Scarlet got the official move to a big girl room last weekend.  The out laws brought up the furniture that has been in the family for many years, to pass on to our squirt.  She is quite impressed with her "Big Girl Room" and all the goodies.  Check it out!
 The bed!  So cozy!  She doesn't like being trapped under the covers so we folded them back.  I am waiting on the cross stitch of her name to get back from the frame place to go over her bed.  Sisters' godmother made them for us growing up and now has made them for our kids!  Sweet :)
 She loves those bird prints and every morning tells me that Mommy bird is the red one and Daddy bird is blue!
Her very own vanity, this kid really enjoys sitting up there and checking herself out.  So whats up with the new cheese face?  It makes for some awkward photos!  Bottom left is her dresser with tons of space left and her bows!  I love this room but my heart is breaking that my not even 2 year old is in a real bedroom.

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