THis weekend was filled with this...

holy god,  

No, we didn't have fun at all.  And we didn't let those drunk people hold our kid.  NO WAY!! Not us.  My great friend came to visit with her new beau (we toats approve) all the way from Missouri.  We had an absolute BLAST.  We drank in excess, slept in excess and loved on the little one oh so much!  Not to tire us out we had a VIP wedding on Sunday that was an absolute success in every way!! My L.P. (life partner) got hitched.   More pics of that once the photog shares!!  We held the reception at our restaurant and seriously had a little to much fun!!  This is all I got for now cause no lie, me and the husb have been on the couch ALL DAY LONG (including baby some :) in order to recover.  She is starting MDO this week, yikes please? and I will be helping out at the restaurant some.  Shit, I have to get dressed tomorrow...BYE!


  1. great pics- loves those kind of weekends!

  2. You are looking great scrister!


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