What the what?  Did I forget I had a blog?  Nope, I just remembered I have a 14 month old baby crackhead.  Last weekend me, my mom, and Scarlet went to Atlanta to visit my sister, her hubs, and her 2 babies!  We had an absolute blast.  Too much gossip, drinking, eating, and baby-ing to even describe!  I have photo proof so you don't think that I haven't left my house since last time I blogged!
Although my little came down with an ear infection the day after we got there, she fared quite well for playtime!  We had a visit to Children's Health Atlanta (cause what vacation would be complete without a doctors visit?) where the ear was diagnosed and got some antibiotics for that nonsense.  Besides that Scarlet had a blast with her cousin Emma and we did too!  She was not so interested in her little baby cousin Harrison but did find the time to touch him and call him "beebee!"
We have had a stressful past couple weeks and I'm sure you will hear about it soon, but we had a great "break" this weekend and hope I get back to regular blogging soon!  I have been keeping up with all of ya'll just laying low on the comments and such as I have been reading from my phone.  Peace out & GOOD NIGHT!


  1. How did it go Monday? Ya texter me. Scarletta better?

  2. Love those pics of them playing with the hose! Super cute! :)


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