Flowers or Fruit

Today marks the day that I married my one true love 4 years ago.  Four years doesn't sound like very long but when you do the math and add in a 3 year old it means that we weren't married very long before finding out I was pregnant.  You do the math...

Apparently the 4 year mark calls for flowers or fruit.  Seeing as how John is enjoying all of the food Austin has to offer, I knew fruit would sit in the hotel and go bad when ponied up with a good pizza or burger so I opted for flowers.  For a guy.  Delivered to his work. :)

See they are quite manly!

He sent me a vase of all of my faves!
(tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, and roses)!

A few days before our wedding we received a very special letter.  All of this great knowledge coming from this great man has helped make the past 4 years a breeze.  Other than typical "environmental" stress, our relationship is clean.  It is as fun and fresh as it was the day we met.

With permission of the author, here is some of the letter!

(sorry for the shitty quality, scanning stuff in seeing as I'm at work and all....)

Feels good to re-read that every now and then.  

Happy Anniversary Bird.  I love you. 


  1. I love you my sweets. You are right on the fruit by the way.

  2. Today is our 4 year anniversary too!!! Happy anniversary!!!

    1. No way?! Happy Anniversary to ya'll! Have anything fun planned?

  3. Happy anniversary to y'all!


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