I really wanna blog babes birthday party but seeing as how I was running around all crazy like, I don't have the pics!  I should be more honest, she had a birthday week!  Duh!  We started her day (Tuesday) out with a good nap, dressing up, and eating Salsarita's for lunch.  Followed by a sweet little cake from our "sister wives," Ama & Jpress.  She got all up in the cake and I had to HOSE HER OFF in the kitchen at the restaurant.  No really I did.  Wednesday, Ama and I took Letta bear on adventures!  We went to world market to get in things and Target to get supplies for the actual birthday party (Saturday.)  I'm just gonna share these pics before I do a complete photo bucket from the party!  We had so much fun and so did everyone else! :)  Hope you all are having a great week!

Bye for now, keep an eye out for us later this week!  Also please keep the folks affected by the April 27th tornadoes in your constant thoughts.  We are working hard to recover!


  1. What a cute ass lil monkey! I love her face!

  2. Shes so cute! Great pictures. =)



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