Wow.  So, uh hi.  Yeah been a while! Let's play catch up!  

Since I last posted we found out that Macon #2 is a little lady!  Scarlet was quite sure it was a boy named Leopard but alas, she was proven wrong!  Baby will be named after my sweet Grandmother (& mom), Anne McCary (Annie).

We had a fantastic, LONG Christmas break.  John & I both took over a week off of work and were able to do a whole lot of nothing, being back at work is proving to be very hard.

New Years.  Yay.  We ate junk food and I was in bed by 10.

Babies nursery - can't wait to get some work done in here.  We have been hunting and gathering lots of little supplies.  I have been buying all of the baby things used (or borrowing) b/c my brain actually works this time around & I realize she will shit in, puke on, or just plain hate at least one of the devices we buy to entertain her.

I bought this wooden sign in the color poppy for the new ones room.  That will be about the brightest thing in there.  Everything else will be light & neutral. I'm so excited for her room to come together! 

I'll catch ya up with some pics!

I ordered this crazy looking pregnancy pillow off of Amazon in hopes that I would get some better sleep, not a minute later a girlfriend tweeted me and said I could have hers so I cancelled my order.  I got this joker yesterday and ya'll.  It is magical. I don't know that I will quit using it once I am done being pregnant!

This is baby 2 at 19 weeks.  Cute as pie! Hope she looks like her sister, Scarlet made a pretty newborn!

Scarlet at Christmas in her new dress up wedding dress made by "Sweetie" (a great aunt).
She is so proud of this dress ya'll, it is hilarious.  

Getting ready to cut her babies cake to find out the sex.  We did this Christmas eve!

Me at 20 weeks preg in the work bathroom (creep factory).  I am done with all sickness. I love to eat, sleep, hot baths, & lemonade.  I have gained 4 lbs so far, pretty sure that is all in my boobs.  

Me at 9 or so.  In a ONE PIECE jumpsuit with turtle neck. And hair sprayed hair. 

Scarlet playing ponies before bed.  I can't wait to find a jump suit that will fit her at 9. 

That's all I got.  Maybe I'll blog again soon, maybe not.  Either way, hope your 2014 is doing ya well!


  1. lol at the jumpsuit! And the pillow looks rad!

  2. LOL! I had a jumpsuit like that! I think we called them " Bubble suits" ? Hilar! So excited for Annie. and I LOVE her name! Makes me wish we had called sister annie. sounds so cute! xoxo

  3. Haha a boy names Leopard, that's an AWESOME name !! And I totally love that sign for a kids room. I'm about to do my daughters room and am really looking for inspiration

    1. Isn't the sign great?! What are you doing to her room? Just a redo? Can't wait to see pics!

  4. you have a lovely blog... i hope you continue with it! scarlet is gorgeous... and you have the cutest little belly! congrats!! :) awww!
    hope you update soon :)



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