So What Wednesday, on Thursday, with pictures. SWWOTWP

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So What Wednesday

  • So what if Springfield, Missouri was AWESOME and I wanted to stay longer...
  • So what if last weekend was the 2nd time in my entire 30 years I have seen snow and I still think it sucks giant balls.

  • So what if I found the most fun (charitable) store ever and shopped in it each day I was there.  Where awesome lives.
  • So what if I ate like this all weekend and am not at all worried about the weight I surely gained while on vacay.  (For the record, it was another pound, weighed this morning...)
Yeah that is steak and egg crepes from the Aviary. (A.K.A. the best place ever).
  • So what if I wore these clothes the entire time I was gone & upon getting off of the flight I was thisclose to missing, thinking the plane stunk, I realized it was me.  Maybe I should have changed...or bathed. 
  • So what if I busted out fake tears to the skank Delta employee so she would call the pilot to let me on the plane after they had closed up because I didn't want to sit in the airport until 7pm that night!
  • So what if as of this moment I think St. Louis, MO is the most asshole-ish place on earth and everyone (5 people) I met there were nothing but hipster buttholes.  (I must confess that I am sure if I had met Holly I wouldn't be saying this)!
Also, how could you like a place where this is the weather?  I have a new respect for people that deal with this shit on the reg.
  • So what if I really wanted to buy these snow boots from a thrift store and would never even have the chance to wear them again, in snow that is :)
  • So what if I was so excited to get Scarlet "souvenirs" from my trip but ended up getting her Max & Ruby stuffed animals from a gas station and a St. Louis Cardinals shirt from Wal-Mart...
  • So what if I can't wait for Easter because we make prime rib.
That's it for this week! Hope you all have a very Happy Easter, enjoy your family, (and food), and link up!


Winner & stuff{ing}

If Weight Watchers were about gaining weight, I would be a lifetime member.  Up another 1/2 lb here.  To be honest, that's less than I thought it would be.  I'm no idiot, I know WHY I'm up.  Poor eating/drinking choices.

No time to dwell here.  I am about to be on a party plane to St. Louis!  Has anyone ever said "party & St. Louis" in one sentence?  Is that even a fun place?  Whatevs.  I feel like a busted can of biscuits sittin' here in my tight jeans with muffins galore hanging over right now.  Seriously, I am taking leggings only on my trip.  That is even more gross that a muffin in jeans.  It's like stuffing a 10 lb sausage in a 5 lb casing.  I know I am painting a REALLY nice picture for you guys.

My kid has been awesome lately.  You know, other than the nightly fire drills she has been putting us through.  It's like her brain grew all of the sudden.  So much smarter, making better (for the most part) decisions, and actually behaving.  Dare I say it?  She has been fun to be around.  Last weekend we took her downtown for St Paddy's festivities and she had a blast.  So did we.  That's what I'm told anyway.  After the 3rd bar I just slept in the van for 3 hours.  Yep, like I said, WINNING.  I slept in the the 3rd row of my mini-van for 3 hours.  Read that last sentence again without laughing.  Can't do it can you?  So thankful for a husband (and in-laws) that see this as totally normal.  In my defense I ate 2 pounds of crawfish in 9 minutes.  Wonder why I gained weight?

Photographic evidence because why not?

 Cute ass girl with her shot glass necklace.  Perfect water cup for a toddler, am I right?

 I just love these new Target shades so much.  I also love that she pounded fried Sauerkraut balls right before this picture was taken.  That's my girl.  (wait, fried balls?  Why do I keep gaining weight?)
 Made some baked chicken caprese to try to lose weight really fast on Tuesday.  Didn't work but was GOOD. 
Ya'll like my new glasses?
Have a jazzy weekend and guys, I may have some really good shit next time I blog.  


So what?

So What Wednesday

I'm linkin' up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

I'm saying so what...
  • If I go out of town on Friday without my child or husband and I don't feel guilty.  Like even a little bit.
  • If this past weeks Weight Watchin' has been a TOTAL joke.  I'm ok with it, it happens.
  • If Google Reader is going away?  I got Bloglovin!
  • If my 3 year old chooses 2 weeks out of each month to torture me.  She wakes up randomly, screaming random things, (belly ache, school, my lip hurts?), requiring me to go in and shush/throat punch her.
  • If last night was one of those nights and I seriously wanted to throat punch her...
  • If I eat Skittles like they don't actually have any Weight Watchers points cause I want to, and I will not stop.
  • If I have a MAY-JUH surprise planned for the Hub's bday and cannot wait to tell him! Weekend of April 6th will be goin down in the books folks!
  • If I would rather take 14 Mondays off and go to the beach every weekend this year than take a solid week off for family vacation in August...

So that's it for me, hope you guys will link up and say So What to your Wednesday!