Have you guys heard of Stitch Fix?  I mean duh?  Is that totally old news?  Well I have been following some bloggers as they get "fixed" and I finally bit the bullet and got my own!  What a great concept, and I mean duh, I get clothes in the mail.
Here is how it works.

"Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a truly personalized Fixof accessibly priced items directly to doors across the United States. Stitch Fix hand picks pieces for each client, to ultimately help them look and feel their best.
Over time, Stitch Fix tracks and learns from each client’s preferences, likes, and dislikes making it the only shopping experience that can know women’s tastes even better than their friends."

(taken from their website)

It rocks.

So does anyone want to see my first "fix?"  Here goes.

 SO you get your package and it is all cute.  Even has a little note from your stylist!  
First up was this necklace.  I knew this was a keeper because a) look at it, b) I have been trying to add to my "fun jewelry" collection, and c) its cute.  (stationed textured circles necklace - $28)

 Next up, chevron maxi.... eh?  I can't really get on the chevron train and maxi's do weird things to me.  Or maybe it is just my ass doing weird things?  Either way, I wasn't in love, on or off of me.   
P.S. each item comes with a little style card to give you some tips on how to wear it!

Maybe you can't tell in the pic but weird lumps were present.

This little cardigan was CUTE but I have like 4 of these and I already don't really wear them.  I feel like I am never really sure what to do with the hangy things in the front, then I just play with them, then I look like a creep.  So it was a no as well.

This one was a keeper before I even put it on!  I tried it with skinny jeans but wore it to work with giant bell bottoms.  And it is cute! (Joss front tie sheer peasant top - $78)

I need help taking photos of myself obvi.

ok, then this happened.  I had to make this pic bigger so you can see what we are dealing with here.  Guys, guys, what the eff is this guys?  How do you wear something like this.  Why is it so short?  Where do you tie that belt thing?  Is this a pink sack?  I am so confused.  Whose body does this work for?  So yeah, this one was no.  

So what I am saying here is that I thought Stitch Fix was a fun thing to do and I'm doing it again!  
I paid $20 to sign up, that $20 went towards anything I purchased so I got the necklace and the shirt for $86!  I'd say it was a win! 

If you'd like to give it a try click this link! (I'll get a $25 credit when you get your first fix so please do)!

Anyone ever tried Stitch Fix or another clothing subscription?  What did you think?! 


  1. The skirt was cute as pie too dear!! Keep on trying this out!

  2. I think all of that is really cute except the striped cardigan ( cause I dont like cardigans.) I love the peasant top SO much! You dont like the pink dress?

  3. oh fun! I've never heard of this! I LOVE the peasant top! I'm no good at belts like that either. I have too many lumps they have to deal with!


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