OK so as I type this I am practicing a new tactic.  Scarlet seems to think that now that she is a grown-up, she can nap for like an hour in the morning and she doesn't have to nap anymore.  She thinks wrong.  If you think that 13 months is a good age to go to one nap, know now that I disagree.  Yes she sleeps 12 hours at night, yes I am happy with that, and yes, if she does not nap in the afternoon she acts like a grump until bed time.  Enter new tactic.  A few weeks ago I dropped Scarlet off for her first day at summer play days.  Same school, different teacher.  I came to get her at 1:30 and she was still asleep!  I said, "so yeah, why is she asleep?"  The teacher said, well she was just playing and didn't want to nap and ya know, I don't even think she needs a nap. I felt like I had to make her nap  I said oh really?  She is a BABY.  You do make her nap.  She can't reason.  Do you care for her? No OK then I NEED HER TO NAP.  I'm sorry am I the parent or did you want to come over and take care of my child 7 days a week cause last time I checked you watch her 3 days a week for 3 hours.  SO, when you are prepared to do my laundry, wash my dishes and make dinner with her at your heels, come on over.  OK so I really didn't say that at all.  I politely told her that she needs to go down at 10:30 for a nap so that she will nap at 3.  Scarlet has taken one afternoon nap since then.  She still goes in her crib from 3-5 but she plays ya'll.  Like crazy, walks around and talks to herself, or at least I hope it is herself cause if not we have a ghost.  Anyway back to the tactic.  I asked my sis (a seasoned mom) if she would go in and lay her down at intervals and tell her to go to sleep if her child did this.  (yes her 22 month old STILL takes 2 naps) she said yes do it.   So here I am getting up every 20 minutes to go tell her to lay down. And she is still awake.  Still playing/laying.  And this has quickly turned a corner cause I just went in and said lay down, and it smells like a zoo in her room.  She has taken a giant dump.  I will bring this back for good reason.  In the following video, please substitute the word "daddy" for "mommy".  Anyone else dealing with nap revolt?


  1. Baaaaaaaaa!! I die!! Is she zoo keeping? Sorry she's not cooperating sissy, but that shit just cracked me up!

  2. OMG. I am grieving with you. All I can say is that Rutledge did the same thing...when he was transitioning from 2, 2.5 hr naps a day to a short morning nap and a slightly longer afternoon nap. It was just around this age. Literally, it was a up until he started MMO @ 16 months that he was taking 2 naps a day. I think it was a good and natural transition point for us when he started MMO because we were both ready for the 1 long afternoon nap. I quickly figured out that I could get more accomplished in the morning (if I needed to run errands with him) and around the house (without him nipping at my heals) with a longer nap time block. So, maybe she is ready for 1 nap a day. I know you like her bedtime like it is, but, what about instead of putting her down @ 10:30, move her snack time up a bit and her lunch time up a bit and then shoot for starting that naptime around 12:30 or 1pm, or even earlier if you can't stand it. I bet she will sleep like a ROCK. I did the same thing with Rutledge, I felt like I needed him to have the morning nap more than he really did....I was getting so frustrated at him but what I didn't realize is that he was just ready to give it up. I hope y'all get it worked out! All I can say is that its amazing having a 3 year old that still take a 4 hour nap EVERY day. If the day is absolutely insane, I just have to tell myself that we can make it to lunch and after lunch is milk and Barney and NAP:) Call me:) xoxoxoxo

  3. I heard 18 months was when they dropped down to 1 nap...keep up the battle! :) On the bright side I heard the single nap can last a lot longer! Whoohoo! :)


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