Dreams & Junk

Little girl did good at school in panties yesterday.  I am quite impressed that I just hauled out the panties and she decided to go ahead and be trained.  She gets her laziness from me, I won't lie.

Speaking of lazy I got this stuff called Nightburn that is supposed to magically make you lose weight while you sleep.  I know, lame right?  I mean why don't I just exercise?  Cause I am lazy and guess what, this shit isn't a crock of shit.  I lost 5 lbs in 7 days.  I don't care that it isn't ideal and probably not very healthy,  I wanna drop a few lbs and its workin.  

This morning I asked Scarlet if she had sweet dreams.  For the past three days her answer has not swayed.  Not in excitement to tell me, not in order, and certainly not in cuteness.  Every morning I say hey sweet girl did you have sweet dreams?  She says MMMM HMMMM all drawn out and cute like, then waits on me to say ohhhh what did you dream about?  "Hmmm, cupcakes, puppies, stiters (stickers), & key cats."  Every.single.day.  Then she asks me if I dreamed about Nonnie (my mom) & Daddy!  She is a hoot!  

I am over this week already.  This past weekend was blissfully relaxing and I want it back.  

One of my friends is pregnant and I can't tell anyone and I am really excited for her and for me to get to play with a baby.

Back to work I go.  This was a stupid post.


  1. No child, none of your posts are stupid!!! Seems like that is a word you told me I couldn't say in front of Scarlet???? No, you are not "tupid"!
    I love you and your little munchkin too!!

  2. Haha mom! Ya funny sissy, me love.

  3. ha ha! What a fun blog to discover. I long for the past weekend too- however, I'm always longing for a weekend of any sort. xo

  4. Where did you get this Nightburn stuff you are referring to? Thanks!

  5. That is hilarious about her dreams! I love it!

  6. Bahahaha! Your last line is epic. Made me laugh out loud.


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