Pumpkin Patch

My great friend/ college roomie was in town this past weekend for some fun!  It was so good to see her, to have her finally meet hub and baby, and to have some major girl time!  Scarlet LOVED every minute of her!  Saturday we gave John the afternoon off and took her to the pumpkin patch.  Ya'll, this kid went buck wild.  We didn't do the bouncy house or petting zoo because I didn't think she would really care about that yet but when that tractor dropped us off at "the patch" you would have thought she died and went to heaven.  In this field that she clearly thought was just lined with giant orange "balls" for her enjoyment she just ran, and threw every single pumpkin her little body could lift off the ground.  We found one that didn't bust after 3 throws so that was our cue to take it home!  We let little run wild for about 30 minutes then just walked around and looked at all of the fun.  I can't wait until next year when we can carve one together and she can have a candy apple!  This weekend also marked Scarlets' first true paint experience.  I had some boards that I spray painted white that I was going to paint for the basement playroom once it is finished.  Instead of me painting them we put them in front of her and squirted little dots of paint for her to play with.  I thought she would finger paint but instead she used a brush the whole time (we are total opposites).   Hope you guys are enjoying your fall so far, we sure are!  I love fall food (soup!) and crock pot dinners!  What are doing this fall?  What screams FALL for your family?!  I'm not gonna apologize for the fact that 30 pictures follow this.  Happy October Peeps!

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  1. She looks so cute in her pumpkin patch dress! I told Jason that Emma should wear a smocked dress too! She looks like she had so much fun. I miss your ass!


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