The babes & I decided to take a "breather" from daily life and road trip to Nashville to visit our dear friends at Grizaland!  I will post the link to the blog later because it is not working now.  Anyway, LG has a squishy, sweet 6 month old that Scarlet LOVES to laugh at, and that sweet squish ball had a cold :(  He was very pleasant but had a nasty cough.  We had a great time hanging out.  Literally, hanging out.  As in, I did not bathe and neither did LG so I don't feel guilty!  "Uncle" Erik got some majah lovin from Scarlet and she cracked up at him!  Check it out!
 (from top right, new teether from Essex, My giant Red Stripe, Fenn & Letta, Girl & our new baby gate)
( and again, Letta in the new BOMB highchair of Fenn's, trying out her shades, lovin uncle E, and yes "I believe in Auburn and I LOVE IT!")


  1. awe! Great pics! We love you guys and had a fabulous weekend! COme again real soon! Maybe to the new grizaland!! (yikes a mil)

  2. war damn eagle!! Hey letta!!! Love you guys!!


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