Dental DAMN!

Do you guys go to the dentist regularly?  You probably should.  Lets back up.  I used to go to the dentist every 6 months.  My mom made me.  In turn I had no cavities and always got a prize from the treasure chest.  Then I went to college.  I made my own decisions like drinking all night, not brushing my grill every night and certainly not sitting cross-eyed in the bathroom trying to floss them.  I went to the dentist after a few years and I had several cavities.  I freaked out and went and had 3 of them filled.  I hated it so bad.  No gas, just shots of numbing death in my gums and a loud, loud drill.  I never went back.  Enter last week.  I went to the dentist cause who can raise a kid and try to make them live a healthy lifestyle that doesn't even take care of their own grill.  That's right, ya can't.  So I picked this one guy cause apparently he will gas you to the moon just for a cleaning and lets face it guys, I am a fan of the N2O (since like Phish shows in 02').  Anyhow, as the dentist was playing Bingo (calling out my cavities to the hygienist) I started hyperventilating and realized I was gonna have to tell my mom that I have 20 cavities.  SICK.  SICK.  What the F&%K!!! 20.  Phew.  I thought there may have been more.  Went 2 days ago and ya'll, just go to the dentist.  Seriously I can't believe I have to pay $2,800 to fix my shit so my teeth don't rot out and my kid doesn't have the mom with no teeth cause she was drunk and lazy and ate too much candy and her shit rotted out.  That dentist effed me up, with a capital EFF.  After 1 solid hour of inhaling magic gas I was higher than that Jet Blue plane before that crazy captain took over.  Just as quickly a swarm of people came in and drilled my teeth out while I was still trying to comprehend the house I just saw on HGTV and the crackhead trying to buy it.  It was over relatively quick for me (3 hours felt like 8 minutes) but damn my mouth hurts now.  My crown feels like a giant piece of Hubba Bubba stuck in my mouth and I can't open that wide but guess what?!  I am halfway done with my Restoration Grill!  That's right, on April 16th I have to go back for round 2.  So kids, there is a message here.  Brush yo teeth, brush yo kids teeth, brush yo husbands teeth and go to the damn dentist.  Holla!



Scarlet got the official move to a big girl room last weekend.  The out laws brought up the furniture that has been in the family for many years, to pass on to our squirt.  She is quite impressed with her "Big Girl Room" and all the goodies.  Check it out!
 The bed!  So cozy!  She doesn't like being trapped under the covers so we folded them back.  I am waiting on the cross stitch of her name to get back from the frame place to go over her bed.  Sisters' godmother made them for us growing up and now has made them for our kids!  Sweet :)
 She loves those bird prints and every morning tells me that Mommy bird is the red one and Daddy bird is blue!
Her very own vanity, this kid really enjoys sitting up there and checking herself out.  So whats up with the new cheese face?  It makes for some awkward photos!  Bottom left is her dresser with tons of space left and her bows!  I love this room but my heart is breaking that my not even 2 year old is in a real bedroom.



Life has been relatively quite around these parts and we call that a win.  No blogging lately means no drama lately, you know, heaven forbid me post the awesomeness that is my life :)  Here goes.  Spring has turned up quickly round these part, actually I don't think we ever had winter but I'm totally okay with that.  Looking forward to lots of beaching with our little this summer.  Work is good, although sometimes boring, good.  I went to drop off a pair of jeans to get altered and stopped by Walgreens for candy and nail polish (cause who doesn't paint there nails at work) and first I need to talk about the jeans.  Ya'll, clothes are freaking expensive.  Expensive to buy, expensive to make fit right, & expensive to buy the multiple items you need to make an outfit.  My dear MIL slipped me a cool hundy a couple weeks ago to go towards a new pair of jeans since I finally blew out my 4 year old, William Rast, $375, size 27 (dayum) jeans.  Obvi I did not have a child when I made such a STUPID purchase, I could buy SOOOO many diapers with that.  Anyhow I found a pair of Seven trouser jeans I liked online that were $170? (WTF no I would not pay this) so I went to Buckle to see if they had any comparable ones.  They happened to have to exact jean, one pair left, in my size NOT 27 but they were an extra long.  I only had to pay $19 on top of my MIL's kind donation and they alter for free so its a win.  So I thought. I went to pick them up a week later and couldn't try them on in the store cause I was "working," at the mall ya know?  I got home and they were still like a foot too long so I decided I would pay to have them hemmed since the free job was not working for me.  So normally it is $10 to have pants hemmed but she surprised me today by informing me it is now $20 to use the original hem.  I'm sorry what?  So you can cute them off and sew them up for $10 but in order to cut of the hem it is $20 more dollars?  GAH.  Freaking rip.  Whatev.  I pick em' up Thursday.  That amount of money on one non-baby thing makes me want to hurl these days.  Back to Walgreens, They had these great polishes on major sale so I picked up a few to play with at work (and for the babes tiny nails)!
 I did the hot pink, its awesome!
Last week we decided to try S in a big bed in hopes that when Emma comes next weekend she will rest easier not having to be in the crib while Emma got the freedom of big bed.  I left the crib up anticipating hell and I don't even think she cares.  She tells me big girl bed, she tells me only mommy & daddy get her out, and she sleeps.  We have an awesome kid.  This weekend the out laws are coming into town to bring us a family bedroom set for her.  Sad & happy :(  The crib is officially down.  She is getting a beautiful Jenny Lind full bed, dresser and all the works that belonged to John, his mom, and his grandmother.  I can't wait to ground her for putting stickers on it.  I also can't wait for me & the MIL to decorate her room with actual matching furniture, not my crap from college.  
I cannot wait to go to the beach.  Seriously.  We will be attending the Mullet Toss this year.  Well me & my mom & a girlfriend will cause John is keeping to babe & letting us enjoy some major sun time sans kid.  He does not need to know how excited I am, I may not sleep until then.  Yeah right it's not til the end of April.
Here's to hoping I can get my blogging mojo back but if not just know that were enjoying the weather, playing outside later than usual, staying up a little later, and just soaking in the days with our girl while she is still little.