Bits & bits & BITS

So busy these days.
So tired these days.
So glad to have the fall season rolling in.
We are enjoying the cold weather, we are enjoying our cold weather staples like sweatshirts, soups, and socks at bedtime!  John is enjoying hunting season, I am enjoying hot bath & book season.  Speaking of books, Gone Girl.  DUB-TEE-EFFFF.  That book.  That was something.  I loved it. Got any good book recs for me?

What is your fall looking like?  Ours seems to have just gotten a whole lot more laid back....

Because this little sweetie - 

Has some BIG news!

That's right.  We had a big ole 

and went and made another kid...

So here is to lots of ...

A growing one of these...

and a lot more messes.  

Baby Macon numero dos should be making his/her appearance around May 24, 2014.  Wish us luck! 


  1. Soooo excited over this and I love that it is due in May too! You can have a double birthday party! ha Hope you are feeling well and do plenty of bump dates!

  2. Yippee another Macon! I can't wait!

  3. How exciting!! Congratulations!

  4. So exciting - Love this post too - congrats!

  5. Amazing ! Congratulations. I hope you're not feeling so tired anymore

  6. yay for another leading lady in the house!

    An also, about the dental comment, I can't apply for anything sadly. I tried for tat card when I first found out about the one tooth and since I have zero credit, it was not available to me. The world just doesn't turn in my favor, at all, i tried to get different lines of credit just to build up a good credit in the first place and I get declined because I dont have enough lines of credit open.... so I can't get a credit card because I don't have other credit cards open. nice.


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