OK so as I type this I am practicing a new tactic.  Scarlet seems to think that now that she is a grown-up, she can nap for like an hour in the morning and she doesn't have to nap anymore.  She thinks wrong.  If you think that 13 months is a good age to go to one nap, know now that I disagree.  Yes she sleeps 12 hours at night, yes I am happy with that, and yes, if she does not nap in the afternoon she acts like a grump until bed time.  Enter new tactic.  A few weeks ago I dropped Scarlet off for her first day at summer play days.  Same school, different teacher.  I came to get her at 1:30 and she was still asleep!  I said, "so yeah, why is she asleep?"  The teacher said, well she was just playing and didn't want to nap and ya know, I don't even think she needs a nap. I felt like I had to make her nap  I said oh really?  She is a BABY.  You do make her nap.  She can't reason.  Do you care for her? No OK then I NEED HER TO NAP.  I'm sorry am I the parent or did you want to come over and take care of my child 7 days a week cause last time I checked you watch her 3 days a week for 3 hours.  SO, when you are prepared to do my laundry, wash my dishes and make dinner with her at your heels, come on over.  OK so I really didn't say that at all.  I politely told her that she needs to go down at 10:30 for a nap so that she will nap at 3.  Scarlet has taken one afternoon nap since then.  She still goes in her crib from 3-5 but she plays ya'll.  Like crazy, walks around and talks to herself, or at least I hope it is herself cause if not we have a ghost.  Anyway back to the tactic.  I asked my sis (a seasoned mom) if she would go in and lay her down at intervals and tell her to go to sleep if her child did this.  (yes her 22 month old STILL takes 2 naps) she said yes do it.   So here I am getting up every 20 minutes to go tell her to lay down. And she is still awake.  Still playing/laying.  And this has quickly turned a corner cause I just went in and said lay down, and it smells like a zoo in her room.  She has taken a giant dump.  I will bring this back for good reason.  In the following video, please substitute the word "daddy" for "mommy".  Anyone else dealing with nap revolt?



We have been living the life!  Literally!  A LONG beach trip with my parents where we spent 90% of the time at the pool, boring I know!  Yeah we had a blast.  Mom & I layed out in the sun for 4+ hours a day while babe napped.  We had a "great" trip BACK to the Orange Beach doctor to find out that she was allergic to the Amoxicillin that they had prescribed her the week before.  Nice.  She had some bumps come up that I thought were ant bites and 2 days later had turned into full blown blisters on her feet, legs and arms.  The doc came to the conclusion that it was an allergic reaction to either the Amoxicillin or shellfish, the only 2 new things she had.  So I didn't give her anymore shrimp and got her started on the steroids immediately.  After 1 dose the bumps improved!  Since John wasn't able to go with us (someone has to work!) we were super excited to get home to him.  And he missed us just as much!  We relaxed major the day me and baby got home!
From top right: Scarlet LOVED her float for about 30 minutes a day before she needed to "swim" on her own. (i.e. walk off the steps and go under : / ) She had her very first ponytail as well as first cookie from Publix!  She slept like a champ!  And as always she looked adorable even in 90 degree weather on the patio in footie p.j.'s!!
We had fun in the midst of all the madness of Hangout Music Festival.  As in I totally realized I am toooooo old for that festival shit and hung out with hubby and cuz and drank beer instead of "loved the scene."

Mom and I took Scarlet to Target for some Disney diving sticks because she loved some girls at the pool and we had to play in between finding them.  Duh.  She sure makes a cute bunny!  Doesn't it look like she is wearing a prison jumpsuit? (Thanks Jamie!) She isn't, it's a swimsuit cover up!

This was our coming home to Daddy.  So so so OH so sweet.  Sorry, redundant I know.  But I have never seen a happier boy or girl.  Parenthood is bittersweet I tell ya, it really is.  And I think I like the term "Bettersweet" a little more.  Happy weekend folks, we'll be spending ours together.  Oh & one more thing, my sister The Edwards Edition is having her 2nd addition at about 7 in the morning and I can't ask enough for special thoughts and prayers to be sent her way.  May little H.M.E. arrive safely and his Momma come out just fine.  May little Emma adjust perfectly and may I just freeze time so I can meet that boy before he turns a sweet 7 days old.  Love you sissy & can't WAIT to see you!!!