A lot!

We have had a lot going on!!  Other than me re-finding my hobby of art, we got robbed.  We had a baby sitter Saturday night and went to a crawfish boil, the one night (as of late) that we have had to sleep in and do nothing was rudely interrupted by our G.M. at the restaurant calling to tell me that someone had thrown a brick through our glass door.  Awesome.  After dealing with that ( as well as the headache from Saturday) I started painting my sisters painting she asked me to make for her little soon to be boy!  I realized again that I am not totally artistically challenged.  I am selling these paintings for cheaper than you can find em' on Etsy.  E-mail me if you are interested!  I can do any colors and patterns, this is just what I have done in the past couple days!

Yeah that is our restaurant door...  The next is baby girl.  She has decided to grow molars.  Ugh, luckily we have a really easy teether.  It is still a pain to have her so needy but she is not near as bad as I have been told they will be!  Night my pretties, I am about to be off to the beach for 3 weeks!! Hahaahhaaaaaaa Maybe I will find time to blog while I am there!
And, I will be an aunt (again) when I return so please keep my sissy in your prayers and her little girl and soon to be little boy!! Can't wait to have a nephew!

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  1. Set up an Etsy shop for yourself STAT! Im ordering one for shizzle!


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