What a big day!! Scarlet learned to roll over!!! What what!!  I was videoing for like  a minute and a half before it happened and when it did I was ready!!  So I put down the camera right after she rolled over and she did it again!  This is a big deal peeps, my baby is growing up!  On another note, this is the day for milestones.  My friend Jamie's babe got a tooth between her house and mine, like it came through the skin in the 5 minute drive.  Then she sat herself up.  All in one day.  These babies better sleep good!  I have a review to do tomorrow on a cutie toy I received from CSN stores so be sure you check it out...there may be a giveaway!
And I swear she got on her side all by herself, I just wasn't prepared with the camera!

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  1. OMG! Go letta, and that hair is HILARIOUS i love it!


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