Wake up

Oh my god I just had a mild heart attack. Last week John was attacked by yellow jackets while cutting the grass. He ran inside screaming and stripping off the infested clothes until I got stung by a straggler and he ran outside taking the swarm with him. Or so we thought until I killed one on the kitchen sink the next day... Those are some mean ass bugs. Yesterday it took me 5 good smashes to kill a giant ant with wings in the house. WTF? What is this, A Bugs Life? This morning, thanks to my supersonic bat hearing I heard a big bug land in our room. Like it woke me up big. I grabbed my glasses and surveyed the room from bed. Nothing. Got up and went to grab my phone off the window sill and quickly noticed the biggest wasp ever. I'm talking the T-Rex of wasps yall. Like I slammed it with a dirty converse which would be enough to seriously harm an infant and this thing didn't even have a bent leg. I freaked after killing it. I mean what the shit? We have regular pest control and we have A BABY!! This is scary. Excuse me I'm going to go buy a crib tent so my child doesn't get mauled by an insect.

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  1. You are so brave. I'd just scream and run and call my fiance.

  2. That thing is HUGE! Whoa...I hate those things.


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