Shit kids say

Now that the littlest Macon has learned how to use sentences, she does it often.  More often than not, she does it very silly-ly (that should so be a word).  Lately.

  • My pay pay do mommy wif daddy.  My pay wif daddy peeeees mommy  my pay pay doh.
  • Daddy wortin maytin my money.
  • Hold you me mommy
  • My go potty my get belly bean
  • Beef brush mommy my wanna beef brush (brush teeth) & last night she asked for her poof brush instead of beef?  (That is sooo gross)
  • Mommy where molly go?  Me - Molly went home sweetie with her mommy.  S - She go home? She get new daddy?  Molly and Holby (Colby) get new daddy?
  • What is your whole name Scarlet?  S - Carlet LEETA Maytin.  (we have my mom and sis to thank for this, they call her Letta/Leeta.  It stuck).
  • My see Emma baftub weenie?  Mommy Emma have weenie in baftub? 
  • Any time a noise that sounds remotely like a fart is emitted from ANYTHING she yells "MOMMY HOOOOTED"
That's really all I can think of right now.  She is so damn funny.  I am going to the beach tomorrow, hell yes.  Hopefully something unfortunate or funny (more than likely both) will happen while there and I will have some good material next week.


  1. Haha my little Letta loo! What is up with the Emma bathtub weenie??

  2. Adorable and hysterical!!! Hooted...I about pissed myself!


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