So I have been on the shelf fence about the whole Elf deal.  I didn't really want to do it because I am lazy and who in their right mind would purposefully create more shit for a parent to do? I laughed at Jess's post because it is oh so true but then, then I thought ya know what? Why not produce some funny shenanigans for my gal and keep her in line all at the same time.  Don't worry, you won't find any kitchen counter "snow" angels here, just some good clean fun. (oh god, what have I become, clean fun? Ugh I disgust myself).

Anyhow, my MIL did the deed and got us the elf.  We decided to introduce the little sucka to Scarlet after her nap Sunday.  I wrapped up the box and addressed it to her & put it on the front porch.  When Scarlet woke up I told her I thought we had a package.  She went to the door and asked if she could open it. Of course I said sure.  We read the book and told her all about how elf reports to the big guy, yada yada yada. Then she had to name it.

"Nuffin Three Dollars."  I shit you not. "Nuffin Three Dollars" is our elves name. What the hell? We will now refer to it as N3D for length of typing sake. So we just stuck N3D on the entertainment center and didn't say much more about it.  John and I thought it may be good to not hide it or make it do some crazy shit because at 6:30 in the morning I don't have time to be following Scarlet around helping her find a elf, or cleaning up some mess I made.  So this morning when I woke her up I told her I thought that N3D had moved... She used the bathroom and went to the living room to get dressed and she spotted it on the counter next to her cereal bowl, but the cereal bowl was full of gummy bears, jelly beans, and goldfish.  She got a big kick out of this cause duh, who gets candy for breakfast? (a kid that gets sent to school, that's who)!

So that is where we are.  We got the elf, the kid likes it, and I really liked seeing her face this morning.  Happy Christmas, I hope you like our new family member as much as we do!


  1. HAHA! You are now a slave to elf shenanigans.

  2. The "Nuffin Three Dollars" kills me! What is it with Scarlet and the number 3? (as in "just 3 more minutes or just 3 more?" What a mess your little munchkin is!!


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