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So What Wednesday

  • So what if Springfield, Missouri was AWESOME and I wanted to stay longer...
  • So what if last weekend was the 2nd time in my entire 30 years I have seen snow and I still think it sucks giant balls.

  • So what if I found the most fun (charitable) store ever and shopped in it each day I was there.  Where awesome lives.
  • So what if I ate like this all weekend and am not at all worried about the weight I surely gained while on vacay.  (For the record, it was another pound, weighed this morning...)
Yeah that is steak and egg crepes from the Aviary. (A.K.A. the best place ever).
  • So what if I wore these clothes the entire time I was gone & upon getting off of the flight I was thisclose to missing, thinking the plane stunk, I realized it was me.  Maybe I should have changed...or bathed. 
  • So what if I busted out fake tears to the skank Delta employee so she would call the pilot to let me on the plane after they had closed up because I didn't want to sit in the airport until 7pm that night!
  • So what if as of this moment I think St. Louis, MO is the most asshole-ish place on earth and everyone (5 people) I met there were nothing but hipster buttholes.  (I must confess that I am sure if I had met Holly I wouldn't be saying this)!
Also, how could you like a place where this is the weather?  I have a new respect for people that deal with this shit on the reg.
  • So what if I really wanted to buy these snow boots from a thrift store and would never even have the chance to wear them again, in snow that is :)
  • So what if I was so excited to get Scarlet "souvenirs" from my trip but ended up getting her Max & Ruby stuffed animals from a gas station and a St. Louis Cardinals shirt from Wal-Mart...
  • So what if I can't wait for Easter because we make prime rib.
That's it for this week! Hope you all have a very Happy Easter, enjoy your family, (and food), and link up!


  1. What in the world were you doing in St. Louis?

  2. I randomly came across like most people come across blogs... from procrastinating at work :) Actually, it was from a post on PinterestFail. And then I came across this post and I'm all, Hey! I live in Springfield, MO!! Love how small the blog world is!


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