Painting a picture

I want to attempt to paint a picture for you, I fully believe that for as long as I live, I will never be able to describe the awesomeness that was Sunday. You may not get what's to come and why it was so great, but good god, what a day.

So me, my mom, and my sis went to the beach for our annual bday girls trip. No kids, no men, just us. We planned a giant boat trip for our last day. 8 people, one being a dude. ONE. So day starts, I pack a badass cooler, like I wish I had a pic. Beer, water, conecuh, bacon, hummus, veggies, sandwiches, the whole nine.

Before we even get to the boat, we get informed by one dude (E) that it wouldn't crank....

We deal, boat cranks, we go to sand dollar land (Ono Island) because its too early to drink and stay alive.

An hour later.

We try to leave, shocker, boat won't crank. Five attempts later and B having to pump some ball to keep the boat running we make it to the island. We drink, we eat, we drink. We make lots of magic vines. E looks towards the coast and says the perfect storm is brewing. We all laugh it off, totally forgetting about the whole BOAT NOT CRANKING THING.

Drink, drink, eat, drink.

Oh yeah, it really is going to storm. Lots of sideways rain, lots more vines, no working motor.... Sea tow gets called. They will be an hour. Well that's fine, we can just play in the rain.... Except there was lighting. So yeah. 8 people on a boat, in a typhoon, beer supply dwindling.. Klassy with a K.

^^^^^ what we call a whirly gig.

3 guys with a battery box, trying to brave the storm, jumped us off 3 times but we just couldn't keep it running.

Side note here: people in OB are like a different breed, well, locals and owners are. There is the fair share of tourist trash but the locals all just kinda go with it. Shit happens, and they all know that it could happen to them. So everyone help. We dig boats out of the sand, you jump off strangers boats, you share beer, you just take care of you fellow island friends.

So battery box guy gets out of his boat, in a typhoon, and ties our boat to his.  He then proceeds to DRAG us to our dock, get out ohs boat again and swim us into the lift.  I can't make this shit up guys.  I slung all of the cash we had on the boat at him, then unloaded the boat.

What a day.  Just what a day.  It was awesome.
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and shrimp...



Another week has come and gone.  Again.
I feel like all week long I wish away the week, then it goes by, then I'm sad that the little keeps getting bigger, I keep getting older, and time keeps passing.  Such is life I guess.
We have family in town for the nephew's 2nd birthday party.  3 kids, under 4, under one roof.  The roof is mine.  I'll let you guess how awesome that is.
My sis went to get her hair done on Wednesday at 5pm, leaving me with all 3 of them.  For 2 hours.
But really, it was great.  They were good and I managed to keep them ALL alive (and feed them dinner!)! Damn.

(also, I still havent gotten and help on the pic squish sitch. so can someone tell me what the eff please).

This little girl is quite happy to have her daddy home.  I think he feels the same :)
She's diggin the swing too! 

And my funnies for the week.  They are all taken from Pinterest Humor.  Go look now.   

 ^^^^No explanation needed here.

^^^^I can just hear it now, "Hey kid, wanna buy some drugs?" I mean, what the fuck.  What would your reaction be if you saw this guy?  

^^^^I can relate to this pink guy...
But not the one below. 
I can't even grasp how this picture happened.  Who's idea was it?  Did this guy go to a photographer and ask to become a pink unicorn or was it suggested?  I don't need an answer.  I love it.

That's it for today folks.  Have a happy weekend!