I have not been up to par lately.  As far as blogging goes, eating right, laundry, pretty much life.  Ever since we left town for Christmas I have been a bum.  After I was tired of bumming a "ice storm" came.  Not so much ice in our hood, as we are surrounded by giant trees, but just enough to keep us from getting out of our house.  The day the storm resided I got babes dressed for school then got the phone call that the heater was broken and she couldn't go.  :(  So another day of cabin fever was in order.  We ventured out and I got skinny jeans & some shirts with gift cards.  Before the storm I had to take Scarlet to the doc for what I feared was a sinus infection, it was.  I always weigh myself there and I was very shocked to learn that I had lost 10lbs over the holidays!  Sweet.  
Okay, so these pics go a little like this.  (from top left)  #1 Dad teaching babe how to tweet, #2 WAR DAMN EAGLE national champs!!  Yes we let our baby say "damn" in this context, #3 just woke up with a fever and partying,  #4 airing our dirty laundry,  #5 cute.  Got a few more pics if you can stand it!  Sorry for the baby pic life I lead but lets be honest, this is it.  Other than try to dress cool, this is what I do now.  
Yeah, those are my skinny jeans :) have a good weekend ya'll.  I know I will.  Could you guys maybe give me some ideas on what you want to have given away (within reason)?  Maybe what you're wearing to not look so "mom"ish?  


  1. Congrats, gf, 10 pounds lost over the holidays is a huge feat! Are you doing WW?

    I love the skinny jeans - they look like a nice wash, I am having trouble finding a non-super dark skinny jeans for myself!

    A giveaway - I'd say a target gift card, what reasonable human being alive wouldn't go for that? :)

  2. I love it! and those jeans and boots are cute!

  3. I would pretty much say you are slugging when it comes to the blog! Get with it girlfriend!!


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