So there's that

Oh yeah hey. We are going to the beach this weekend.  There is a 70% chance of heavy rainfall the entire time we are there.  Ya know, except when we leave on Sunday.  Awesome.  I live for driving a 3 yr old 4 hours, which turns into 5.5 hours, to sit in a condo... Nice.

Also, really glad tomorrow is my Friday.  I know, rub it in more right?

I'm pretty sure I had the best birthday ever this year.  Pretty low key, but the best.  We celebrated with my in laws last week and loved it, Scarlet especially!

We took her to her first baseball game (my request) with a couple of friends and she loved it! I did too! The new Regions Field is a great addition to our city!  

I also got a little friendly with a horse cop.  The horse, not the cop, no worries.

Saturday night (my actual 31st anniversary of exiting the womb) we got a baby sitter and went out to dinner then met some friends... The hubby took me to a great restaurant (really like my favorite ever) then we went and had a Moscow Mule from here.  It was special and made me feel all Harry Potter-ish.  Vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. 

John took S earlier that day to choose a toy to take to Nonnie's... She said she wanted to be just like her Parpa (my dad) who LOVES to cut the grass...
(ohhhhhh that smile)

Now onto the serious biz.  Folks Google Reader is NO MAS as of yesterday (that means no more for you non spanish speaking folk).  What this means is that if you want to continue to follow my fantastically exciting life you will have to subscribe by clicking here or follow me via Bloglovin!  Don't miss out!!

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.And by left, I clearly meant right.

Have a fantastic and SAFE Independence Day!!!


  1. Know you will have fun at the beach, sun or rain! Hope it is somewhat sunny for you though!! ♥

  2. Hope the weather holds out for you and the beach!!!

  3. So glad I found you blog!! I loved your comment! And I sure it age three is better for us, be we arent even at age two! only one more month tho!


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