Catch Up

Today starts my fourth week of Weight Watchers.  I have lost a total of 9 lbs. Pretty impressive if I could keep the momentum. When I woke up today, fully expecting to have dropped a pound or 2, I had not.  No gain, but still. Boo.  Not losing makes it really easy to want to pull in a drive through and get a delicious chicken biscuit cause your all like, "well I weighed today, I can work that off by next week, blah blah" but I didn't.  I powered through and am now having my fat free yogurt and fruit.  It's good, not chicken biscuit good, but nevertheless.

Last weekend we were on the way to a kid friends bday party.  We stopped at Target to get the kid a gift and Scarlet was being a tool.  When we left Target ($43 later, Gah why?) she decided that kicking me in the face was a good plan as I buckled her in her car seat.  I wanted to punch her but I refrained.  I got in the car and pulled out all the "You're cruisin' for a bruisin', I'm gonna spank the mess out of you" bull shit I had in me and she just looked up and said, "Momma? Please don't spank alla my mess out me ok?"  I have a strong feeling the age of 3 is going to make me bald.

I think my prob with losing last week was not using my WW cookbook.  I eat mega healthy throughout the day no questions, but when I get home I look for convenience.  Now don't get me wrong, my convenient is still healthy, but not WW healthy.  We have a deep freeze, a beer fridge with freezer, and our normal indoor kitchen fridge/freezer.  That is 3 freezers.  We have a lot of bulk meat that we are not willing to get rid of or let go to waste.  So when we decide to have a healthy Taco Bowl dinner that's around 5 points, I fail to acknowledge that we are using full fat ground beef (instead of turkey) and don't bother adjusting my points... Dumb I know.  Time to buckle down, and by buckle down I mean eat one less piece of bacon Saturday morning.

Scarlet keeps telling her teachers I am pregnant.  They keep asking me.  Like even when I have on a tight shirt and a flat stomach. WTF.

Last weekend my sister and I went to Pure Barre with a friend.  Please tell me what the fuck I was thinking.  My only form of exercise is walking to the outdoor fridge to get a beer.  Pure Barre guys.  That shit should be a) illegal, b) used in jail to punish inmates, or c) FREE.  I absolutely hated it.  I left class 3 times, twice I threw up part of a plum and water.  What I am trying to tell you is that I would rather run 6 miles than ever do it again.  After class I told the girl in front of me that I threw up.  She said "yeah, I have been doing this for over 2 years and I still feel like that every class!"  What the fuck?  Torture.  I will tell you this though, those bitches looked HOT!

Last but MOST IMPORTANT, I really did quit smoking!  It has been a week today!  And I bought those boots I wanted and my genius husband had the idea that I put $5 (cost of a pack) a day in a jar and at the end of the month go buy something.  I like where his head is at!

Have a good Thursday!



  • I am trying to quit smoking.  It sucks.  It is gross.  I haven't smoked since noon yesterday so yeah, there's that.
  • I lost a pound last week.  Down a total of 8 I think.  12 to go.  
  • Not smoking makes me want to punch an infant. Seriously.
  • My boobs look like tiny deflated balls and I am glad. 
  • It is almost noon, I started this post at 9am, and I still haven't smoked. 
Here are some pretty cool things:

 First and foremost, my best friend and life partner (it's not weird), had this little slice of heaven.  Isn't she just delicious?! She is snuggly, sweet, and pretty.  She is going to make a great BFF for Scarlet!
 A certain little girl has really been enjoying dress up and blocks all by herself (Thank you GOD) she plays alone some now...
 Sorry I had to make the picture this big so you could see it.  I like this bumper sticker. A lot. 

 This little Loo-Bell got new big girl glasses and is coming to see me! Today! I am excited :)  Scarlet will be with the "out-laws" tonight so I will get some special auntie/niecy time with Emma!

When I haven't smoked for 2 days think I am going to buy those bottom right boots from Target.  I keep seeing the ankle boots and they look cute, but I don't know if I can pull it off... Do you guys wear them?



The following post was not written by me. It was written by this gal. If you have time, click over and read the comments associated with this post. Hilarious. 

PIWTPITT's 10 Rules for Grandparents

If you've been reading me for any length of time you will know that I love to make a good list of rules. Rules for daughters. Rules for sons. Rules for my kids when they're at playdates. Rules for moms who host playdates. Rules, rules, rules. I enjoy a good list of rules, even if I hate to follow rules (don't we all?).

Now I have a new list.

Rules for Grandparents.

Disclaimer: Now, now, I know my parents read this blog and before they get their knickers in a wad, I will say: You are good grandparents and even better free babysitters, so just relax over there these are not all about you. Just have a laugh - and maybe stop watching so much "CSI" in front of my kids. Adolpha knows what "blood spatter" means. 

Actually, that's a good place to start:

1. Be mindful of what you're watching on TV in front of my kids. I helped you sign up for extended cable, now use the directory and find "Scooby Doo"  because "Game of Thrones" is not appropriate viewing material for my kids.

2. Be a good sport. When you attend my children's sports games, do not heckle them or their teammates or their opponents. "Move your ass, Number 3!" is never acceptable - and yes, everyone gets an award. I have to deal with it and so must you.

3. Grandchildren are not show ponies. Don't dress them up and parade them over to see Old Mrs. Chapman next door so they can "cheer up" her and her cats with the new songs they learned in Spanish class this week.

Click here for the rest of this post, you won't be sorry!