Crunchy Momma

I know, would I quit posting baby shit already?  No, I won't.  We are not crunchy here, we do not eat all organic, we do not recycle, and we have bought a LOT of disposable diapers in the past 9 months.  But lately we have been having some talk of cloth diapering (gasp) and looked around on eBay for some deals and ideas of all of the different types.  We talked about the money end of it, that we have spent well over $1000 on diapers and she will be in em' for at least 2 more years.  We talked about buying a few here and there and when Macon Baby #2 rolls around we will be stocked up and only buying disposables for trips where we do not have a washer & dryer available.  We talked about the fact that my mom CD my sister & I and this is the ONE baby idea I have had that she didn't shoot down :)  Anyway after we talked about all of that I got back to eBay-in and bought up about 7 diaps.  I didn't read the fine print that these jokers are coming from China and I won't have em' til mid-March so I went a bought a couple locally to test out.  Now I'm diggin this y'all.  I wish my panties felt like this magical fleecy blanket (no I'm not rubbing it on my cheek right now) and I bet baby girl will like it too!  The ones I bought today are called a Flip by BumGenius.  They are a diaper cover with a insert (kinda like a giant maxi pad) that you tuck in them.  I like them but I had a little trial & error when the front part of the insert got moved over and little Scarlet peed a pool in her high chair...trial & error right?  Anyway I have a lot of different types coming so I will update about the ones we like. :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you CD give me some tips!


I found it!

Once again I have found the PERFECT baby item.  This parenting thing is expensive.  Once I have my sights set on how I want one thing to be, I search (which equals "buy") until I find it.  Lately the quest for the perfect, non-leaking, self-feeding, transitional sippy cup has been going on.  I have found quite a few decent ones but the only one I liked leaked :(  That's what I get for thinking a Big Lots cup would solve my sippy woes.  I was perusing Amazon last week and came across this beauty.
This thing is badass ya'll.  Seriously!  We have had trouble with previous ones for different reasons.  A hard spout does not provide for a good transition, whether baby be used to bottle or boobie, a all of the sudden hard thing is not easy to learn from.  Also when the baby is drinking formula (or boobie) from a hard spout (they have "no leak" valves) they tend to need more breaks and in our case that means more times to open your moth and spill out ALL of the milk you just got in there.  This one does not have a valve as it is a soft nipple spout.  We also had a major issue with leaking from all of the cups we tried.  I wanted to get away from the bottle "nipple" shape in hopes for an easier transition and this was the way to go!  The handles are removable so J can still have his night time feeding where he is in charge heaven but in the morning, I can get baby girl, hand her the cup and set her down...what a gift at 6am!  I paid $13.99 for this cup and I just saw it on their website for $8.49...wah wah wah.  Check it out here.  At the end of my sippy cup search I can tell you that I WILL be buying at least another 1 of these if not 2, ya know for dish-washing sake :)  What cups do you all like?  



I need some advice ya'll, those with kids or without please lend an ear.  Although having kids would probably help your advice, I want it anyway.  Little bit has decided to quit a good nap.  She was napping about a hour in the morning (8:30-9:30) a hour or more in the midday (11:15-12:15) and a late afternooner around 3-4:30 or 5.  Well has she thrown me for a loop (literally, loopy)  She has been napping for 30 minutes twice a day.  Ya'll EFF this.  I mean I know she not gonna nap forever but for $&!*s SAKE how am I supposed to get anything done?  Not to mention she is mobile now so the ONLY time I can complete a task is when she is sleeping.  Ugh why is this happening?  See the bad part is that if she is awake for more than 3 hours at a time, she melts.  Like she has to nap now ohmygod mom i may die if I don't sleep kinda nap.  So I put her down and before I can do 3 things, shes up.  Well let me let you into our schedule lack of naps today.  She got up at 7 and since she has been pushing that early nap back I decided we would skip it.  I went to get her from Mother's Day Out and I am informed she has napped for what? 30 minutes.  Are you kidding me?  By the time we get home (15 minutes away) she is sooo tired so I make a bottle and put her down.  She falls asleep within 10 minutes and shocker, is up 30 minutes later.  I let her cry for 36 minutes.  I had too, she was so tired she couldn't even lift her head.  She fell back asleep for 20 more minutes.  I am here to say that a 9 month old should be sleeping 15 hours a day (12 at night) to feel good and be well rested.  Well what the hell is a 40 minute nap with 30 of crying then?  I am frustrated because when she sleeps well she feels well.  She sleeps every night from 7-7 so why is this happening!!! And just before it starts, no she is not sick, teething (1 just came through), or sad.  Just give me some advice ya'll.  I always have to call my sister for the "don't get her" speech cause I cave in and go get her so hopefully you guys can help hold me back as well!
On another note, she is really cute... This was her Valentines' get up.  And she got to eat a pine cone!  What a day!


Diaper Bag

So my friend Laura & I have been on the search for the PERFECT diaper bag.  I have some great ones but as the babe grows I find our diaper bag needs to grow as well.  MY  favorite will alway be the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake society bag.
Petunia Pickle Bottom...
Now mine is light blue but would you look at this beauty?  What an ideal bag for any mother to have.  Cute, velvety, delicious, and great for any newborn!  That is just it though!  A newborn!  It fits a few diapers, a bottle and all your mommy goods.  Now as soon as little bit started requiring more than a "few" diapers, I began the search.  I went through a few others not worth mentioning then I came across this jewel!  The Kavu Fremont Tote.  
Seriously, this is the bag of all bags.  Baby bags that is.  Although it is not meant for baby momma's, it should be.  Let me just give you a taste. 
We have a big back pocket with a zipper pouch, perfect for tampons, tylenol, and baby meds.  The big pocket part will be for a few to go toys!  Middle is a great diaper & wipe pouch, and towards the front is a big pocket I will use for her food.

The front flap lifts up and shows a mom pouch that could literally eliminate a purse.  Has credit card slots, cash place, and a big mesh pocket for chap-stick, mints, gum, and junk!  (cause we all know what is really in a womans purse)
Lastly, each side has a great pouch for a bottle, sippy, or water and there is no need for it to take up room IN the bag!  Or the scare of it spilling on my iPhone :)  Not to mention it has a tighten-ing strap to secure you bottle.  I am so excited about this bag and the best thing about it, you Kate Spade lovin fools...this baby is only $50.  Thats right.  Love it!  And let me know what ya think!


It's on

Like Donkey Kong.  When I was pregnant I took a scale to work to monitor my weight gain.  HA!  I know right?  So I got on the scale today.  Pre-preg I weighed 144, 2 weeks ago I weighed 162.5, today 158.  By some miraculous way I have lost 4 more lbs.  Anyhow our employee saw the scale and said he felt like he had gained weight and wanted to get on, I said bring it.  A challenge quickly emerged.  I forced John to get on the scale and agree to said challenge.  We wrote down each of our names, weights, and goal weights.  And we have 90 days to get there.  90.  As in May 9, 2011 is the end date.  You see we have Hangout Music Festival at the end of May and I HAVE to be thinner to wear a swimmin' suit, so here goes.  I need to lose 18 lbs. to meet my goal.  John, 20lbs and Adam 20lbs.  The loser has to eat day old cooked shrimp.  Like 20 of them.  I want you all to know that this challenge was spurred by our friend Michelle.  Her & her sister started a blog to lose weight.  Their stakes are a little higher (as in a plane ticket higher) so check out their journey as well!  Their blog is called "Ain't No Size Zero."  Good name huh!!!  Anyway, I made a awesome soup tonight that does not taste "good for you" at all, which is what we are all going for right?  Here is the link and trust me, it is SO worth trying.  It is from Gina's Skinny Recipes.  Try it, you'll like it.  Have fun in the snow :)



So this post has nothing to do with the show Glee, except that I am IN LOVE with the fact that the hot guy just sang "Fat-Bottom Girls" to the fat chick.  Ahhh young love.  Anyway the real title of this was "Maids."  So let me start by telling you that we have maids.  We also own a restaurant.  We got these "maids" by meeting our guests.  They came in shortly after the birthing of little bit and John scooped em' right up telling them all about my baby blues and how I couldn't possibly mop, vacuum, sweep or change the sheets.  They clean all of the condo's above our restaurant and have references as well as insurance so we signed up.  Now they made a deal with him, a deal to clean our house every 2 weeks for nothing more than lunch once a week.  Deal right?  That is 2 orders of nachos and 2 large drinks every week for a clean house.  Totals up to about $40 a month.  Anyway I am drawing this out, all I ever expected was sweep, mop, vacuum, wash windows and well, that is pretty much it.  The first time I came home I was AMAZED, shocked, excited, blown away, okay I'll stop.  The house was spotless, laundry done, sheets changed, no dust bunnies, just perfect.  (and in exchange for food?)  So I got lazy.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cleaning picking up, I just don't like doing the dirty work.  So fast forward to last week, they were supposed to come, didn't show up.  Called said sorry we will come Tuesday, yay I get home, looks clean, then I really check shit out.
1. apparently by clean I meant "stuff shit wherever you want just to get it put away.
2. by "scrub bathtub" I meant spray my childs tub & toys with clorox and LEAVE IT.
3. The white spots I have been questioning on my perfume, babies toys, my toothpaste, Moroccan Oil, silver jewelry holder is CLOROX.
4. It is totally ok to leave my hairballs in the tub and on the floor cause you get paid in food.
So they vacuum around all of our stuff, put dishes where ever, put everything where ever, and leave wet effing clothes in the washer.  Ugh I told John to cut the cord.  We would rather pay someone real money and be happy than pay them queso & chips and be pissed.
In other news, I was excited to get crafts from school, ya know the babies school.  Like ones that she made.  I got my first today :)  They made Valentine's!  Thank god I don't have to wrangle 6 infants in paint and glue but thank god someone does because it made me cry!


Well (thank god) baby

   We had a doc appointment today.  Scarlet's 9 month "well" baby visit.  We have had quite the eventful day, as in I put Scarlet down for her morning nap and she immediately sat up and proceeded to clap and point at the door for an HOUR.  Seriously ya'll, we have to be somewhere at 10:40 and although she naps EVERYDAY from 8:30-9:30 I suppose she decided today was not one of those days.  So I said eff it we will head out early, you can cat nap in the car.  Not so much.  So we go to doc, she is 20lbs. (75th %) 30 Inches (100+%) and doing great.  She got a finger prick and a shot and did not so much as cry!  I was shocked for sure.  So when we got home I knew it was nap time so I took her to her room and put her down and she went right to bed.  Cool, for a good hour & a half.  We played about our day, crawling and chatting, and at about 3:20 (afternoon nap time) I put her down and she played, played hard.  She literally crawled around and moved "lovies" from one corner of the crib to another, sat up, clapped & talked.  I hear quiet and click on the monitor and what is my BABY big girl doing?  STANDING IN HER CRIB.  Ya'll I had no idea she could do this, she pulled up and is just holding on jumping in the bed.  UGH! She finally went to sleep sitting up with her head against the rails, butt crack showing.  The minute she woke up I lowered her crib to the last level and said good bye to our easy days!  John came home and she cruised around from his leg, to the table, to me, to the table and back.  I am terrified, our lives of laying her on the floor and going to get ready are over.  Anyhow I pre-registered for weight watchers today and have to wait til a night meeting to be able to start (Thursday I think) so that John can be home from work.   I'm nervous about it but I HAVE to lose at least 15 lbs by May when I make the beach debut.   What is everyone else up to these days?  Any crazy babies?  Good weight watcher recipes?  Talk to me!


Stuff your sorries in a sack

I seriously don't have anything to blog about.  We are happy and lovely here.  Baby girl turned 9 months old.  WTF?  We have a mobile, big, cute, even sweeter child.  John and I went on a date to Carrabba's with a Christmas giftcard.  Neither of us were hungry so we ordered a bunch of crap then went to a bar to get a drink.  Came home, had some wine and went to bed!  We made a frittata with my leftover filet, cleaned some and lazied around.  We (maybe I mean me?) have big plans this week!  I am starting weight watchers Monday!  Make fun of me now cause I made Mom's chicken & dumplings and may or may not have topped it off with snickers ice cream for dessert.  Yeah gotta get rid of this shit before I start a diet right?  Anyway we got tickets to Hangout music Festival (can't wait) and plan to go with the "out laws" so not only will we have FUN, we will have built in baby sitters :)  ahhhh dreamy parents, ya'll for real!  I am out like a fat kid in dodge ball but I just wanted to leave a quick blog cause it seems as though I never get here anymore.