Lets get some things straight ya'll.  Blogging is fun.  It is an outlet, a diary, a place to lose yourself in YOUR thoughts, a place to release praise, anger, and stories of your life.  Reading blogs is fun too!  You can learn about  others, see what they do daily, see their families, their struggles, their success & their losses.  You can enter giveaway's, review peoples products & see a lot of great ideas.  You can see how others travel, decorate, shop, parent, and live.  It is really tons of fun!  Now what I want to get straight is that if you don't like the way someone does something then WHY ARE YOU READING IT???  Look up there in the right hand corner of your computer (left if ya have a Mac!) see that little red X?  That's all you gotta click if you don't like what you are reading.  Why do so many people find it necessary to leave little snarky bitch comments on the way people choose to live their lives?  You don't like that my kid watches t.v.?  Suck it.  You don't like that I spend money on frivolous things?  Suck it.  You don't like that my kid eats french fries at least once a week?  Suck it.  WHY DO YOU CARE?  I just am over it.  I am writing this not only for my girl iGriza but for myself because I am sick of reading all of these bitchy comments people leave on each others blogs!  Ya'll grow up!  If you are disturbed by the way someone else is living it is by no means your place to say anything.  I can assure you, you aren't perfect either.  No one is.  So ladies, get off of your high horse, unsubscribe, and take your sad life on and read something you agree with, like "Living Life as a Miserable Bitch."

And if you have a chance run on over to Kickstarter and help my girl get to her goal so she can produce this badass invention!


  1. Haaa! CAnt wait to see the comments on this one! Someone will prob call u a biatch! Love it!

  2. Word! You rock my face off and I AGREE. peeps that dont think their kids watch TV are either not parents, kids are still babies, or they dont spend all day long with them. and either way they can all suck it!!

  3. I am on Team Unfollow. Would any of y'all like to join me?

    Totes agree with you and LG!


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