So What!

So What Wednesday
Linking up with Shannon this week to say so what to a few things!
  • So what if my MIL texted me this morning to see if the little could come stay Thursday & Friday night with them and I couldn't respond YES fast enough!  Let's face it, 3 year olds are jerks and this Momma needs a little break!
  • So what if my sister and her family are MOVING into our basement while they search for a house... Re-read that.   Yeah that means 4 adults and 3 children in a 4 bedroom house.  Oh god.  Good thing we are B.F.F.'s.
  • So what is our husbands are probably going to divorce us for being so annoying when we are together and we will get to live the sister wife life we have secretly talked about :).
  • So what if my kid all of a sudden decided sleep is not her strong suit & it is making me BALD.  No hair don't care.
  • So what if I bought 15 Disney movies on VHS from goodwill last weekend and have been playing them on loop for myself Scarlet.
  • So what if so many people I know are pregnant or have just had squishy babies and I want to squeeze them all!
  • So what if I have accepted the fact that I am a pinterest addict.  The only thing I don't like is when shit I want to buy doesn't link back to a site OR I finally find it and it's $2,483,567.69 for a maxi dress.
  • So what if sister and I got ROBBED by an Indian lady at her garage sale this past weekend when she took a gas oven the tried to steal a pair of flip flops.  When I busted her and told her the shit was five dollars, she threw a handful of nickels totaling a DOLLAR and me and hopped in the car and left. People that come to garage sales are so damn cheap ya'll!
That's it for me this week.  What are you saying So What to?  Link up!


  1. I'm saying you are right about the garage sale people, the addiction to pinterest, the Disney movies, and your husbands leaving both of you!! That's okay! Me, you, and Susannah can run away and play by ourselves, snubbing them (and your father)!!

  2. Lol to this whole post! And you can quote the tickle monster on that!! Baaahahahaha!

  3. You are so funny! I secretly want a sister wife too.. Someone to pick up the slack ?? Half the work... I would actually have alone time!! Sound so nice. Oh and Disney movies, I sing them really loud and obnoxiously and my kids just stare at me like I am insane..haha

    1. Love it! Sister wife would be ideal, I mean really.

  4. Oh my god, garage sale people are NUTS. There is a flea market at our town dump and the people who show up are freaking vultures.

    1. It was crazy, crazy. I mean I'm glad it was a 60 yr old Indian and not a real scary robber but come on! You tell someone something is a dollar, they all of a sudden get a crazy look and refuse to pay more than 75 cents, just so they "win" at a garage sale! Creeps!

  5. Hope all is going well with your sister and her family living with you! Fun times I bet ;)

    IG: megawat


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