Drop it like it's hot.

I have been such a slacker!! It is funny what things become important when you are 39 weeks pregnant and for some reason, blogging isn't one of them.  Of course, we had the Grand Opening of our new restaurant on Monday so that kind of trumped me being pregnant.  We had a ribbon cutting with the chamber of commerce as well as a friends & family night that was tons of fun.  We have great supporters in our families as well as community which makes all of the difference in the world.  We opened our very own franchise of Salsarita's!

  It went off without a hitch which is more than I can say for the rest of this week but all in all it is going great.  I am trying to stay clear of the place because being there makes me want to work. (and eat the cookies)  Working requires me to walk around a lot and I have been told that a lot of people walk around to get labor started.  Well folks unlike some people, I AM NOT ready to have this baby yet!  Oops, I know, but I am just not.  I don't feel like I have gotten everything done.  Even though I can't think of anything else to do (like pack my hospital bag) I just don't feel ready.  I realize this is not really up to me though, she will come when she is ready.  Speaking of her coming, she has dropped down like a load of bricks these past few days.  I had this underboob thing going on that was like a fat roll or something and it is now gone.  Also I can breathe while laying on my back which I haven't been able to do in quite sometime!  Check her out!


Ha!  I can't help but laugh!  So really I should probably get ready to have a baby huh?  I feel like I was more ready 4 weeks ago than I am now.  Oh well!  My sister will be coming here to help (thank god) me through labor so hopefully I can hold out until a Friday so she can be here all weekend!! I will have her post for me when this HUGE event finally takes place but for now I am done!  Hope you guys have a great week!


My very First!

Thats right folks I won an award!  My very first blog award, as a matter of fact, I think this may be my very first award ever!  Unless you count the swim team ribbons I used to win but I think we all got those no matter what we placed.  Sad I know, but I'm sure I will be receiving my Super Mom award soon. (Ha yeah right!)  Sister @ The Edwards Edition passed this award on to me and I didn't even wait on her comment to type this up because I got so excited about it!  Once again this is my first time so if I do this wrong... get over it.


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The 12 people I chose make me feel "sunny" when I read their blogs so here goes!

~ Katie @ Bower Power
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~ MckMama @ MckMama
~ Sarah @ Spoonful

Enjoy ladies!  Thanks Sister for my award!


I think so too!

Sitting at home on my weekend alone I keep checking my google reader... MckMama has a most wonderful blog and man did she turn my boring night a little bit around!  Her post is about home schooling her oldest son.  Whether I agree or disagree is irrelevant, she just had a lot of GREAT things to say along with Jen Klein whom I had not heard of until now.  You can read her CNN article if you click on her name!  Now I will be the first to admit that I judge other moms and I am not even a mom yet.  I hear myself saying or thinking these things about other parents  (not just moms) and this just really made me think, why do I do it?  I am never going to be a "perfect" mom and things I may do could certainly have you talking but I think what this really did was make me STOP and think.  It is not up to me how you parent, it does not matter to me how you parent, I should not care if you do it "this" or "that: way so thats it.  I'm gonna go ahead and opt out of this "mommy mafia" because to be honest, it is your child!!  DO WHAT YOU WANT!!  And with that I will share!!

As Jen Klein writes in her recent article onCNN.com, "When we have any kind of insecurity about our own parenting decisions, pointing fingers at the choices and parenting decisions of others is the easiest thing to do."
"C'mon, you've done it. You judged another mom on her choices, maybe even a close friend. You likely felt a little guilty about it -- but the judgment was still there. The way moms -- well, women in general but especially moms -- judge one another is one of those dirty little secrets of mommy social structure, and it's not so secret.

Being a mom is incredibly hard work, and there's no way to be absolutely sure you are doing it right. Kids don't come with instruction manuals and checklists. There is no annual performance review with incentive awards for successes and improvement plans for less-than-successes.

For many of us, it will be decades before we have a real sense of how we did as a mom.

Amid that incredible level of uncertainty in this oh-so-vital job, it's no wonder we look to other moms for support, reassurance -- and maybe some smug self-satisfaction.

Insecurity about our own efforts combined with the appearance (good or less-than-good) of others' efforts makes conditions ripe for judgment and lashing out. Even among close friends, it's easy to slide into this not-at-all productive dynamic -- whether we want to admit it or not. Best friends or worst enemies -- or both -- the social dynamic among moms is a complicated, two-faced beast. It's the "mommy mafia."

Ah, yes, the mommy mafia. Enforcers of local social structures and norms and judgers of all who dare to do things differently. The mommy mafia can be brutal.

There's a little bit of the mommy mafia in each of us. Throw in one or a dozen of the hot-button issues in parenting today, and it's a potentially combustible situation -- the makings of a mommy mafia turf war!

Working-outside-the-home or stay-at-home, breast or bottle, cloth diapers or disposable, organic or processed, public school or home school, or any one of a myriad of topics from pregnancy to adulthood.

You make your decisions and hope you got them right, but a friend or a "frenemy" makes a comment or gives you the stink-eye and you doubt your decisions all over again -- or you're the one making the comments or giving the eye to a mom who dared to do it differently from you.

When we have any kind of insecurity about our own parenting decisions, pointing fingers at the choices and parenting decisions of others is the easiest thing to do. It deflects attention from issues in our own parenting situation that might rightly need more personal thought and attention. Whether we are convinced that one way is the right way -- or we are still trying to convince ourselves that our decision is the right one -- it's base insecurity that drives this lashing out, this mommy mafia on display.

The mommy mafia, however, is more about perception than anything else. The enforcers are real, but the basis on which we enforce is myth: the myth of the perfect mom, something none of us will attain.

Here's the thing: We're all figuring it out as we go along. Every last one of us. There is no single right way to parent and we all parent differently by necessity -- and none of us are perfect. We all have a different set of circumstances, different strengths and weaknesses, and a different set of lenses through which we make decisions for ourselves and on behalf of our families. From the ones you have judged to the ones who have judged you, we're all doing the best we can, imperfections and all.

And if we all did parent exactly the same way? Sure, the noise around parenting issues would be much quieter, but it would also be a much more boring world. But those differences don't have to slide into mommy mafia turf, either. Learning to accept that we're all different and imperfect as parents is hard, however, especially when we want so much to do a great job.

It starts with accepting ourselves and the choices we have made. We each make a set of choices based on our life, knowledge, resources, and the information before us. No two sets of circumstances are exactly the same either, even within the same family -- and when you are making decisions for your family, the response of the local mommy mafia should be the last thing on your mind.

Once we get to personal acceptance, it's a short hop to real support of one another as moms. Banish the mommy mafia and reject the turf wars. Be the best mom you can be, but accept your imperfections and just keep working at it. You'll likely find you are more resilient and have less need to lash out -- and that's just plain good parenting."

Everything Hi-lighted is taken from MckMama @ www.mycharmingkids.net/

I'm gonna go back to blog stalking now so as some idiot on t.v. said "Do You!"  Don't judge!


No news is good news

Let me start by saying, sorry this has slowly become the boring, once weekly, baby blog but lets be honest, I am 37 weeks pregnant.  What the hell else do I have to talk about?  Right... NOTHING!  It is all a waiting game from here on out.  The room is done, my bag is packed, the car seat is in.  We are only missing one thing, and that is the baby.  I had my 37 week check-up today.  Blood pressure is fine and babys heartbeat is great.  The nurse asked me if had been having contractions.  "Well as a matter of fact nurse I had them ALL night last night, why do you ask?"  She then tells me to take off my pants.  I said "dang it, so if I had not been having them I could stay dressed?"  She said, "yup but too late now, you already said you were"... Me and my big mouth!  Doctor checked me and said I am still closed but I am soft, whatever that means.  He then proceeded to poke and say, "feel that?"  (Here is where that inner monologue kicks on in my head)  Well yeah I feel that, your hand is inside me Doc.  "That is her head."  I'm sorry what?  And he poked it a few times.  WEIRD.  I mean doesn't  he know she has a soft spot?  So anyway, that was the extent of it.  John got the o.k. to go to the BBQ competition and I got the o.k. to sit on my rear ALL weekend!  Even though I miss John the minute he walks out the door I can't help but be excited about a full Saturday of lifetime movies, Gilmore Girls, and junk food!  On another note, I know alot of you are Menu Monday, Weight Watchin', Vegetarians and although I am not any of those I made an awesome salad tonight to go along with our grilled chicken and leftover twice baked potato!  It was simple and oh so good!  All I did was roast 2 ears of corn (in a grill pan) then cut it off the cob.  I halved some cherry tomatoes and diced a bit of white onion very small and put all of this in a bowl.  In a blender I put some rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper, a small bunch of basil, a squirt of dijon mustard and some olive oil then blended until it was...blended.  I tasted it and had to add a bit more mustard and oil, I got carried away with the vinegar.  According to John it should be 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil.  Good to know!  So I blended again and tasted and then poured a little over the salad.  I did not mix it until right before we ate it and be sure not to put a whole bunch, you don't want it swimming in the dressing. So here it is before dressing.

And here on the plate with some yummy chicken and the leftover potato!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!  


My point of view

37 weeks is here!!  John is going out of town this weekend so lets hope things stay put! (like baby)  Well I say he is going out of town but I have a doctors appt on Thursday so we will see how that goes before he goes to compete in the "Bodagetta  BBQ Competition!"  He and his cousin Matt are heading to Auburn to go up against the best of the best and hopefully win some money honey!!  Thought I would share the belly as of late! 
Excuse the iphone quality photo.  Here is my current belly!

What is this you may be asking yourself?  Well folks, this is the view of my feet at 37 weeks pregnant.  Oh whats that?  You can't see them?  Yeah, I haven't seen them either in about 5 months!  

Ok this cracks me up.  This is my belly obviously.  This is my point of view these days.  I am sitting on the couch, feet propped up and looked down at my little girl swimming around in my belly and had to take a picture!  For whatever reason since being pregnant I have grown this light blonde fur on my tummy, you can see it standing up here.  I knew being pregnant was weird but belly hair?  Eew!  Lets hope it goes away promptly after, not that I will be in a 2 piece for awhile ever.

Thats all for now!  More after the doctor on Thursday!


The Baby Shower!

Saturday was a BLAST!  We had our last baby shower and it was wonderful!  I got to spend the morning with sweet, beautiful, ladies and got completely covered in baby loot!  Seriously ya'll, more stuff than we ever knew we needed or wanted and then some.  I ate like I had never eaten because the ladies were sure to have all things that I LOVE!  Just what a preg girl that really shouldn't gain anymore weight needs...the doc is gonna love me this week!  See for your selves!


Ya'll I was in hog heaven!!  I absolutely LOVE opening presents!  Like seriously if John ever gets a present and I don't, he lets me open it because I just love it!  Now back to the food, it was awesome and my sister and I have realized that we don't have a pic of the table when it was full but I got a few before!!  My aunt had  a precious cake made with the invitation and we also had a ton of baby bites.  For those not lucky enough to know, baby bites are a little taste of heaven, like a dense little mini cake.  I think I ate 12 of them.

My lovely cake! (excuse the address mark out)

Aren't these beautiful!!

Another precious arrangement!

My mom, my MIL, my love, me, & my sis!

So here is where I started the opening at noon.  This went on for around 2 hours.  

About 100 presents later!! I was being rushed and felt like I was about to pass out from sugar overdose!

Oh did I forget to mention...do you guys want to see what I got?  Oh yeah, its true, I got it.  If you will notice my mom behind me and her face!  I thought she was about to punch me in the head when I opened this gift but since my MIL, Johns aunt, Johns grandmother, and a dear family friend were the givers and they were attending the party, she had no choice but to smile for me!!

What is it you may ask?  Well duh!  This is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake society satchel!  Isn't it perfect!! It is so cute and big and packed for baby already!!  SO needless to say, I kinda love it!  
The afternoon went on and sister came over to help us unpack ALL of the baby magic.  Seriously 2 SUV's full!  I finally got her room cleaned up today and everything put away.  Now I am off to fold the 3 loads of baby clothes and hopefully I will get them finished before little lady decides to make her appearance!  I hope you guys enjoyed my baby shower as much as I did and to everyone that was a part of it, THANK YOU!! You have no idea how much it meant to us!


THe Un-Dressed Visit

Proceed with caution if you are a guy or if you have a weak stomach...

So, 36 weeks today!! Woohoo, 4 to go!  I had the dreaded doctors appointment today.  I really cannot describe how uncomfortable the stirrup visits make me.  I don't know why, I mean these people look at V's all dang day and for whatever reason I am still TERRIFIED of them!  Let's start from the beginning!  Of course I get weighed, I have gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks.  Hmmm I was told most people don't gain in the end?  Obviously I am not most people.  I proceed to pee in the cup and get my finger pricked.  The nurse then tells me that my doctor is out of the office today.  My exact words, "WHAT? so not only do I have get fisted, I have to get fisted by a STRANGER?"  Dr. Woods, she says, "Oh even better, the old guy that I have seen once."  OK ugh, I return to the waiting room to inform my husband of these shennanigans all while he is watching The Masters from his phone, very concerned I can assure you.  Finally we get called back to our room.  The nurse comes in and listens to babies heartbeat, which is great, then hands me a paper towel and tells me to put it on.  Alright, pants off, paper towel covering me and John sitting in the corner...watching the Masters.  So doctor comes in feels my belly and lays me back.  Into the stirrups I go, the dreaded stirrups.  Now apparently you have to get a V strep test.  I'm sorry what?  You can get strep of the V?  Why didn't anyone tell me this?  Not that this was any big deal, a quick swab with a Q-tip was all that was, then without any warning he says, "and one in the back."  Yeah you heard me right, one in the back, a Q-tip...in the back.  What the hell??  It was quick and painless but can a girl get some warning?  Like maybe a quick talk, nice to see ya, I am going to be placing a Q-tip here AND here, not just go for it.  I mean really?  So I am still FEARING this so called trauma I am about to endure.  Ya'll I was convinced he was about to dislocate my pelvis and go elbow deep, seriously.  Well I will have to say I was pleasantly surprised, not that anything could be very pleasant after the butt Q-tip, but it was honestly no worse than any V doctor visit.  Just a quick in and out, push on the belly and thats it.  Baby is head down and I remain closed.  I was stunned, you mean thats it?  You mean you aren't going to hurt me and make me bleed?  Nope, that was it!  He said baby will probably weigh around 7-8 lbs and we were on our way.  So we go back next week, and I have to get un-dressed again.  Ugh, I hate it but what can ya do!  But really girls, it wasn't that bad.  I have to say I was terrified for nothing.  I mean being on display is bad, but the exam was quick and painless and I am happy to know baby is right where she should be!  Here is a quick 36 week pic.

  More to come after the baby shower Saturday!!  I can't wait!


36 weeks, Easter, & PBO's

Man oh Man have we had A LOT going on!!  Excitement is abound as I have my 36 week check-up on Thursday.  I am nervous, this is my "un-dressed" visit.  UGH!!  How many times have I been told this is worse than actually having the baby!! Oh I will go with 30.  Apparently I am getting fisted, I don't know about you guys but this will be a first for me and although I am normally excited about trying new things...this is not one of them.  Then again I have this huge hope that I am going to go in and he is gonna say, "Oh my Sarah, we must have been wrong, you are going to have a baby in a week and a half!" And I say, "Hmmm sounds like a plan Dan!"  That really is his name.  So really about this doc visit, can you guys give me some insider info on how bad it really is?? You know, to me its bad enough that at 36 weeks you can't do much "grooming" or even see your downstairs for that matter and I have to let a stranger in?  Ugh I am freaking out!  Enough about that, I can assure you you can read all about how it went after the fact!  Let's move on to Easter!! What a great day!  We were so lucky to spend the day with my parents as well as Johns and man did we have fun.  Not much other than over eating took place.  Although I think my previous Easter blog worked because we racked up on some Reese eggs, jelly belly's, malted eggs, tiny bubble gums, hershey kisses and let me not forget, PEEPs!!  John and I brought the prime rib and dessert.  I deleted the prime rib pic but to quote a guy it was total "meat porn."  Instead of telling you how awesome the cake was, I will show you!  We made this FROM SCRATCH and for those of you that do not know me, I don't bake!  Well I didn't but apparently I can.  Now if I can just get my hands on a kitchen aid mixer I will be set!!  This is a White Chocolate cake with Lemon Cream.  I saw it on the Woman's Day cover in Publix and found the recipe online.

Me & John in Moms kitchen!

My sexy husband!

I'm not really sure why but these are the only pictures we took all day!  That is very unlike us but whatev.  Moving right along.  What, you might ask is a PBO.  Well my friends as of last week my husband & I bought a restaurant so we are now PROUD BUSINESS OWNERS!  For real!  I am so excited!  I will not divulge too much now because I want to do a major post on it once we get open.  I am a slight bit bummed out because our open date is April 26th which is oh like 10 days from my due date.  This stinks because I want to be all up in it ya'll!  I want to work and see all of our guests and do all the PBO stuff but I am afraid it may be put on hold for me, for awhile at least.  See I have worked at this restaurant for the past 2 years and John has for the past year so everyone has been waiting on us to buy and get open and now it is possible that I will not be there.  Oh well, I guess babies are kind of a big deal and they will understand!  (More on this later!)

I have a big rest of the week planned and can't WAIT to share!! My sis will be here tomorrow and we have a zoo outing planned with the niecy on Friday!!  I'm afraid I may have a whole post of pics after that! I haven't seen her since Christmas!  Maybe I haven't mentioned before but she is the cutest thing EVER!  This is her last week!

 Saturday is my baby shower and I am soooooo excited!!  I can't wait to see everyone and hopefully get all of the needed baby things that I don't have!  Seriously, if I had a baby tomorrow she would be wearing a dress as a diaper cause we have NOTHING!  Don't ask why I thought we should not buy stuff and just "hope" it shows up on our doorstep, good plan.  Not to mention I know some major food will be present and lets be honest, I haven't missed a meal lately.  For now I'm out, my baby is trying to jump out through my belly button and the moose tracks ice cream is calling my name!