The past 10 days have been nothing short of awesome.  A little crazy, but awesome nevertheless.

  • Scarlet got the croup.  That shit is for the birds.  
  • Croup is contagious.  Of course she came down with this 3 days after my sister & her littles arrived for a 10 day stay.
  • She spread her sickness all over that house.  3 sick kids is tons of fun.  LOTS of whining, crying, barking, snot, and beer for the adults.  Lots and Lots of beer.  I mean, it is totally excusable when you have 3 kids under 3 with croup.  Right?  Did I mention that shit sucks?
  • I love Chobani greek yogs however, it makes my mouth taste like chalk therefore affecting the way my morning diet coke tastes.  I will give up yogurt before I even think about not having a diet coke the second I split my never rested eyes open.  
  • We had a birthday party for sisters little Emma and it was great!  After a good bit of "Holiday Cary" (you know how crazy people get around holidays that are hosting?) it went off without a hitch. 
  • My house is going to be eerily quiet when I get home today and I am kind of excited a little but my child is going to lose her mind when she gets home and realizes Emma is gone.
  • The Olympics have been great to watch but I can't believe MaKayla busted ass last night.  P.S. who the fudge names their kid Muh-kay-luh?  I can't deal with that.
  • Sisters mother in law had a bday last weekend and had an Alice & Wonderland themed tea party.  It was so fun and the girls had an absolute blast!  See below for proof.  Oh the kids had fun too. 
  • Monday sucks a big one.
  • We go to the beach in 11 days, stay for 6 days then get to be on the 8th row at Phish in Birmingham.  Word!  
  • Speaking of the beach, I accidentally gained 5 pounds in 10 days.  I need to rid myself of 10lbs in 11 days.  Yeah right.
 Dad & Buddy having a heart to heart
 Best little friends that fight just like me & Susannah did!
 Before croup reared its ugly head.
This really happened.


  1. The last picture pretty much says it all! You both are a little wacky!!

  2. - I had the croup when I was little and it was a bitch!
    - we cal holiday Cary holiday ass in our house.
    - I'm jealous of your beach trip I wish I could sit my prego ass on the beach
    - my friend got married at alpine valley I think I told you she was gettin married at bham
    - love the last pic of you and sus

  3. This just happened. That was some serious shit! Haha!


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