So what?

So What Wednesday

I'm linkin' up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

I'm saying so what...
  • If I go out of town on Friday without my child or husband and I don't feel guilty.  Like even a little bit.
  • If this past weeks Weight Watchin' has been a TOTAL joke.  I'm ok with it, it happens.
  • If Google Reader is going away?  I got Bloglovin!
  • If my 3 year old chooses 2 weeks out of each month to torture me.  She wakes up randomly, screaming random things, (belly ache, school, my lip hurts?), requiring me to go in and shush/throat punch her.
  • If last night was one of those nights and I seriously wanted to throat punch her...
  • If I eat Skittles like they don't actually have any Weight Watchers points cause I want to, and I will not stop.
  • If I have a MAY-JUH surprise planned for the Hub's bday and cannot wait to tell him! Weekend of April 6th will be goin down in the books folks!
  • If I would rather take 14 Mondays off and go to the beach every weekend this year than take a solid week off for family vacation in August...

So that's it for me, hope you guys will link up and say So What to your Wednesday!


  1. Good call on the Mondays!! That sounds like a better deal to me too!!! Sully does the whole crying about random things too but like 3 nights a week!!! Really hoping it stops before the baby arrives!

  2. We are having random crying bouts too! WTH? Im going crazy!


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