One down

Remember my post yesterday about that mouse?  I found this on my kitchen floor this morning.

Current Score: Sarah - 1, Mouse - 0.
No worries, I am keeping multiple traps out and I will keep you posted as the score changes.


He's baaaack

Last year we had a little issue, well multiple little issues.
And it wasn't only last year. It's every.winter. For the past 4 years.

We have these tiny bitches that think they can live here rent free and nibble our food pieces. They think that it's totally appropriate to scurry across the kitchen floor when I walk in from work holding a 30lb 2 year old, a purse, a jacket, a cup, a lunchbox, and a cold beer.

That's right. We have mice.

I would say mouse but we all know where there is one, there is likely 12.

Those fuckers think they are entitled to what's mine and I am here to tell you, I WILL WIN. This year I'm bringing in the big guns and you squirmy little bastards better be reading this cause I am here to stay, and you my friend, are not. Bring it on Fredrick, bring it on.

Until next time.

Hope you got your helmet sucka!!!  

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I was driving around downtown today for work and I started thinking about my car history.  Right now I have 2009 Chrysler Town & Country mini van.

It is badass, well as badass as a mini van can be. Whatever, I think it's cool. But man, I have had some laughable ones.  Let's see, the one that stands out the most is the 1981 Chevrolet Cavalier I got when my great aunt died.

This was my 2nd or 3rd cavalier. Haha, the others were at least in the 90's make! So I got this car & immediately told my dad that I didn't feel safe driving it. He told me to get over it.
The driver seat was not attached to the floor board. Re-read that sentence. Not attached.
That means when I pushed the gas I fell backwards & when I braked, I ate the steering wheel.
It also had a tendency to die when I turned left. Haha literally I would turn out across traffic and it would die, every time I turned left.
That car finally blew up when I was getting off the interstate one day.
Then I got this Ford Taurus.
A land yacht ya'll. You could tell the previous owner was proud of this thing with the flashy interior... I couldn't afford the $65 a week car payment the guy worked out with my dad (a high school buddy of his). $65 a week. I was such a dumbass. I drove this car into a stop sign, across a street and into a ditch one night after work. Thankfully I was ok even though there was a stop sign in my passenger seat. I was digging in my purse.
After that one dad and I set out yet again and found me "my dream car." Seriously I thought this Montero was the BDC and I was (supposed) to pay for it but that didn't last long, so dad did. I am spoiled. I rocked that car, it was my fave! I had it for 10 years!
I don't know what got me thinking about these cars but my car history cracks me up. I even left out a few! What was your favorite/least favorite car growing up?


Bullets & Points

  • We went to my sisters last weekend for girls time.  We had a blast and Scarlet has decided she needs a dog. Lord help me, I hate animals. I have made it clear that if a dog were to find its way into our lives it will live on a chain, next to its dog house, outside. It will never set foot in our house. I am allergic and they smell and I loathe dog hair. 
  • While at my sisters house we decided to grill out after the girls went to bed.  It is unfortunate that no one told me you have to "burp" a Big Green Egg and I now have a singed off patch of hair on the left side of my head.  Also we had been drinking when this happened (shocker) and the words "Holy shit, do I have eyebrows? Am I on fire?" came out of my mouth, still funny.
  • My kid has had a cough for 39 days.  I totally haven't been counting but that sounds about right.  Do you guys take your kid to the doctor for a cough? I don't want to.
  • After I got home from sisters My husband told me he was going hunting this weekend, I said no way am I solo parenting again this weekend so his mom is going to take her Friday night so I can have some lazy, DVR cleaning, me time. Is it bad that I am excited?
  • I can't wait until Thanksgiving, we are bunking with our friends the Grizas and will have 6 adults & 4 kids under one roof.  Holy shit her house seems really small now (and it's not). I may be bald when we leave.  I also get to pick up my iKid while we are there! Yay! 
  • Speaking of iPad, I can finally reclaim mine after Christmas because Johns parents want to get Scarlet a Kurio tablet. It looks cool and she will leave mine alone! 
  • If we do ever get a dog, it will be this one.  

  • I miss my Grannie.
  • Why is this week going sooooo slow?


Dia de los Muertas

This happened. It was time consuming and fun.

And ya'll, it was an absolute blast.  I was soooo nervous that Scarlet would be scared of my "face" but she wasn't. She told me she didn't like it at first but by nights end, she asked me to do hers the same.  Next year my girl, next year.  Tonight was the first night I have relaxed in quite sometime, like really relaxed.  I looked up, about 7:45, and realized I didn't care that it was past baby girls bedtime.  She was happy, we were happy, & shit was good.  She ate corn on the cob, mexi style. Apparently, that is covered in mayo, cheese and hot sauce.  That's my girl.  Ya'll I like weird shit but I was nervous to face paint and take my child to this.  I don't know why, I just was.  Now I know that was dumb. We all loved it and will be going back next year. The pork belly tacos didn't hurt either :).  happy weekend folks!


Tids & Bits

  • What a fun Halloween! Scarlet is finally old enough to "get it" and man did she get it! She had a blast!

  • Although that is in fact an owl costume, she was convinced she was just a pink birdie. Whatever works.
  • Although this Thanksgiving will be a lot different without Grannie, we have decided to carry on and have it at her house for one last year.  A rally if you will cause ya'll if anyone could rally, it was our Grannie.  Man we miss her. 
  • I am pretty sure I have gained 4 pounds in the last month which wouldn't be a big deal except I just ate 4 more pounds of Halloween candy at my desk before lunch.  
  • Scarlet has been telling me she wants a pink car from Santa, she has never seen a pink car.  She is in fact getting a car, but not a pink one.  A red or blue Jeep Hurricane Power wheels is in her future!
  • There was a robbery in our neighborhood. Yikes. We have been broken into before in our old neighborhood where it was more common.  Where we live now this is unheard of.  The alarm is set now and we have guns, beware robbers. 
  • Anyone jumping on that NaBloPoMo bandwagon? I can't commit to that kind of shit. 
  • Last week I thought I wanted another kid, then I realized that is gross, then I realized we can't afford 2 kids in school so there goes that thought.
  • I am getting really good at procrastinating at work & I don't like how it makes me feel but no matter what, I always find something un-workish to do like blog or facebook.
  • Can you believe it is November? What the hell? Now I get why my parents tried to tell us it was like we grew up in the blink of an eye. I can't believe another year is almost gone. :(
  • What is everyone thinking about for Christmas? I've got my eye on this beauty among other things...

  • There are no words for how excited I am about another weekend. I LOVE them.  Come on Friday!