We have had a lot of random shiz going on lately.

* First & foremost we welcomed a most perfect little boy into our little group of girls.  I may be a month late but here is the infamous Harrison McCary Edwards.  Yeah, that's my cute nephew!  He is so snuggly and perfect it almost makes me want to have another.  Almost. 

* Next I need to tell you about how I got the best high chair on earth.  Not to long ago, when we were living the beach life, John's mom and I quickly decided that for all of the time we spend there we should have a high chair.  She knows all about my hatred for the Peg-Perego chair we had so she offered to buy a new one and bring the Peg to the condo.  Now don't get me wrong, thus far I have LOVED all things Peg (especially because this was a garage sale find!) but this joker was, well... a joke.  If you have not had a child or are pregnant DO NOT, I repeat, do not buy a high chair with a seat pad that holds every ounce of food your baby has eaten from weeks past.  Unless you are totally opposite from me and actually take the 30 minutes it takes to take it apart nightly.  I did that once.  This is the new one.  It is everything I would have made if I knew how to make things.  I love it dearly.  And thanks to iGriza we got it at a VERY affordable price!
* Last month I turned 29.  Woot woot.  We went out to eat and then went to meet some friends at a favorite pub of ours!  My sweet husband spoiled me with a gift card to my absolute favorite store on earth (Pangea in Nashville!)  My parents and In-laws got together and got me the beautiful kitchen sink and faucet I (we) wanted.  Funny how your b'day presents change once you get married and have a house and a child! 

* So we have been super busy as you can see, and I have more to share.  For now this is it!  Oh one last thing.  Anyone remember those little toy chicks and bunnies we used to get in our Easter baskets that chirped if you touched those 2 metal dots on there feet?
Well Scarlet got one for Easter.  She likes to lick its metal parts to hear it chirp.  On Sunday she filled it so full of spit it would not stop so I threw it in the trash outside.  IT IS STILL CHIRPING.  Swear.  They should make car batteries out of those cause that damn bird has been chirping for 120 hours with no sign of stopping.  Thank God the garbage man comes tomorrow! 
* And just cause she's cute!


  1. Walker loves his little chirpy bird also...I'll tell him not to lick it to send it into a chirping frenzy! :)

  2. Somehow I missed this post. Laughing about your peep! ha LOVE the new kitchen sink! Is that bad boy installed yet?


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