Hair Today, Gone NOW

So do you guys ever get a wild hair (haha punny) to try those pinterest hair tutorials.  I am living proof that you should bypass them.  All of them.  Ok maybe you can do a braid and get away with it but I have tried 2 to date and have made an EPIC mockery of them both.  These people are either a. not real people, b. wearing wigs, or c. editing out the part in the video where they have to run get their hair professionally fixed before showing the end result.  First up was the sock bun curls.  Remember this girl?  Yeah, mine looked like a kinked out hooker (think Julie Roberts but not near as cute).  So last night I decided to try out this.  Kinda Shakira-ish but I am ok with it.  Let the following pictures be a reminder that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REAL.   First you twist up little buns and be sure you strongly resemble Shorty from "Don't be a Menace" .
See the resemblance?
Next you sleep on it and apparently wake up like this beauty.

Except for this happened.  And it wasn't good.  Not at all.  

 I kind of knew things weren't going well here...
 Then I stumbled across Jennifer Gray.
Then I showed my husband the epic damage.  This would be great had I wanted to go to work looking like a member of White Snake.

In the end the only thing I can say is it's a GOOD damn thing I have a fabulous flat iron.  I had to come to work with a pony tail and you can't tell in this picture but that flat iron couldn't smooth that joker out.  It is huge.  Lesson learned for now.  Guess I'll just try a braid.



  1. 1st picture, not so bad, pictures 2 and 3, welcome back 80's! At least it wasn't a bad dye job that turned your hair green or something. I keep trying to tell everyone that pinterest is of the devil, but no one listens.

  2. I think I just shit my pants from laughing. That's awful! It's as bad as do you wanna nurse? Bahaha!

  3. John said it looks like she's in 1987. LOL. That is so out of control! Is that a Julie the Fish necklace ?

  4. Sarah, that is awful!!!!!!!! I am so glad it wasn't permanent!! HA! Guess JohnBoy was a little distressed to see you like that? And no, it's worse than "do you wanna nurse?"
    ♥ Mom

  5. I literally can't stop laughing!!!!

  6. Oh dear. I totally agree with your sister. I am pretty sure I have never laughed so hard.

  7. Way to go Sarah! I think mine use to look like that when I was growing up! :)

  8. this still cracks me up!!! I almost peed my pants when I saw your tweet!

    1. Dude, it is hard for me to look at this without busting a seam. That shit was CRAY!

  9. Hi! I just happened upon your blog and I'm so happy I did! I love it! This story is so funny because i've done the same thing and got the same crazy results! I found what works best is just to do two messy high buns and you should come out with looser waves!

    I came over to leave you my new blog address, and then kept reading, and have been vastly entertained.

    My hair is like that on a normal day, because I have crazy curly Italian hair, and OMG I totally wore it like that back in the early 90's.

  11. OMG! This is HILARIOUS sarah! I just am getting caught up after seeing your pic on twitter! ha.. Those pics are EPIC

  12. OK I was laughing so hard at this I had mascara running down my face. And my co-worker came over and thought I was hyperventilating I was laughing so hard! This seriously made my day.


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