Remember that one blog, that last one where I thought we were well. I'm calling bullshit. Scarlet has had diarrhea 6 times since 4 and puked in my parents kitchen floor. Slit my wrists now please.

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Sickness and some lipstick

We have had one HELL of a past week.  Last Thursday the babe had a slight fever at school (99.8) so I thought after school on Friday I would go ahead and take her to the doc so we didn't have to go into the weekend with and sickness.  A) because my sis and her babe were coming into town, B) cause Urgent Care SUCKS, & C) cause John a.k.a. Daddy was leaving Sunday for 2 weeks for work.  2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS I have to care for a child by myself for 2 whole weeks.  No way I was going to let her get sick!  So we go to the doc, doc says she is fine.  No ear infection, no strep, no RSV & no more fever.  Sweet.  Sister arrives, we have fun.  Now for the recap.  Saturday Emma (sisters babe) has diarrhea ALL DAY LONG.  Scarlet had Nickelodeon green slime snot that looks like 2 radioactive slugs coming out of her nose ALL DAY LONG.  Sunday John leaves.  Scarlet wakes up at 9pm with a fever and crying, I give her tylenol and she goes right back to sleep but as I walk out to the living room I find my sister puking in the sink.  The sink.  The kitchen sink.  Eeew.  We think we are hungover and forget it.  We both wake up Monday with diarrhea from hell and I HAD to come into work to get a project out so sister watches the kids.  I take Scarlet back to the doctor cause I am SURE this has turned into an ear infection.  Sike.  It hasn't.  Doc says she is fine?  We resume life on Tuesday.  Enter 4am Wednesday morning when I wake up to Scarlet coughing.  I look at the monitor right as she sits up and pukes IN HER HAND.  I run in, clean her up and try to get her to sleep with me.  Yeah right.  So we get up then I throw up, then she throws up, then I call in reinforcements (a.k.a. the best Mother In Law EVER, be jealous) and we lay around all day.  Then there is today, we woke up well and I finally got to sport my new lipstick that I bought Sunday.  I have been waiting to wear it until I was well cause I don't wear lipstick and I needed to feel good about it.  I just decided I am going to sport some seriously bright lips for the remainder of my life.  At all times.  And I'm diggin it.  Here is some pics.
 So what are the thoughts?  Do I look like a creep?  Do you wear lipstick?  
 See that line going up my nose? I always get the dumbest face cuts.  Once I cut my chin open while switching from one armpit to the other (shaving em' duh).  This one, I was biting a plastic tag off my headband rather than get up and cut it.  It slit my nose open then bled.  Awesome.
 Does this kid look sick to you?  I think she was just being sure I could hang without Daddy!
And just because she is perfect :)   Oh and my boss just said my hair is orange.  WTF?  I was all confident in my new lips feelin all hot... Shit, total face palm.