Kids Market!

Woohoo we put some things in the "Largest Consignment Sale" ever this year so I scored an early pass to go shop.  Now I am not one of those crazy consigners thats drags multiple laundry baskets on a rope and waits in line for hours trying to get in.  I had a specific list for my early shop day that consisted of a baby gate for the living room, some more cloth diapers, and a new ergo (yeah, I sold mine like a idiot.)  About that last part, we are going to the Hangout Music Fest in May and we NEED to be able to wear the babe on our back, or else not bring her cause stroller + sand + newly walking baby = disaster.  I went in at my scheduled "early" time and got the baby gate and a few cloth diapers.  The selection for those was terrible but I got 4 for $15.  I was able to get a few outfits thanks to my MIL!  She couldn't attend the sale but gave some chedda for the babe :)  So check out my loot!
Top left: Kelley's Korner smocked Lobster bubble ($20) I normally WOULD not pay this for a used item but smocked AND in great condition I could not pass it up!  The dress next to it is so cute ya'll.  Strausburg Children and only $10!  She wore it today :)  Top right is a sweet little paisley top and ruffle diaper cover that I thought would be great for the beach.  The pink shirt is part of the bottom left set.  OK make fun of me but I LOVE these.  The shorts, the shirts, they are precious.  Beautifully made by Neige which I had never heard of  but once I felt the soft fabric I had to get em'. ($30) eek I know but for 2 shirts and shorts...not bad!  The orange gingham is a "War Eagle" pillowcase dress that I knew John would love!  So all in all, I didn't get much but I got goods!  Can't wait to see lil bit in all of em'!  We have been up to NOTHING lately.  Working and living just like everyone else.  I am slowly counting down the days to the beach... Come on May 19, come on.    Oh and I forgot to say, we demo'ed the basement this weekend.  Like no more walls, no more tile, no more nothing.  We are having it waterproofed this week ( I hope) and turning into a functional space.  I am so excited and can't WAIT to share the process/progress!


Get A New Daddy

We really like to sing this song but exchange "Daddy" for "Mommy."  Especially when we wonder why our baby has been clingy and we realize she has gotten 4 new teeth within the last month.  ( in no way am I saying that we do anything in this song, I just think it is hilarious.  If you disagree then press stop and shove off.)
Other than that not a whole lot has been going on.  Growing teeth, cleaning house, and springing break.  Looking forward to my sis and her family coming into town for their spring break and putting the girls in the baby pool!  Speaking of baby pool my little will be frequent-ing that thing this summer cause it sure wears her out enough to nap GOOD!  (New teeth and all!) They will be here for Easter as well and we are hosting this year!! YIKES.  The menu is the usual, Prime rib (by me) twice baked potatoes ( by mom) and green bean casserole ( by Jo).  Hopefully someone will be making a fab dessert...sissy.  Anyway nothing else here, have a great week and enjoy the weather!



We had a great trip to Nashville this weekend to visit my Mom's mom, Grannie Annie.  She is a sweet, dear Grannie and I am so, so glad to be able to take my little sprout up there to get to know her like my mom did for us!  Mom and I left early Saturday morning and made the quick 3 hour drive.  Scarlet slept awhile then played, ate, and watched Yo Gabba the rest of the way.  We really didn't so much of anything other than eat, drink, play with Scarlet, eat, and play cards.  Needless to say I am scared to get weighed on Thursday...  Then menu went a little something like this, Corned beef & cabbage, steak & potatoes, pizza, and vodka.  Oh and throw in a bunch of goldfish, pretzels, and maybe a box of cheez-its.  YIKES.  We had a little retail therapy at the discount store up there that rocks my world and found some goodies!  A Leap Frog table, a baby pool, a kids Crazy Creek chair, an outdoor baby swing (like the kind you hang in a tree) and a bunch of books!  Scarlet wrapped Grannie around her finger and had her giving her the phone, and pretzels, and all the love she could need!  On another note, the time change did baby well.  She has been sleepin til 8 instead of 7 and Momma can get down with that!
Ya'll that baby pool has a built in bubble blower!! Best part, I got it for $3 at Essex!  And that's my sweet Grannie lookin' fly in her teal Juicy suit!

The cutie boy is LG's Fenn, he is a heart breaker for real.  Total smiles all the time :)  The pic of Scarlet is from Instagram and I am IN LOVE with that app BTW



We are going to Nashville this weekend!  Woohoo!  Me, mom & baby are packing up and heading out to visit Grannie Annie on Saturday morning.  I am excited.  Grannie may lose it when she has a mobile baby in her non-baby proofed "nice" home.  We all know I live in a padded cell these days trying to wrangle this child.  We made a few breakthroughs on the baby-proofing front today.  I moved the toy box into the family room in a safe spot where she can pull up and fall and not bust her skull open when she falls (which is inevitable.)  All of the little choking objects are gone, the outlets are covered, and the fireplace is next on my list.  My only MAJOR prob is the T.V.  Ya'll I don't know what to do...It stands on a rickety ass table that my MIL wants back so bad (its real old and fancy) and I wanna give it to her.  Not cause I don't like it, cause it is UN-SAFE!  I have had to yell at baby 10 times a day about pulling up on this thing, like a mouse could pull it over.  So on that note she is having to go everywhere with me, even to the bathroom :(  The only problem I am having with this is the size of what I want.  I found some great things at Home Goods but we are def not in the market to spend $250-$500 so as for now we are stuck.  Stuck taking her to potty with us I guess.  We wanted to build one but after 12 pulls today I told John this is not something that can wait.  Any advice?  I don't want some craigslist lookin', ghetto, college t.v. stand.  I want a media console.  Solid wood, cabinets on bottom, open slot for cable box, then pretty shelf for T.V.  Let me know if ya got a spare.  Anyhow we have a busy week ahead with catering and getting packed for the weekend.  Me and babe will get to spend some quality time with Auntie L.G. and Erik and we just can't wait.
Love and baby proofing



We have been super busy lately!  Spending a lot of time as a family and doing new things with our little.  We went to the zoo for Scarlet's first time and had a blast.  She petted a goat, touched a flamingo, and got dive-bombed by a lorakeet.  Overall the zoo here is gross, but with a little babe it doesn't really matter because they have fun no matter what.  I was pumped about the splash pad but it was closed for some reason :(

 As you know, we started cloth diapering.  Several reasons are #1 they are cute, #2 they are much, much cheaper in the long run (especially if you plan to have more than one little) #3 they are much better for the environment as well as baby bums. And #4 did I mention they are CUTE?!  Our stash so far consists of 8 AIO one size, 2 G diapers, and 2 Flip hybrids.  We have mostly AIO's which I like best although I like the convenience of a hybrid with a disposable insert.  The inserts are biodegradable and you can flush them, toss them, or even compost them.  We have not had any leaky accidents (other than the my fault one) and even have gone through the night in one without leaking!  Ask another CD mom, that is very nerve-wracking for the first time cause when you are used to your little sleeping 12+ hours a night, the last thing you want is a 2am wet wake-up call.
We made plans to go to the 7th annual Chili cook-off in Homewood on Saturday with my mom.  As it would happen, We got 2.5 inches of rain Saturday.  We went anyway.  That morning, mom and I thought it felt warm out so we dressed babe appropriately, in a short sleeve onsie.  We park, get out and the rain begins.  I had a towel in my car and was able to cover up Scarlet as the temp dropped about 20 degrees in the 2 hours we were there.  Awesome.  So we got soaked, ate chili, danced in the rain, and all came home totally exhausted.  Scarlet LOVED the live music which gets me seriously excited for her first festival coming up in May.  Ya'll we are some music loving people and I cannot wait to take this little girl to all the Panic shows she can handle.  I also think hippie babies are cute so as long as I can pick her style I will.  I ordered some super cute fisherman pants off Etsy that I am patiently waiting on for the beach!
I cannot wait to see her in these!
Babe had a lemon for the first time and kinda loved it.  She has also become obsessed with wearing this old hat of her dads that we found in a box.  As for all other aspects of our life (as if there are any) the restaurant is busy, busy!  Woohoo!  I lost 2.2 lbs on Weight Watchers last week!  I need to do a post on these awesome recipes we have been having lately.  I'll get right on it.  Hope ya'll are doing great!