin in the 5 minute drive.  Then she sat herself up.  All in one day.  These babies better sleep good!  I have a review to do tomorrow on a cutie toy I received from CSN stores so be sure you check it out...there may be a giveaway!
And I swear she got on her side all by herself, I just wasn't prepared with the camera!


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The lovey giveaway has come to a close, only because I forgot about it and my sister asked me when I was gonna pick a winner.  Well we had a WHOPPING 8 entries (seriously why do I even bother) and the lucky winner of a very special orange and blue lovey for their piggy baby is my dear friend Grizaham.  Yippee Erik-face!!! Give me a few weeks for Momma Cary to knit away a good sized love-ly and I will get it sent to ya!  Give that snuggly gut a smooch from me and see y'all at Thanksgiving!!  :)