Beach, Bed, vodka, nails & fish

So we are going to the beach this Friday!  I am so ready.  Normally Scarlet has her own bed down there but we are adding 2 more children & 2 adults for the 2nd Annual Macon/Edwards family beach trip.  Sister better cool it on the kids or they are not gonna be able to fit with us!  When Scarlet was a baby we put her pack & play in the master closet and it was great!  She was away from the noise and it was plenty big.  We kept a fan on her and the door cracked.  Well this year I bought this to try out in the closet.
I am not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous.  She has slept in a bed for about 10 months but she knows she can't get out, it is too tall.  This however, is not.  Yikes.  Toddler wandering the condo in the middle of the night?  Yikes.  Oh well I will give a full report after we use it but here are some action pics.  It comes with a electric pump (score) and took literally less than a minute to inflate!  It also holds up to 300 lbs so if you needed to camp with your little you totally could.  (Although that would suck cause its like twin size).  Now we went with the kid bed only because I don't see the sense in getting the toddler one for $10 less since she is obviously going to continue growing and we travel, A LOT.  Hopefully we will get our monies sleeps worth.
 Comes in this nifty little bag.  Like you could ever get it back in there....

 Has raised sides (4" I think) so little ones don't roll out, not that they couldn't walk out.
Fits a twin sheet & daddy approved!
Oh, & we were totally able to get it back in the bag!  
I was not paid for this post, just thought this thing was awesome (hope my kid does too)! 

I'm not done yet!  We have had a lot going on!  
I had a baby shower to attend on Saturday for our friends Erin & Robert.  So my cousin and I loaded up some beers for the ride (who the heck has a dry baby shower?  Is that normal)?  We arrived at the house but there were only about 6 cars there so we sat in the car and finished our beer.  We walk up with pink little gift bags and knock on the door and hear a big, burly, "Come in!"  I was thinking, what kind of rednecks don't answer the door for a baby shower?  Little did we know we were at the wrong house... Yeah we definitely walked into a "man shower."  Man shower meaning, 8 dudes eating meat and shooting vodka...
Here is the dad to be doing what any good man would do!  Try to find the address while providing us with vodka.  Sweet Robert!  We did eventually make it to the shower and it was great thanks to the booze cruise detour we took :) ~ Erin got a bunch of good loot!
Then John made me this for dinner.
I got the big side.  I am a salmon-aholic.  I love it.  This was magical.  Think maple syrup, salt & pepper marinade.  Duh.
I also did a fun mani Saturday night and I love it!  Can't wait to play around with this and do more colors!
It isn't easy, especially if you have a kid because it takes 2 coats of white, then 2 coats of color, then top coat.  It needs to dry for like hours before helping your kid into the car and jacking them up.  Yup, I had to redo 3 of em..  So that's all from our little corner of the map.  What's going on in yours?


  1. Haha y'all went to the wrong house?!? Can't wait to see how letta does with the bed and I news to see those nails in person!

  2. That is so funny y'all went to the wrong house! I love the nails-- I can only paint one hand so I'd be up a creek with that project. Jealous of the beach trip!!

  3. Ooh, I like that bed! And I had to laugh when you said you'd never get it back into the bag! I've had that experience too! =]

  4. My husband and I both love salmon, but none of our kids will eat it.....so it's a special treat for us. Your picture just made my mouth water! :)

    1. Dude it was soo good & simple! Marinated in equal parts maple syrup (real deal, not some Mrs. Butterworth shit)water, then lots of coarse ground pepper and salt! Grill it up and drizzle marinade over then stick in oven on broil for a few! mmmmmm so good.


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