Dude we had fun this new years, I was not pregnant. We have a beautiful child. I'd say 2010 was good. No, great. We had junk food dinner, cheap champagne, watched football, and played. We had a good damn time!! Hope you did too!

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Wanted: spare house...

to store all our shit.  Seriously ya'll, our house is absurd.  We do not live in a small house, we live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house and after ONE Christmas with a child we need a bigger one!!  Time to purge!  Sister came over today to help me unpack some of the 2 car loads of stuff we seemed to accumulate in a day and we got a lot done, but not enough!  Baby girl had a grand old time ALL week, yeah thats right, we have not been home since last Wednesday.  We are so blessed and had such a blast with both of our families, we got tons of cool gifts and are just having fun going through them and playing!  Baby got so much I put a lot of the older toys away until later just to save space!  Anyway I just wanted to share some pics because all I really have to say is, "GOOD Night!"


All I want

I am so thankful this year, I am so lucky this year.  I know luck isn't real but I believe it.  I have such a great family, I have a healthy baby, I have a house, and food, and a job and love and last but most certainly not least, I have luck.  Good luck.  No, I am not bragging, I am reassuring myself.  I have come across 2 babies this month that have my heart (other than my own babe) and it couldn't be any heavier for these girls.  Both named Scarlet, of some sort.  One is Scarlette, one is Scarlett Grace.  These girls are not ok, for the moment they are sick, and need your prayers.  Just please take the time to read their stories, give them your reassurance, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  To whoever or whatever you pray to.  I don't care, these families need it.  Much more than I need boots or perfume, much more than you  need gift cards, or money.  They need a prayer for life.  Spread their stories because in all times now is the best "the more the merrier."  And I don't want to imagine a "Merry" day in the hospital but if I had to I would want to do it with one of these mommies.  Much love and prayers to you all :)  Happy Christmas.
(this is my baby, do not steal her picture)
And for the record, all I want for Christmas is what I have, a healthy family.



I am so excited for Christmas this year.  No, I am not getting (nor giving) the perfect gift.  No, we don't have exotic plans.  I am excited because I feel like this may be the most simple Christmas I have ever and will ever have.  In the past I have always gone over the top.  I spend too much money and over all just do TOO much!  We go too many places, we eat too much and we don't have to do it this year.  I imagine that over the next few years, as babes gets older, I will want to give her the Christmas my parents gave us.  I will want her to be excited for the big family dinner at our house with all the cousins.  Although I'm excited for all of that, I am even more pumped that this year, we are takin it easy.  We are giving homemade gifts, we are only going to Johns parents and my parents houses, we are not having the traditional dinner at moms.  I'm a little nervous about the dinner thing but we are making fried turkey, Frank Stitt's Mac N' Cheese, green beans, deviled eggs, & caramel custard.  The fried turkey is my BIL's idea and he and John are so thrilled to drop a large bird into hot oil, I'm scared.  John and I are making the mac cause it is sooooo good at this restaurant.  Mom is making good ole homestyle green beans with ham!! She is also making deviled eggs cause we are ALL obsessed and she makes the best :)  So what are your Christmas plans?  Going big or taking it easy this year?

We made fried chicken for the first time, OHMYGOD why have we never done this!!  Sissy and my niece are cute~!
 We went to Auburn game in Atlanta last weekend.  This guy was serious and he was soooo cute.  I love old people and marching bands.  Speaking of marching bands, we got to see the entire Atlanta Christmas parade.  Holy God I love marching bands and I got to see like 456 of them.  I was about in tears I was smiling so big.  Hope you all have a great weekend!



I got lucky enough to come across a tweet today from Megan @ In this Wonderful Life.  She has a most beautiful angel baby who just turned 6 months old.  The reason I am telling you this is because I saw this tweet, that she was praying for a baby, and I had to look.  Now I have been reading Megan for quite sometime, she has gone through more than anyone I know but she is so heart-warming, so positive, so beautiful of a person.  So I clicked on that link, and I just sat here and cried.  A baby.  With the same name as my baby, was just born a month ago at 26 weeks.  A 1lb baby.  A sweet little girl who needs so much prayer.  How did I get so lucky?  That's all I can say?  How is this not my baby?  Thank you God for my healthy girl and Thank YOU for watching over these sweet ones who aren't so healthy, be it Cohen, Scarlette, and any other little one.  Whether these babes are here on earth or not, they are here in their momma's hearts and anyone else that knows them.  Megan, I wish nothing but the best for you and I know you & Brent will have a sweet baby to be here on earth & a sibling to Cohen soon enough!  You deserve a blessing!  And KA, I cannot imagine what you are going through but with your strong heart and Scarlette's strong hands, she will be a "big girl" before you know it!!   



Dude, we have been missing for quite sometime now.  I have had trouble blogging for fear that I might explode with some major news!  Some major baby news!! Not me, you can put your barf bags down.  But my sister over at The Edwards Edition is expecting Baby #2!! I have had to wait and wait to blog, tweet, facebook, or even talk about this and I am BEYOND happy to become an aunt to another sweet babe!!  Love you sissy.
Hmmm what else has been going on?  We went to Nashville for our yearly drunk fest Thanksgiving.  Had an absolute blast/ the worst hangover I have had since week long stays in Panama City in high school.  Thank god I had mom & aunt Suzy to pawn the babes off on and catch up on some well needed rest.  Scarlet did GREAT this trip which makes me not so terrified to travel with her.  She slept 7-7:30 EVERY night, even when we moved her sleeping body from Grannies to the hotel!  I bought a baby monitor app so that while she slept we could hang in cousins room or at the bar.  I know, we are ghetto, but that's how our family rolls.  Scarlet LOVED Thanksgiving dinner, she has sweet potatoes, stuffing, & broccoli casserole.  She also has sprouted her first tooth!  I can feel it, it has broken the skin, but it is not a cute little tooth yet so I am excited for that!
On another note, Auburn won!! Weagle.  John and I are going to Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Championship game and cannot wait!!  The 2 grandma's will have baby girl so we are going to cheer our team to victory (hopefully) AND have a baby free weekend!! I will NOT know what to do with myself!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  What are y'alls traditions?  Is your Christmas tree up? (mine is!)  Now, hop on over to The Edwards Edition and congratulate my sis!
Little one in her Thanksgiving digs (made by my mom)

The soon to be big sis, her cousin, and her growing sibling!!!