Check In

I am currently in paradise. I might blog, I might not. I will however attend The Hangout Music Festival, eat a lot, drink too much, go on the boat, take Scarlet swimming and all around have fun! We are so blessed to have our little piece of heaven down here in Orange Beach and I'm gonna enjoy each second of it! Have a great weekend peeps! I'll officially be back around June 10th...

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A lot!

We have had a lot going on!!  Other than me re-finding my hobby of art, we got robbed.  We had a baby sitter Saturday night and went to a crawfish boil, the one night (as of late) that we have had to sleep in and do nothing was rudely interrupted by our G.M. at the restaurant calling to tell me that someone had thrown a brick through our glass door.  Awesome.  After dealing with that ( as well as the headache from Saturday) I started painting my sisters painting she asked me to make for her little soon to be boy!  I realized again that I am not totally artistically challenged.  I am selling these paintings for cheaper than you can find em' on Etsy.  E-mail me if you are interested!  I can do any colors and patterns, this is just what I have done in the past couple days!

Yeah that is our restaurant door...  The next is baby girl.  She has decided to grow molars.  Ugh, luckily we have a really easy teether.  It is still a pain to have her so needy but she is not near as bad as I have been told they will be!  Night my pretties, I am about to be off to the beach for 3 weeks!! Hahaahhaaaaaaa Maybe I will find time to blog while I am there!
And, I will be an aunt (again) when I return so please keep my sissy in your prayers and her little girl and soon to be little boy!! Can't wait to have a nephew!



I really wanna blog babes birthday party but seeing as how I was running around all crazy like, I don't have the pics!  I should be more honest, she had a birthday week!  Duh!  We started her day (Tuesday) out with a good nap, dressing up, and eating Salsarita's for lunch.  Followed by a sweet little cake from our "sister wives," Ama & Jpress.  She got all up in the cake and I had to HOSE HER OFF in the kitchen at the restaurant.  No really I did.  Wednesday, Ama and I took Letta bear on adventures!  We went to world market to get in things and Target to get supplies for the actual birthday party (Saturday.)  I'm just gonna share these pics before I do a complete photo bucket from the party!  We had so much fun and so did everyone else! :)  Hope you all are having a great week!

Bye for now, keep an eye out for us later this week!  Also please keep the folks affected by the April 27th tornadoes in your constant thoughts.  We are working hard to recover!


A Letter

Oh me, where do I start? I know everyone does this but I couldn't help myself.
My dearest baby,
Scarlet you are one year old today. I can't believe it has been a year since we brought you home and had no idea what we were in for. We didn't know about the lack of sleep, the poop, the crying at all hours. We didn't know the love that you were bringing into our lives on that day! A lot has happened in your first year of life. You went from a non sleeping screamer to the happiest, best baby we have ever seen! And not just us, other people say it to. You have a constant smile on your face even when you have "mom-itis". You sleep a lot and i am happy about that! Your bedtime is at 7 and you get up around 7:15. You like your naps most days but sometimes you sit and play in the crib ALL NAP LONG! You laugh and talk all day long. You have a big vocabulary for a 1 year old. So far you say Bye-bye, hi, hey, no no, mama, dada, uh oh, and baw (ball). You are a smart girl! Not quite walking but getting closer everyday. You have decided that you can get around just fine crawling!  Well just last night you took your first load of wobbly steps!   Angel I can't believe a year has gone by this fast, I wish I could pause time and keep you little for a little longer. Me and your dad love you so much and baby you will never understand, until you have one of your own. Love you sweet girl!

(Sorry, I really didn't mean to say "shit" and I don't know how to edit it...)