• I am trying to quit smoking.  It sucks.  It is gross.  I haven't smoked since noon yesterday so yeah, there's that.
  • I lost a pound last week.  Down a total of 8 I think.  12 to go.  
  • Not smoking makes me want to punch an infant. Seriously.
  • My boobs look like tiny deflated balls and I am glad. 
  • It is almost noon, I started this post at 9am, and I still haven't smoked. 
Here are some pretty cool things:

 First and foremost, my best friend and life partner (it's not weird), had this little slice of heaven.  Isn't she just delicious?! She is snuggly, sweet, and pretty.  She is going to make a great BFF for Scarlet!
 A certain little girl has really been enjoying dress up and blocks all by herself (Thank you GOD) she plays alone some now...
 Sorry I had to make the picture this big so you could see it.  I like this bumper sticker. A lot. 

 This little Loo-Bell got new big girl glasses and is coming to see me! Today! I am excited :)  Scarlet will be with the "out-laws" tonight so I will get some special auntie/niecy time with Emma!

When I haven't smoked for 2 days think I am going to buy those bottom right boots from Target.  I keep seeing the ankle boots and they look cute, but I don't know if I can pull it off... Do you guys wear them?

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  1. John quit smoking almost a year ago. He feels a shit ton better. You can do it!!

    Way to go on the weight loss!


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